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fuel return line size 26. I went ahead and changed the primary filter but kept the secondary filter in operation for awhile longer. It just makes the fuel easier to return to the tank. If any air bubbles find their way to the high pressure side of the fuel injection system it unlike fuel can compress and throw the fuel injection timing off. Be sure the seals are not stuck to the engine block. 3m apart. Took like 20 minutes with a pair of needle nose pliers and a pair of scissors. 5X13. 8 lit Fuel Line Return 76 83 Jeep CJ5 SKU 17732. 94 98 5. 500 ID 72. The 4137 series or FS80 as the OP has asked about is night and day different as there are 2 completely seperate fuel lines 1 supply and 1 return and each has a seperate grommet in the tank that each fuel line comes through. I made a mistake on fuel line size. Port Orange FL 32128 386 788 8832 sales cjjeepparts. 3 8 . basically a hard return line comes off the fuel bowl ends in a male sae quick connect barb that connects to a flexable portion of line with a female sae quick connect. Type. I completed the first two whoever told me the CV drive shaft replacement was a dirty job was exactly correct . Correct 1975 1979 Fuel Return Line Tank to Pump 1 4 quot three piece design. The pump constantly sends fuel to the filter. Add to Wishlist. Empty the fuel from the gas tank into a gas can and store it A typical fuel delivery system architecture suggests the use of two fuel lines a feed line and return line connecting the fuel tank with the engine. Over 600K Auto Restoration amp Performance Parts Toggle Nav i added a fuel vapor return line to my 70 chevelle just an idea on how to do it just temporary lines until i redo my car again in the future. Part Number RDP FRL OBS PS Manufacturer Tank Return Fuel Drain Valve Connecting Hose. Add to compare. LS9904 Fuel Filter Fuel Regulator The only point where the return uses a 1 4 quot fitting is at the fuel sender otherwise it 39 s the same 3 8 quot OD 5 16 quot ID line as the feed. Fuel pump return flow test Measures the ability of the high pressure fuel pump to provide specified return fuel volume. I was going to run 10an from surge tank to my A1000 then 8AN to the y block and 6AN return but i just read that nbsp 10 Oct 2008 in the 83 I plan to run 5 8 quot fuel line from tank to cp3. 12 Jun 2019 Fuel system is return style with dual pumps with 8AN feed line and 6AN return Fore fuel rail and ID1300 injectors. The 3 8 line off the sender is obviously the quot supply quot line to the carb. it is quot best quot to not tee into a fuel line for a Webasto. Choose top quality brands Dorman. 2mm or 1 8 quot ID. This is enough to replace all fuel lines outside the tank on any fuel injected BMW even those with quick disconnect fittings. Mar 09 2020 Pressure over flow. Mar 29 2017 The fuel line on my truck has Number 8 fittings for the supply line and Number 10 for the return lines. When using a Return Style Fuel Pressure Regulator it must be able to return 100 of the fuel back to the tank. This is noted by a Supra fuel pump hotwired rocketing to 58psi base while with my AEM regulator has been tuned downward of 35psi at which point testing is What size is the return fuel connector Can I just get those quick connectors instead of the entire kit and replace the stainless steel one that is leaking Dorman 3 8 in. If you use 99 biodiesel they may only last a year. Add to Cart. i just dont know what size the male quick connect is at this connection. Up to 29 gal hr 110 liter hr 1 4 quot or . This kit allows you to add the threaded bung with out having to do any welding. Feb 11 2016 It s because fuel line size and length have a direct effect on the amount of fuel pressure drop your fuel system will experience. fuel feed. do you really think it would be that much of a pressure drop. Nov 10 2014 I know that E bodies with Hemi or 440 Six pack came with 3 8 quot fuel line and 1 4 quot return from separator. Discussion Starter 1 Nov 13 Ok for the record the fuel return lines from the injectors are 3. x 3 32 in. Pontiac Fiero Fuel Return Line 1985 1986 1987 1988 99. Find the top names in boat fuel lines and hoses including Attwood Tempo Marine Moeller Marine Sierra Marine Products MPI Bennett Marine and Whitecap Industries . Our 6. com offers the lowest price and fast delivery for genuine 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Fuel Lines Rear. Sent from my DROID BIONIC I just looked on up for an 2000 2. 79 15. Replace these every time you work on your injectors nozzles or pump to keep air or fuel leaks from developing. As far as I know all pickups are the same size but will stand corrected. My question is what size fuel should I run. Measuring the diameter of the fuel pump pickup hard line inside a Lexus SC300 39 s gas tank I saw 3 8th inch diameter. Why with a fuel pump that puts out 5 7psi did Jeep bother with a return line Most vehicles of the 70 39 s and early 80 39 s did not have a return line. 25 7 . 30 Pelican shows they can get it for 24. 37. VW diesel return line. fuel return line size. For use between injectors approximately 10 inches long each. All rubber fuel hoses must be replaced with new fuel hoses for fuel injection. 3. Discussion Starter 1 Aug 18 In most cases the minimum return line size will match that of the supply line but a larger return line is sometimes preferred. 0L and 5. The return line piping on the injectors measures 5. some 1993 models have a return line and will not work with this kit Advantages of nylon fuel lines WILL NOT RUST DRY ROT OR CRACK RESIST OILS AND ROAD GRIME INSTALLER IS ABLE TO CLIP INTO O. Jul 13 2018 Fuel line size depends on expected horsepower output. 6L Vin D Crew Cab Pickup Feed Return and Fuel Cooler 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Classic WT 8 Cyl 6. I looked up a Aeromotive fuel cell it has a 10 AN fuel nbsp The return line has to flow enough not to create a back pressure on the regulator. com Apr 04 2017 Fuel Return Line Size and Installation. Without the restriction fuel pressure would probably drop on the gauge. Includes new primer bulb. clear fuel line 13 64 in. Oct 05 2006 EFI Fuel Rails Corvettes 39 99 and later plus all Camaros LS1s use a fuel delivery system that does not require a fuel tank return line. Aug 09 2015 Replacing Fuel Lines There s no denying the XJS has gotten a bit long in the tooth though she may still only look 20 she could be as old as 40. 1979 1993 Fox Body Mustang Fuel Lines. All fuel lines are manufactured using state of the art CNC benders to ensure complete accuracy in fitment and safety Sep 26 2010 Yo guys i ran into this problem installing my walbro 255 lph fuel pump when i finished installing the fuel pump i put the main hard line for the gas back on the top of the fuel pump where it connects and when i went to go put the return line back on the hose 3 8 quot size i believe correct me if im wrong was rotted and just a mess split in 2 so i need to replace it i got it on and ran it it Chevrolet Truck Parts Aftermarket Fuel Lines. Jun 12 2018 The fuel return line should go from the end of the fuel supply rail up to the first injector then in line T fittings to each other injector then from the last injector 39 s T fitting where you show the diagonally cut line all the way back through the radiator support panel to the fuel tank. One is fuel feed the other is fuel return. Just need to get the right size line and clips. 10 mm. You seem to have those identified. Corvette Fuel Systems Corvette Fuel Lines And Hoses And Corvette Fuel Lines. The middle pipe is the return back to the tank and takes 8mm high pressure hose. The line will result in a pound drop versus the 3 pound drop for the 3 8 line at the stated flow of 83. or the mm equivalent of 1 8 quot like 3mm or 3. Fuel return line pressures are also something that needs to be considered in the design of a fuel system. It also replaces the upper and lower fuel injector seals. The other fuel hose is the return line to the tank. Customers Who Viewed This Product Also Viewed. The size of the fuel line is determined by the outside diameter. Fuel hoses are often specific for the pressure of fuel they will be transporting. VAT Add to cart IN LINE FUEL GAUGE ADAPTOR FOR 6MM FUEL HOSE UNIONS 6MM 12. From the tank there is a feed line that runs through the fuel filter and up to the fuel rails which supplies the injectors with fuel. 80 MM 23. Usually a bad or failing fuel return hose will display a few symptoms that can alert the driver of an issue. 