Chocolate Cream Pie in Pictures

Pie all done! Here’s how you do it!
Make the quick puff for the crust: combine the flour, salt and butter per the quick puff recipe
Add super cold water, combine and pat into a loose round. Cover and allow to rest for at least 10 minutes.
Turn the dough onto a work surface. it’s a disaster when you first start.
Start your 1st letter fold. like I said, DISASTER! It’s going to be less of a fold than a crumbling catastrophe but I’m here to tell you this is normal and as it should be. There’s another photo demo in Pie it Forward for the quick puff, so feel free to consult that as well!
Continue rolling out and making your turns.
see, getting better!
all done! still looking shaggy but covering with plastic wrap and giving it a rest will do the trick.

Make the pastry cream.  Photo demo here:

Make the ganache. Cream over chocolate and let it sit.
whisk until the ganache is emulsified.
cut an 1/8 from the dough (you need to make a larger batch of quick puff for it to work properly. But good news, it freezes beautifully).
roll out and line a pie pan. Dock the dough and crimp the edges.
line with parchment and pie weights.
bake for about 15 minutes, until the edges start to look baked through but not golden. Take the parchment and weights away and you’ll notice that there’s an uncooked dough sheen. Put that puppy back into the oven until the bottom of the dough looks slightly golden and baked through.
all done. Combine the pastry cream and measure of ganache as indicated in the recipe in Pie It Forward.
Line the shell with remaining ganache. Top ganache with pastry cream mixture, whipped cream (I used a little more than indicated in the recipe as I had more and wasn’t doing anything else with it) and chocolate shavings.
Congratulations! It’s a pie!

Slice and share.

Always add extra chocolate curls, for obvious reasons.

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