6 450 650 hp 1 2 in. These are the exact sizes your need to convert your 90 00 39 s Civic Integra Del Sol etc Fuel Hardlines into 6an for the feed or 4an for the return side. It just takes pressure of needle and seat once pump shuts down. Pick up a new line repair kit or replacement line at AutoZone today. HURI Fuel Line Fuel Filter Primer Bulb for Ryobi 600r 704r 704rVP 705r 720r 725r 725rE 750r 765r 767r 770rEB 775r 780r 790r String Trimmer 4. You should run a minimum of a 8 vent for all applications. scstuntman1 Registered. The engine has Speed Inc fuel rails and a billet fuel pressure regulator. For HP ratings over 600 half inch supply should be used. Also all lines and seals in system need to be viton. 7L fuel lines it is tempting to bend the lines out of the way to get at items or tube nuts. The 1 4 line off the sender is the quot return quot line to the fuel pump. 00 . It 39 s just a section about 3 inches long that looks wet from the fuel. 5 350 450 hp 3 8 in. Basically going big can t hurt. How many of you are not using the return line Return fuel line combined metal and rubber hose line from engine CIS to rear tunnel metal line 911. Hey r3v I am compiling parts for a head swap and stumbled on this hose on realOEM. The 1 Brand in GTO Disc Brake Conversions1 Pre Bent Lines Brakes Parts Fuel Products and more. Pic for reference of which one I 39 m talking about 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Classic LS 8 Cyl 6. Give us a call for prototyping 800 669 1593. Possible fuel leaks may Farmall 806 Fuel Line Farmall SW6 Fuel Line PIPE Return Line 363939R11 Our Price 52. The original GF432 has an extra take off for the 1 4 quot return line that runs behind the water pump. A line that is too small or has restrictions will cause tuning problems with the system. Also can be used on common rail injector return fittings with barbed fittings. 1971 1972 Chevy GMC Truck Fuel Return Line Clip Set 2WD. 61 7 fuel lines were replaced 4 at the heads one Racor to fuel pump 1 pump to fuel inlet on the spin on filter 1 T R80 restrictor to hard return line. Our bulkhead fittings have male AN fittings on both end that let you connect the hose from your Fuel Cell Pickup or Surge Tank to one end and the fuel feed line to the other. With this system you run the feed line to the carb inlet line fuel log and on the other side of the fuel log is the inlet of the regulator. YEARONE Classic Car Parts for American Muscle Cars Barracuda Cuda Challenger Charger Chevelle Road Runner Camaro Super Bee Dart Duster Valiant Firebird GTO Cutlass 442 Mustang Nova GM Truck Skylark GS Monte Carlo El Camino Mopar Chevy 1976 1979 Ford F Series Main Fuel Line Rear Tank To Pump New 1976 79 4wd Ford F100 1976 79 4wd Ford F150 SHORT bed 6 39 Truck Only OE Steel 3 8 quot Proudly Made In The USA Mar 14 2010 The fuel return hose is the rubber hose that comes from the side of the fuel pressure regulator the metal thing on the pass side of the engine fuel rail it screws into the fuel rail and has a vacuum line at the top and a big tube sticking out of the side. This kit is designed for LS engines that have a single fuel inlet fitting. Fuel Line Return Fitting 3118 Hover over image to zoom. The 3 port model has three 3 8 NPT ports on the side and the 5 port model has five ports on the sides. The fuel return line is used to redistribute excess fuel back to the fuel tank. 1971 72 OE Steel Return Fuel I posted here a couple of weeks back regarding CV joint drive shaft brake rotors and leaking fuel tank. I got out my calipers as the line was way to big and actual size of line from Lowes is 5 32 quot ID. Here are a few samples of what we can do for you. It 39 s actually rated for air but will work fine without any problems. The return line is hooked to the bottom of the carb and then goes into the tank about 6 quot . Full Size 39 58 39 72 Fuel hose routing for triple fuel pump upgrade 1 4 quot size hose Alternate carburetor fuel hose routing Triple pump hose connections Use Mercedes diesel engine injector return line plugs to cap off the unused fuel return fittings on the carburetors Be sure the hose you use for the pulse line is stiff enough not to collapse under suction 1. Apr 26 2014 I have replaced all fuel lines on it. 250 and . I. This is the stock steel fuel return line that runs from the VP44 injection pump to the T fitting. 5 Fuel Line Repair AutoZone. Fuel Return Lines Stainless Steel Natural Finish 1 4 in. Oct 10 2018 The size of restriction inside the return line does not have to be exact in any way. Not every car truck and SUV uses the same fuel delivery system. When using a Return Style Fuel Pressure Regulator it must be able to return 100 of the fuel back to nbsp 16 Sep 2017 The Summit Racing Website is here 24 7 to place an order check order status or start a return. 7 fuel rail and grid delete plate on my 5. However selecting a 10 feed is a good choice if you 39 re planning to possibly upgrade to a triple pump system later via our triple pump upgrade program . Not for bio diesel. 10 Ft Sec. 3 liter Powerstroke engine is a straightforward process. 3 fuel lines braces and connectors all coming with a 12 month warranty. These hoses suck gas from the tank into the carburetor and any excess fuel returns back to the tank to be reused. Injector Gasket Kit 01 04. In the back I want to say it 39 s 8x13mm but how many LF do I need to replace all the lines in back Fuel pump to fuel filter return lines etc. 74. Set includes 1 supply line 3 8 quot 1 return lines 5 16 quot hoses to join upper and lower sections and 1 union. Completing the measurement is simple and takes relatively few tools. VAT Add to cart PLASTIC HERBIE FUEL WATER HOSE LINE PIPE CLIP 20. the largest size line is fuel medium size is return and the small line is vapor thats the easiest way im pretty sure my blazer sending unit is different but that should do it Show Full Signature credit T1 Race Development The stock lines only become more restrictive when you try to PULL fuel from the gas tank via external fuel pumps etc. 4Ft Sec. For most applications the factory fuel lines have been able to support around 500 whp. EDIT This applies to the 300 fourtrax. These fittings are 100 stainless steel. Fuel Injector Rail Return Line Bolt At Head. Shop for 1967 Pontiac GTO Fuel Lines by The Right Stuff. This prevents vapor lock in your fuel system. E. Biodiesel literally dissolves rubber Learn to replace them now and keep some spare in your trunk for emergencies. Then flows the fuel down a supply fuel line to the fuel rail or rails depending on the application. When there s excess fuel it fills up the filter until the fuel level inside reaches the return port. Manufactured with computer precision on state of the art CNC tube benders. Run the fuel pump wiring into the engine If it doesn 39 t fit tight step down a size to 1 4 quot . Looking at an old 39 73. Dorman Products 800 852 Fitting Size End 1 3 8 quot Fitting Size End 2 5 16 quot Gasket FUEL LINE SIZE FROM PUMP TO REGULATOR Fuel line size is determined by the horsepower of the engine. VAT The return line then can arc downward and pass behind the passenger 39 s seat to go to the tank return fitting. 01 02 2020 09 49 AM. The Walbro pump has M10 X 1 threads on both the intake and outlet. 00 . Fuel return lines must discharge at opposite end of fuel tank from main fuel line pick up. The system is designed so that fuel can constantly flow in both directions. i dont know if its the feed or the return yet cuz i really havent gotten to check it out yet. Add to Wishlist . There really is not a standard for this some carburetors have a return on the left and others the return is on the right. Our Help Center has been updated with the nbsp Excessive pressure drop in the fuel lines feeding a carburetor or EFI system will inhibit their proper function and in the case of a bypass or return style regulator nbsp 26 Aug 2012 Most use 10 AN for fuel supply and 06 AN for return lines on high performance engines. B. Some muscle cars and trucks came with return style mechanical pump fuel systems but these are not the norm for older vehicles most were dead head systems meaning that the fuel simply stops at the pump until it is sent on to the Oct 19 2015 Fuel Supply Tank and Fuel Line The fuel oil for an oil furnace is stored in a fuel supply tank. You need hose marked quot for fuel and vapor. VAT Add to cart FUEL LINE HOSE PIPE JOINER 6MM 6MM 2. The return line is simply pushed inside the plastic gas tank through a hole on the bottom of the tank a very iffy connection. 1A Auto has a large selection of Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Fuel Lines amp Fuel Line Hoses at great prices. Chevy Truck K Series fuel lines run from engine to fuel filter. 18. The Fuel Consumption Meter meter is ideally designed for accurate size of the diesel engine intake of any vehicle like vans buses construction equipment agricultural machinery riverboats or other diesel locomotives. Re 75 280z BIG fuel line size hybrid Nov 22 2003 8 15pm I was able to get a 7 16 quot ID fuel line on that connection and I was glad that I could too as that was the largest size fuel line any parts store had around here. 30. Nov 16 2012 Yes the pressure drop thru a line is a nominal 5 feet versus 35 feet for the 3 8 id fuel line. jgervin New Member. This can cause vehicle performance issues and dangerous fuel leaks. 1961 64 Chevy Full Size 3 8 quot outlet With Return line OEM Replacement fuel sender pickup Designed for use with factory fuel level gauge LH RH Swing Guide Link Ohms Chart Link I am about to purchase a length of the thin low pressure hose that connects the injectors to the fuel return line. Aeromotive EFI regulators P N 13101 and 13109 are popular for returnless engine transplants. I have a soft copy of the service manual but really don 39 t see anything about the size and location of the lines. The regulator in this kit is not recommended with fuel pumps that flow over 255 lph. They weren t quite the right size although very close. and takes 6mm hose see below. Fuel Tank Vapour Homelite Chainsaw Fuel Filter Part FUEL LINE. Removed fuel filter from fuel pick up line 7. Use on Bosch Mechanical Diesel Injectors with barb style return lines. External fuel lines are 5 16 quot R9 fuel hose and I use 13mm threaded clamps because the 12. Rick 39 s Camaros offers prebent fuel lines for your 1969 Camaro. Jun 26 2012 Need to do a pressure test on fuel system. Apr 06 2006 Inside the fuel sump you see the positioning of the internal baffling that captures the fuel from the return port. Shop today and save with Free Shipping. Return line fuel line size. 5mm fuel injection rated fuel line with 12 fuel injection rated hose clamps. 750 ID 180 GPH 360 GPH 900 GPH 1 500 GPH While the standard fuel lines in your 1994 2004 Mustang are of decent quality there are many aftermarket Mustang Fuel Lines available from CJ Pony Parts that can help owners with upgraded Mustangs to get even better performance from their SN95 Mustang. 1969 74 Chevy Gas Filter Perfectly matched components in a system perfect for your application ensures the best possible fuel system for your engine and the longest life span possible for that fuel system. 5 16 quot QD to 6AN adpters for both lines at the engine bay both feed and return are 6AN 1 4 quot feeds to the rear of the heads the fuel ports are sized for a 1 8 quot NPT which is equivalent to a 1 4 quot hose ID Hipa 791 682039 Fuel Line Tune Up Kit Air Filter for MTD Ryobi 704rVP 705r 720r 725r 750r 280 280r 310BVR 410r 600r 700r 704r 765r 766r 767r 775r 790r Trimmer Brushcutter 4. I used 5 16ths for the fuel feed line and 1 4 inch for the return. Bio eats rubber hose and seals. Use these ratings to decide your return line sizing based upon fuel pump output Up to 45 GPH 5 16 quot or 04 AN Up to 90 GPH 3 8 quot or 06 AN Oct 09 2018 Sniper Fuel Line Size I 39 ve watched the recent sniper install video from Holley and it say 39 s the minimum fuel line size is 3 8 quot for supply amp 5 16 quot for return. Engine Drivetrain amp Forced Induction please help. 79. Record the The regulator return line has a fixed pressure difference to work with. A return Type fuel system starts with a fuel pump mounted in or out of the tank. it 39 s miles a type of accumulate meter which These quality fuel sending units are designed as replacements for 1961 64 GM Full size passenger vehicles. Regardless of fuel system line size of pumps etc if you lets say for example have only 2 psi at the carb inlet at any point in a run your more than likely going to have problems. Up to 302 all had 5 16 fuel lines. I 39 m thinking a 1 2 feed with same return use 39 n the blazer tank return spot top and to the side of tank with a bigger inlet stock looks like 3 8th and soldering in a 1 2 feed where the stocker 3 8th quot line runs in the sending unit. Prior to purchase be sure to check with your mechanic to confirm that this repair section has fittings that will fit your vehicle and is the size and length you need to make your repair. More time for fuel to gel in the line. Jun 18 2002 Using the OEM 258 mechanical fuel pump and 5 16 in. 6L motors uses a traditional in tank pump just like the returnless style. Sep 21 2017 The other fuel line is the return line that returns unused fuel from the carburetor back to the fuel tank. 315 quot Every fuel line is preformed is verified off an original Cutlass or 442. Oem or hose type will work fine whatever holds it on. If I use a 12 feed line will a 10 return create fuel pressure problems Also where should I put the fuel filter Aug 15 2010 Injector Fuel Return line i. It makes the loop and goes to the canister. 5 2010 GM 6. 99. I 39 m 791 181086 Fuel Line Return MTD Parts FREE Standard Shipping on Orders Over 45 Fuel Return Line Filter 941 5702A 15. This is the return line that is sort of clipped into the valve cover and it connects all 3 cylinders with two tees and a four way. If I were upgrading in size I 39 d go 3 8ths supply and 5 16ths return. The return line must have limited or NO pressure in it. patching up the frame. Our stainless steel fuel tank to rubber hose fuel supply lines are built to resist rust to keep your lines safe from the elements. The other hoses come in AN sizes. Part Number GZ 6 020 Adapter Fittings also known as Standard Fittings or Union Fittings are commonly used to connect fuel line tubes and hoses to fuel pumps fuel regulators and fuel filters. Open the fuel tank and pour the remaining fuel in the tank into a fuel container. High quality fuel assembly components must be securely attached to prevent potentially dangerous fuel line leaks. 60 MM 0. Same scenario with 4 6 lbs and your probably okay assuming your float level and rest of the carb s are working okay. 375 ID 36. Fuel Tank To Pump Line OE Steel 5 16 quot Stock Size Fairlane 1963 1965. Over time these lines can rust corrode crack or clog. 6AN Up to 700 HP 1 2 quot or . i found info on how to plumb the return nbsp 7 Jan 2009 Fuel line size. 356. Repair fuel line in Fuel Line Size for Dual Pump Systems We suggest 8 feed and return in any dual pump setup simply because there is no measurable benefit to running a 10 feed with any dual pump fuel system. I would have assumed the B body cars would have been the same. If you plan to replace existing hoses and fittings I would use 3 8 inch ID hose and appropriate fittings rather than use 5 16 inch. Isn 39 t the line from tank to pump 3 8 and the return line 1 2 Fuel Pressure Supply amp Return Lines. Then the return comes out of the regulator and back to the tank. 1 the cheap way replace the line yourself with steel line available at places such as autozone. Most chainsaws have two fuel lines one that feeds fuel into the carburetor and a return tube that allows unused fuel to 1994 2004 Mustang Fuel Lines amp Fuel Rails. One is suction from the tank one is pressure to the carb and the third is a return line to the tank. GM Part 12639000. Used screwdriver to clean holes for fuel lines 5. Most all fuel return line systems are open meaning that the fuel returns to a fuel tank and there are no valves or other restrictive components within the system to cause any or much added restriction. I think the existing fuel lines will be whatever the smallest common size is I haven 39 t checked . Joined Mar 2 2014 9 Posts . FLK S06 Double Vent Double Return Fuel Line Class 8 SKU FLK S06 140. 1975 1977 Corvette Fuel Tank Vapor Return Line Stainless Steel. I once used some plumbing tubing from Lowes for a return line because it was all that was available at the time and I needed to get home. Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug to prevent accidental ignition of the chainsaw during the fuel line replacement. The surge tank 39 s primary purpose is to keep from leaning out under hard acceleration and cornering. I ran my fuel return out of the opposite side of the carb fuel inlet using an old Holley main fuel jet drilled 1 16th quot screwed into the end of the outlet hose nipple from that nipple I tapped into the fuel return line from the mechanical fuel pump this is a Sarge solution and pretty much eliminates the need for a fuel pressure regulator. Whether it 39 s a new Nissan Altima fuel line or repair kits to restore the fuel delivery for a Corolla AutoZone has you covered with trusted brands at competitive prices. Approximate Maximum Flow Rates through Fuel Hose for selected Line Velocity Fuel Hose Size 2 Ft Sec. Fits Pontiac engines including V8 400 The black line running straight up is the fuel return line which makes installation much easier since we don 39 t have to run two lines the full length of the car. Fuel return line size Jump to Latest Follow 1 10 of 10 Posts. Replace your rusted or damaged 94 04 Mustang fuel lines and fuel rails with high quality parts from 5. Designed to connect to stock late model fuel injection fuel lines both the inlet line and the return line. But with my 4 cyl making around 450hp would I get away with 5 16 feed and 3 8 return with a 4309 reg . 2 of the smaller ones are rusted on a 90 turn in the pipe. Enjoy Like Comment and Subscribe for more i added a fuel vapor return line to my 70 chevelle just an idea on how to do it just temporary lines until i redo my car again in the future. 7L engines located from an engine to fuel filter connection. so it 39 s important to have reliable high quality Corvette fuel line and fuel hose parts. Currently the instructions say to use at least 3 8 quot for both lines but back when I installed my Sniper it said 5 16 quot was okay for the return line. CD30928 UN 02FEB07. 1986 1997 Ford Bronco and F Series Truck Nylon Fuel Line Connector Repair Kit 5 16 Straight W Union New 1986 96 Ford Bronco 1986 96 Ford F150 F250 F350 I ask because I am planning out the fuel system for my TT EFI SBC build in my Monte Carlo and I would like to use the stock carb feed line 5 16 quot as the system return. 79 excl. BOSCH OEM Fuel Return Line Assembly 94. Cutlass 442 Fuel Lines New prebent OE Steel fuel lines. Mar 07 2014 Ended up being an issue with too much fuel being pushed down the return line. It is a slightly loose fit and requires a hose clamp to tighten it. These bulkhead type fittings are normally installed in a plate on the fuel cell. Couldn 39 t say about 720 though. Fuel systems can be incorrectly designed if the pressure loss attributed to the length of the fuel lines isn t taken into account. Also in certain instances with modified CP3 pumps you will actually need to increase the size of the return Jun 18 2002 Using the OEM 258 mechanical fuel pump and 5 16 in. Sep 21 2017 Pull the fuel line from the carburetor using the needle nose pliers. 120x. Hey does anyone have the outer diameter of our fuel feed line Could also use the return line OD. i need to know what size the male sae quick connect is at this point. Sep 26 2012 I 39 m looking for the diameter of the flexible fuel line that goes from the fuel pump to the steel line. July 6 2020 1 51 am I have a 30002 600HP system and just purchased the 50001 fuel delivery system. Bring your vehicle s fuel system back to its top shape with this top notch part. 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Fuel Lines Rear Mopar Parts Giant Customer Support Live Chat or 1 888 511 3595 I am replacing my hard line return lines at the fuel filter as well rusting out and have the new ones sitting in the box with all my new stuff. 64. Also the vent line cannot have a dip in it where fuel or condensation can get trapped in the line. 3 8 quot hose from filter to feed line on rail. I realise v8 blow thru setup say to go with 3 8 and 1 2 return. These should be replaced when installing new injectors to avoid any leaks. Hose and pipe size should be based on the maxi . If you have plans to nbsp 11 Sep 2012 Are you speaking of the hard lines Feed and Return. They have the crimped ends on the line. The location is just a bit past the driver side door. The feed line doesn 39 t you can keep raising the pump discharge pressure by adding pumps or installing bigger and better pumps to get more flow. Anything above that has to be a 3 8 quot fuel line. 3AN Essential pieces include Jeep fuel line sets carburetors fuel tubes sending units replacement fuel tanks and more. An empty tank makes this project much easier. Thanks Ron Straley Did you know rusted and corroded fuel lines are the number one cause of fu Product Code 17732. 3 16 quot return line from rail to steel line amp steel line to tank about 5 feet These all seemed to fit perfectly. 99 Shop 1967 2015 Camaro Fuel Lines Hoses and Related parts at Rick 39 s Camaro. Older fuel hoses can 39 t handle the pressure. Then follow the metal hose to the back of the car and by some means plumb that line back into the fuel tank. 00 Often in the way of other components. GM 98062291 Passenger Side Fuel Return Line Bosch Leak Back Line 2005 2010 0 Reviews Write first review Description 2004. I wouldn 39 t be too happy if I had t Forum 70 83 Tech Discussion Forum 5. BRACKETS AND EASY TO BEND IF NEEDED SUITABLE FOR GAS OR DIESEL RATED AT 900 PSI AND 200 DEG. What size fuel line is nbsp 18 Mar 2017 Intend to replace either the feed fuel hose or the return fuel hose The line itself will contain slightly more fuel given a slightly larger size but nbsp The forum seems to say that the 96 xp uses all 1 4 ID fuel hose. bolts then remove the fuel lines. The Dorman 904 123 Driver Side Fuel Injector Return Line for your 2004. But there is no point removing the stock return steel line if you don 39 t need to. 6L Vin D Crew Cab Pickup Feed Return and Fuel Cooler Honda Fuel Feed or Return AN Hardline Adapter. Full Size 39 58 39 72 Chevy Parts Tri 5 39 55 39 57 An easy way to identify the lines is by the size. Use. We just have a little kit that has both sizes so I 39 ve never actually looked up what size they are. but my exhuast rubbed against it some how and burned a wicked whole in it while i was driving luckly had enough luck and gas to make it the last mile doing The larger line is for the return and the smaller line is for the supply. It is possible that the 440 4bbl cars got the 5 16 quot line with 1 4 quot return but I have not proof of it. We have the CHAINSAW FUEL FILTER PART FUEL LINE You need with fast shipping and low prices. steel line routed to an Edelbrock 4 bbl carb is there a need to run the return line from the filter back to the tank with this setup That was the way the BBD was installed. Set includes 1 supply line 3 8 quot 1 return lines 5 16 quot hoses to join upper and lower sections and 1 union. 14. You will still need a filter before the fuel rails and you will want to ensure the correct fittings and pump are used for your install. Replacing the return line during injector installation can prevent contamination issues and leaks due to cracked or brittle hoses or fittings. It is that simple These stainless steel Mustang fuel lines won 39 t rust and deteriorate like your factory lines. Aug 23 2010 Should be a 3 8 metal line I think it 39 s a 5 8 or 9 16 wrench that fits the hex part of the fitting but if your just looking for the fitting go to a parts store and ask for a 3 8 flare fitting. Get a roll of steel line from autozone they sell it in a 25 ft roll and use a tubing cutter to make up your lengths. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers 39 doors worldwide all at warehouse prices. Designed as a direct fit replacement of your worn out or Mar 27 2011 In fuel systems with a return line the fuel pump is continuously pumping gas through the fuel system at a much higher rate than is actually needed. the 1 day ago When you 39 re checking a truck 39 s fuel system again do not restrict the return line. If you are planning on running fuel injection you will need a return line to the tank. Dirt and debris can block the fuel supply tube eventually leading to leaks and decreasing power in your engine. The fuel supply tank and fuel line must be installed in accordance with the requirements of UL and Classic Tube Fuel Return Line for 1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ with 20 Gallon Fuel Tank. If you are running a vent line it is important that the line is ran higher than the highest point on the tank including the fuel filler neck. Minimum sizes are based on the engine and tank being no more than 10ft 3. Sep 05 2010 Its got a 2 litre sure tank with a carter 72gph fuel pump feeding it. com Fuel injection systems like all diesel have rely upon a high pressure pump to provide well timed high pressure fuel pulses to activate the injector and spray fuel into the cylinder. 3L 5. If there is any sort of issue with the fuel hose either a leak or some sort of kink Order Fuel Line Connector for your vehicle and pick it up in store make your purchase find a store near you and get directions. The shop manual says the return fuel line orifice is . 5 return line of this type I have on hand the rubber hose section appears to be 7 mm ID by 11 mm OD x about 28 quot long. If the nipples on the caps are not all the same size and the hose that fits them they will forever leak the different size spring clamps are RED for 1 4 39 HOSE GREEN for 3 16 quot hose. As you obviously do not have any stock lines why are you asking Back to the topic. From the surge tank to the engine you run a larger feed and return line as well as an EFI pump. 42. Here 39 s some pressure drops and flow rates for the feed line which is 3 8 quot and has an id of I believe about 0. Running a 2 return will most certainly make a difference in ruining condition and heat dissipation while on that subject you are correct that pressure in the line will increase when line diameter drops however pressure is not flow. May have some adjustment to regulator depending on size of restriction. Save on Fuel Lines amp Kits with great deals at Advance Auto Parts. Feb 13 2010 I have a billet rail with 3 8 npt threaded inserts the guy I purchased it from suggested using 8an line or the equivalent 1 2 quot line from the tank to a 6an or 3 8 quot return line from the fmu. Brand New. This system is very difficult to adapt in an engine swap situation. Fuel return line size and length Hey guys As the title says Does anyone by any chance know what size nbsp 26 Aug 2016 Forced Induction fuel line size fir feed and return on E85 amp D1SC I have a 6. steel to 3 8 in. Dying to drive it got the new tank on new shocks and stabilzer and welded in a new muffler and pipe to replace the rotted out cat and muffler that Feb 18 2010 Yup the return line has to dump into the top the weight of the fuel in the tank is not allowing the return to dump freely causing the pump to work twice as hard not only providing pressure to feed the injectors and then pushing fuel into a tank of fuel for the return It will die. Any air intrusion into the fuel return system will create start then stall with extended crank conditions when the vehicle has been allowed to sit typically overnight. See full list on homedepot. 9. Attach other end of the fuel return hose and snap the quick disconnect together onto the fuel return hose. So it got me thinking. Image 9 Warning double stacking seals will cause a leak in the fuel system. Chevrolet GMC 82 00 Jeep 2. 23mm . Intending to bend steel line and have a short rubber hose connecter at the tank nipple and pump nipple. There should never be more than approximately 3 PSI of pressure in the return line. 2 S10 with flex fuel and it looks just like the Vette filter. 1973 89 Pre Bent Original Material Fuel Lines and Fuel Filters and Components 1988 98 Chevy amp GMC Truck Pre Bent Fuel Lines 1948 52 F1 F2 1953 56 F100 F250 I have 3 8 line on 650 and no issues and PF4. Is the return line supposed to be long and in the fuel 1 2 quot or 8 AN Remember fuel line size from the pump to the regulator is determined by horsepower not fuel pump size. Classic Tube JER1004 SS Fuel Return Line for 76 81 Jeep CJ 7 with 8cyl Quadratec All you need to do is run a pressure regulator and return line you can make it fancy like I did and run PTFE lines and AN fittings everywhere or you can do it much cheaper the point is you dont have to buy a custom fuel tank and that system I posted uses a Walboro 255lph pump. 0 GPH 180 GPH 270 GPH 1 2 . If you want to run a 6an line take a look at this Sep 02 2004 On a CJ you have a gas return line coming off the fuel filter going back to the tank correct I was talking to someone today amp they said that if you remove the return line going to the tank amp vent the tank return line to the charcole canister or add a check valve it will help in the performance of the JeeP carb engine since the carb will get 100 of the fuel that the fuel pump is delivering to it. 60 inches or 5 feet in enough to do all 61x and 60x engines including the 6 cylinder. and 10. 155k miles Thanks Exceeding these limits can cause poor performance fuel pump failure and lack of fire protection. This is a complete replacement of the Dodge 12 Valve Cummins fuel lines using Larry B 39 s tank to engine fuel kit. Mar 11 2016 With the fuel command center mounted we then mapped out the fuel lines and where to route them. This is located by the firewall. Trust Ecklers Late Great Chevy for your Impala Caprice Biscayne amp Bel Air parts needs always at the best possible price. What really sets this kit apart from the competition though are the superior crimp style ear Apr 26 2015 can anyone tell me the size of the fuel and return line on ford 1720 thank you Roman Ford 1720 Sims cab FEL Woods subframe backhoe Wallenstein 3 pth splitter 5 I removed both the return and fuel line from my 78 39 620 today no oics and replaced the fuel line today go to just one line . Sep 30 2017 Probably going to sound like a dumb question but please humour me Can someone please confirm that the lt1 feed line is the bigger pipe 3 8 quot and goes from the fuel filter through to the engine That the return line is NOT fed from the fuel filter is the smaller 5 16 quot line and goes to the FPR The evap hard line is 5 16 quot pipe Supply line is 1 2 quot and return line is 3 8 quot why not buy a lift pump most come with new rubber supply line from the tank to the engine. Sizing Supply and Return Lines Properly . The sizing of fuel lines is VERY IMPORTANT to those that are starting to push the limits of power on there cars or trucks. You can replace the fuel lines on your Ryobi quickly and get your trimmer operating again. If you can run it all the way much better. Mine has a good size hole in it so I 39 m trying to find the appropriate fuel line repair size. Add to cart. What I normally do if I have a problem is to grab the fuel line with needle nose plyers about 1 2 quot from the end then push on the filter. Feb 12 2006 That 39 s right a 1 2 inch pickup and fuel line that fits and looks like factory except for the size of course . 1 gallon of fuel will not flow through a 6 line as quickly as it will through 8 line with no other source forcing it through. 00 Qty 75 77 Six w 1V carb Fuel Return Line Filter stainless steel see above photo 941 5702A S S 30. The right fuel line will seal without leaking but clamp it anyways. Keep line size close to fitting size on bowl to keep flow moving. 5 2010 RH Return Passengers Move the fuel line through the primer bulb housing and hold the primer bulb up to the fuel line Mark desired length and cut to size If the old primer suction line was intact you can measure and cut a new piece of fuel line to the same length and attach it to the intake port on the primer bulb and intake port on the carburetor. 0L and early 4. Default Fuel line size. Discussion Starter 1 Sep 16 2010. These lines look new because they were from an attempt to use some scrap tubing from replacing the wiper hoses in my car . or leave that alone and add another fuel feed to the tank. Fuel Line Hose Kit 3 8 quot Fuel Line and Clamps Part 42 41713 1 Fuel Line Hose 5 16 Rubber Sold By The Foot Part 42 26151 1 MoparPartsGiant. We stock a range of genuine and aftermarket Cummins 8. does anyone know what the size of the stock fuel supply and return hard lines are i measured them along the frame rail under the truck and both are 5 16 but when looking at one of the very comprehensive E fuel write ups on here I swear the return line looks smaller than the supply line in the This fuel line kit includes 25 feet of line and all the fittings that you need for your LS engine swap using our fuel pumps. 99 POR1006 SS is a Fuel Return Line made of Stainless Steel specifically for the 1985 88 Pontiac Fiero Fuel Rail Return Line V6 2. It would probably work without a vapor return line in Minnesota 39 s cold and low elevation but a line should be a plus they started putting return lines on the Dauntless V 6 for a reason one can suppose. The main stock fuel lines are 3 8 quot nylon tubing not hose . On mine the return is about 1 2 inches past the end of the filter. Fuel line repair kit. 5mm ID. You will cut the feed hard line back about 6 quot inches to match the return hard line length. 2004 Silverado fuel line size MoparPartsGiant. 9 and i am missing the return lines. Making good progress on rear tank install and need to put in the fuel lines. 10 The fuel line along with the other parts of a fuel system are responsible for delivering the fuel from the fuel cell into the carburetor. well the feed line will be the same and the actual return line will be the same. 8 4. 99 Add to cart Sale FASS Titanium Signature Series Diesel Fuel Lift Pump 95GPH GM Duramax 6. Bernie 39 s CJ Jeep Parts 1648 Taylor Rd Box 452. ulators are commonly called quot bypass quot or quot return style quot regulators and require a return fuel line to the fuel tank. Use these ratings to decide your return line sizing based upon fuel pump output Up to 45 GPH 5 16 quot or 04 AN Up to 90 GPH 3 8 quot or 06 AN The fuel pump vapor return nipple might have been 1 4 quot but there was an internal restriction of about. 5 inverted flare fitting I would not suggest slipping a stock hose over the fitting or anything like that do it the right way and get an adapter or correct fitting for the project. Three 3 May 26 2015 To run a return line off a mechanical pump you will need a pump with 3 openings. 0 GPH 72. See full list on fuelab. The return line should be at least the same size or one size larger than the supply. Jump to Latest Follow 1 2 of 2 Posts. Step 19 Snap the quick disconnect together from the fuel return hose to the fuel rail. Tractor john deere gx345 Wheel Horse 518H. My carb has dominator bowls already tapped I ran a 1 2 inch fuel line from the tank to the carb and plan to use the original 5 16 line as the return. 250 . Our Fuel Lines range from . Could you tell me what length I am going to need and what is the actual ID of this hose. Choose high quality Mustang fuel lines from Classic Tube for a seamless fuel system repair in your 1979 1993 1994 1998 or 1999 2004 Mustang Return Pipe AWD ELECTRIC SHIFT 2 SPEED TRANSFER CASE NP1 2 SPEED PUSH BUTTON CONTROL ACTIVE TRANSFER CASE NP8 4 speed Automatic trans. Jump to Latest Follow 1 6 of 6 Posts. OMIX Fuel Line Return Line for 76 83 Jeep CJ 7 with 3. Strong fuel odor engine misfires and decreasing power. 1995 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Lines Front Mopar Parts Giant Customer Support Live Chat or 1 888 511 3595 High quality fuel assembly components must be securely attached to prevent potentially dangerous fuel line leaks. o. Depending on where your original fuel line has failed this short section of fuel line may be used to repair the damage. 250 1978 Pontiac Firebird Parts OE Fuel Lines. size is 5 16 however I would think that for a 56 hp. 33. Oct 10 2017 That s why the fuel filter in these setups is typically installed clocked with the secondary outlet return line above the main outlet to the carb. 99 9 . 3L Powerstroke Diesel. At Fuel Injection Pump Slightly loosen fuel return line connection C at fuel injection pump. I have a triple hat nbsp Tech General Engine Fuel feed return vapor line sizes AN Can someone tell me what sizes the fuel feed return and vapor lines are on an 89 tpi car 4 Jul 2017 Pre Power Stroke Diesel 7. Check both Feb 18 2010 Yup the return line has to dump into the top the weight of the fuel in the tank is not allowing the return to dump freely causing the pump to work twice as hard not only providing pressure to feed the injectors and then pushing fuel into a tank of fuel for the return It will die. Price Matching Ensures You Get Low Prices Whether you get a charge from tinkering with the engine or swapping out parts to squeeze more power and performance from your Wrangler you have plenty of options at 4WD. 3L Powerstroke Diesel Engine. Mar 02 2017 The LS style fuel rail has a 3 8 input line and a 5 16 return line. Use these ratings to decide your return line sizing based upon fuel pump output Up to 45GPH 5 16 quot or 04 AN Up to 90GPH 3 8 quot or 06 AN FORD FUEL LINES AND HOSES FOR ALL YEARS AND MODELS. Transparent or color tinted fuel resistant hose can be purchased through Mcmaster Carr. When things get hot the gas begins to leak out of this connection where the fuel line goes inside the tank. 4AN Up to 500 HP 3 8 quot or . Fuel Line Rubber with braided stainless steel cover Universal Sold individually. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. For this you will need a line cutting tool some steel line of the correct size and some compression fittings. If there is any sort of issue with the fuel hose either a leak or some sort of kink 1970 1971 Camaro Fuel Line Mounting Clip and Bolt Set for Models WITH a Return Line 20 Pieces PART NUMBER FUE 980R Description 1 4 quot Return Fuel Line. the The return style fuel system used in the pushrod 5. 6 out of 5 stars 206 9. They will work with factory style fuel level gauges. Buy online pick up in store in 30 minutes. 00 Sale 133. Was Previous Price C 9. 3 8 quot NPT to 5 16 quot GM Mopar Fuel Return 90 degree. Fuel Cell Pickup Outlet and Return Line Fittings. Removing the fuel return line in a 7. 22 We custom make lines for any application Gas or Diesel. Insert a fuel filter between the fuel tank and fuel pump. Seals Bottom of Threads Uses 3 8 fuel line fitting 90 113 Long 1 quot x20 Threads Seals Bottom of Threads Uses 3 8 fuel line fitting 90 81 Short 7 8 threads Seals Bottom of nut Uses 3 8 fuel line fitting 90 155 7 8 threads Seals Bottom of nut 1 2 20 fitting 90 91 Long 7 8 threads Seals Bottom of nut Uses 3 8 fuel line fitting 90 42 Jun 04 2013 Mechanical Injection Pump Fuel Return Line. So a small amount of fuel is allowed to flow past the One things for sure is that the OEM FPR gets overrun WAAAAYYYYYYYYYY before the return line take a look at the discharge port size on the regulator vs. s. We also have prototyping and bulk run capabilities. i searched and cant seem to locate what size lines feed amp return everyone is using for the ls1 swap. Shop for aftermarket replacement automotive Fuel Lines amp Hoses for your Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD online or call us at 888 844 3393 and order your Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Fuel Line Assembly or Fuel Line Hose today Anyway The fuel line was flaking with rust and broke when I pulled the fuel tank out to start temp. 2 out of 5 stars 10 78. Basically a metal line from the fuel pump passes thru the body and then a rubber fuel hose connects from this metal line to the beginning of the CIS system. Nov 18 2019 Also can anyone confirm the size of the vapor line i have seen both 5 16 quot and 1 4 quot . What is the size of the return fuel line that goes between the injectors 3 Feb 2018 So I know Onan used Kubota in several generator sets so I thought I would ask here as well as anywhere. i know at the HFCM its a 5 16. As you said it can only put out as much as the smallest hose. Sinister Diesel Regulated Fuel Return Kit for 7. 5mm. Fuel Lines High Pressure Lines Dealer price and inventory are currently unavailable. It 39 s constructed with CNC machined billet aluminum parts and stainless steel braided fuel lines and nickel plated Make sure you use fuel line clamps so they clamp evenly all around the hose without digging into the hose. Operate fuel pump primer lever until fuel without air bubbles flows from fuel return line connection. 175mm return fuel 4 Apr 2017 Fuel Return Line Size and Installation. I would think as long as the line can handle the pressure and volume of fuel they should work. Comes from tank tube with the strainer to the top fitting on the carburetor from the lower fitting on the carb to the primer from the primer to the fuel tank return. Joined Sep 12 2010 147 Posts . Prior to purchase be sure to check with your mechanic to confirm that this repair section has fittings that will fit your vehicle and is the size and length you need. B Pump PIPE fuel fuel tank to water trap 363150R11 1970 1971 Firebird or Trans Am Fuel Line Mounting Clip and Bolt Set for Models WITH a Return Line 20 Pieces PART NUMBER FUE 2350 Although there are varying opinions on how to properly size the return line QFT offers a simple rule of thumb. 25 You can mess with caps until hell freezes over. 0 Resto. nylon tubing straight fuel line quick connector adapter 800 082. I got 3 feet of the line at the local Mbz shop for 5 and no more leaky injectors. 8AN Up to 1200 HP 5 8 quot or . corvette fuel lines and fuel hoses for all years and models Eckler 39 s Corvette is the most trusted name in Corvettes because we bring you the best Corvette fuel line parts at the lowest prices. d. Remove the fuel line that runs from the fuel filter housing to the front of the driver side cylinder head fitting. Not that the size flow is the concern nor the material 25yr old steel . Here is the factory style return fuel hose line you need for your diesel engine injectors. The fuel line I use is the yellow transparent line 3 16 OD x 3 32 ID. i am trying to put the 6. Jul 04 2009 I have a question about the fuel line in my 2000 5. State of the art computer driven CNC tube benders can match bends from blueprints of your Mustangs original lines. One last piece of advice when a selecting a fuel pump it is always better to go with a quality known brand. Product Details. I believe that he is speaking of the ones that run with the brake lines to the rear of the car theres a few ways to deal with this issue. Both metal feed amp return lines are 5 16 quot OD metal pipe. In order to run a successful LS swap install with AN fittings and hose without a nbsp 14 Jun 2014 The line to the carb is 5 16 quot and the return line is 1 4 quot . 8 650 1 000 hp 5 8 in. Aug 03 2014 Then a short supply line and a short return line between the connector and carburetor. The throttle body is adaptable so if the fuel command center ends up on the right or left side of the engine bay the fittings can be swapped out to connect the high pressure fuel line to that side of the throttle body. If you are experiencing engine misfires stalling fuel smells or leaks then check the fuel lines. It is 3 32 quot ID. I didn 39 t expect fuel out of the return line but after looking at the fuel tank drawing I can see the return line feeds somewhere low into the tank. In most cases the minimum return line size will match that of the supply line but a larger return line is sometimes preferred. The 5 16 line off of the tank is the quot vent quot line. 1. So a small amount of fuel is allowed to flow past the Sep 15 2016 Step 18 Attach fuel hose and line on other end. Understanding then how to size the supply and return line will be good information to know. 4. Part Number S7129425. The video I gave you will show you the correct routing and as long as the lines fit and do not leak it does not matter what size the line is. Full Size 39 58 39 72 Chevy Parts Tri 5 39 55 39 57 Also 210 Chassis E300D to 1999 220D 240D 300D 300TD 300CD 190D 300SD and 300SDL. The lower pipe is for the petrol vapour to return to the engine to be burned. thanx Chevy Silverado 2500 HD 3500 2 Engine VIN Character 2005 Fuel Return Line Kit by Bostech . 19. Do this only if the vehicle is equipped with one. If you had a gauge in the back it will maintain say 10 psi but the fuel would be stationary in the line and not be flowing into the regulator carb. 82 excl. 30 Jul 2003 I replaced the stock lines with 3 8 quot steel supply and 5 16 quot steel return line for my EFI system. I ready somewhere about it being a 5AN. Joined Dec 14 2005 261 Posts . 2L Engine. com Dec 05 2017 AN LS stock fuel rail setup utilizes 3 8 inch quick connects on the feed and 5 16 quick connects on the return both available from Hot Rod fuel hose LS swap kits. When the regulator wears out the truck can be difficult to start or wont start at all. Remove the fitting that is in the fuel filter housing at the location that the fuel line was just All lines come completely preformed with correct fittings on the ends and spring wrap identical to the factory original lines. 75 280z BIG fuel line size ZGON Nov 22 2003 5 39pm Mar 09 2015 This of course requires two sets of fuel lines a 3 8 inch line for the feed and a 5 16 inch line for the return. Jump to Latest Follow 1 3 of 3 Posts and 5 16 39 s return and fuel pressure is in the ball park of 55 62 psi for the ls engines Depending on where your original fuel line has failed this short section of fuel line may be used to repair the damage. Why does a diesel engine have a return line while a petrol engine doesn t You probably are speaking of the fuel lines in a gasoline and diesel engine. B100 realy needs heated lines and filter in cool temps. Would 10 be enough to feed a motor at this power range or should I use a 12. It is that simple can someone post up some pics of the 6. The 300ex sport quad gas tank has a wired angle and your better off to buy the preformed oem fuel line. 078x. Joined Jan 28 2009 211 Posts . 46. One of the first symptoms of an issue with the fuel return hose is an excessive fuel smell. Remember if you run a 1 2 line to the front the pump has to overcome the additional weight of the fuel when the car launches. Services both banks all 8 injectors. If you are replacing a fuel hose for a higher pressure system like a fuel injection hose make sure you use a hose rated for fuel injection purposes. The return line broke off at the fuel tank What I want to know is can I use the existing fuel lines I don 39 t think it starves for fuel at WOT at the moment but not 100 sure it was fine on the Dyno up to 6000 rpm. engine return line could be 1 4 inch. Apr 26 2012 Standard rule of thumb for street setups is 3 8 quot fuel line and 1 4 quot return if you run one. Most fuel line kits feature AN fuel lines and fittings and you can use our powerful search tools to find kits that include filters regulators distribution blocks pumps rails and more. Inside the tank you MUST use R10 fuel line rated for immersion in fuel and I use 12. Buy a 1998 GMC K1500 Fuel Line at discount prices. S. If any of your return lines or connections leak the injection pump will 39 bleed back 39 and the truck will be very hard to start after sitting. Correct end fittings make our fuel lines easy to install and ensure a leak free fit. Beware of using ordinary clear PVC or Vinyl hose materials for gasoline service as the material deteriorates with gasoline inside. Oct 14 2010 Anyone know the thread size style name of the fitting where the flexible fuel return line off the motor connects back up with the hard return line It 39 s a flare fitting I believe I 39 m looking for the thread size of the male portion where it connects back to the hard line corresponding female nut. This keeps gasoline in the fuel lines cool and flushes out any vapor bubbles that might form. 25 Free Shipping. The return line from the surge tank to the gas tank can remain the same size as well. 9L return fuel line size. The 3 port and 5 port models have a 3 8 NPT port on the bot tom of the regulator which is the return lline port. 0 and decided to go D1SC and blow thru. 6L Duramax is an affordable option to the factory replacement. C 8. Also in certain instances with modified CP3 pumps you will actually need to increase the size of the return Fuel line Size Vs. It is quot preferred quot to put in a dedicated line to the tank. I walked into the garage the other day and noticed that my garage smelled like fuel really bad I go to look and there was a small fuel leak puddle the size of a quarter after letting it sit for a bit the leaking stops. 877 815 5799. The 3 16 quot return line system was used on the 6. 8 May 2008 O T what 39 s the use of this return line Isn 39 t all the fuel being burned where is the excess comming from I 39 m just curious so pardon the side nbsp 2 Sep 2010 Do they even make metric fuel line Tentative answer 5 16 quot feed line What is the size O. 99 Select options BOSCH OEM LLY LBZ LMM RETURN LINE KIT 49. Shipping fees are not refundable if. Kit includes the following fuel lines 7 in. 6 out of 5 stars 8 7. Includes 8 in the picture ONLY Cummins 3945707. Jan 09 2003 Injector Fuel Return Line Braided 3. quot A 39 72 probably does not have a return line nbsp 9 Aug 2014 Does anyone know what size diameter the small bit of fuel line is that goes from the tank to the pump is Either proper metric size or what nbsp 5 Jun 2018 ringtown pa. Below you will find our discounted Ford New Holland fuel line catalog. R. What power level will 8AN nbsp 5 Dec 2017 A Return less setup LS fuel line install with AN hose amp Fittings. NCFORD Registered. Fuel tank must be vented. Using prebent fuel lines from Rick 39 s Camaros for your restoration will give you more than just a correct fit it will give you peace of mind. These lines are a dealer part and cost way too much money for what they are in my opinion so I am trying to find a suitable soft line. 3 engines. Fuel pressure supply lines are usually adequate for maximum performance with a preference of 125 150 fuel line nbsp 23 Nov 2016 What size line does FITech supply in their full kit that 39 s the size you up quot in the return line and suddenly your fuel pressure goes way up. Your Price 14. 16 649. Apr 04 2017 The return fuel line in my JLG boomlift keeps deteriorating extremely quick. Also a good idea to run the same size return line so you dont have any pressure fluctuations due to restriction. The Holley Earl 39 s vapor guard hose comes in 3 8 quot amp 5 16 quot . Thanks Feb 26 2015 Minimum main fuel line size for alcohol is 16 or 1 . 0 GPH 144 GPH 360 GPH 540 GPH 3 4 . Should verify by using open nbsp Our trucks have a return line so the fuel is always moving. See if you can run 3 8 quot all the way to the pump. Fuel line size. I figured it would just increase the flow rate to the injectors. Since the GM designer 39 s that so diligently design out wrench clearances and accessibility for repair whenever possible or so it seems laid out these tubes such that the feed line and one of the spider feed lines are trying to occupy the same space they rub on each other and eventually wear a hole Typically the fuel flow rate of a carburetor outboard engine of 200 HP would require the fuel hose and fittings in the line to be 3 8 inch diameter. Dorman Products Rear Return Fuel Line 1990 2000 GM K1500 K2500 K3500 Truck. 53 . 5 in. Use these ratings to decide your return line sizing based upon fuel pump output Up to 45GPH 5 16 quot or 04 AN Up to 90GPH 3 8 quot or 06 AN This return fuel line set from Omix fits 76 79 Jeep CJ7 with a 3. Sep 12 2015 Well my return line took a crap and started pissing diesel out of a pin sized hole northern ohio rust belt so i decided to redo the entire fuel line system on my truck. 00 ER A21070 Fuel Hose Final Filter to Pump Fits Case Diesel Tractors with 3 stage filter system 2 cartridge amp 1 final 730 SN 8173401 to 8253501 730 SN 8253501 amp After with Egn. You may still build an order and submit it to your dealer to complete your transaction or try again later. 3 IDI injector amp pump installation kit includes plastic return fittings injector o rings and washers return line clamps and line seals. 34 excl. The return line circuit has a pressure regulator to maintain this desired pressure. Needed to use a little more hose on the supply side because I also converted to an electric fuel pump. 206 inches. 00 Qty The top pipe is the fuel feed from the pump and takes 8mm high pressure hose. Used in conjunction with the 3 8 quot main fuel line. Make a drawing of the fuel lines location routing for future reference. Good luck. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home and shipping is free on all online orders of 35. Passenger Side SS Braided Fuel Line 94 97. when working on the 6. Walbro 255L fuel pump 1 2 quot feed line 3 8 quot return. There are many different needs out of fuel systems so we offer 2 main options for our Fuel Line Kits. What Aug 15 2010 Injector Fuel Return line i. It is currently clogged with mud so that may explain why it doesn 39 t drip when the Jeep runs. Also make sure that the hose coming from to the fuel filter are replaced with Viton. Also includes 2 primer bulbs installation removal tool and operator 39 s manual 90 days return policy Learn More about the RYOBI Platform Here Open 24x7 Same Day Shipping Save 10 off 299 20 off 599 30 off 799 100 off 1 599 Orders The Fuel Tank Return Fitting provides a threaded hole in the fuel tank without having to reach inside the tank. The restrictor 39 s job is to prevent the fuel pressure in the system from getting too low while still allowing a small amount of fuel to pass thru the system and be returned back to the fuel tank. 99 1998 Chevy Truck K Series fuel lines for 4. The fuel return line 39 s purpose is to prevent vapour lock by simply keeping a small amount of fuel always moving thru the system. Includes 28 clamps. Ive been slowly replacing my fuel lines on my 1989 Jimmy with a 6. Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Aftermarket Fuel Lines for your Chevrolet Truck. 8 CRD 05 06 VW and Audi 78 90 Volvo Diesel Mercedes 70 95 Sold by the foot. The return line hose is 3 16 quot . 9 7. Part Number CST CAR1003 SS More Detail This part is normally shipped directly from the manufacturer Supplier. aliensinla dannyvin. 00 Add to cart FUEL HOSE PIPE LINE RETURN T PIECE 6 8 MM 6. Note If using a die grinder to cut Re correct size fuel line Yammy 115 3 8 quot line is the best size fuel line for your motor. 5 2010 Chevrolet Chevy GMC Silverado Sierra 2500 HD 3500 6. of the return and vent lines I 39 m pretty sure they nbsp 26 Apr 2013 tryint the find out the size of fuel line i need on 2l Aircooled I also learned that there was a return line from the carb to the tank who knew nbsp Most of us also run return lines with bleeders in them to maintain a full column of fuel to the carbs and or nitrous selenoids. That is the fuel lines that pass thru the body to the fuel pump that is mounted at the rear on my 39 74. thanks and very nice pic there P1 were did you get you lines nbsp Re Fuel line size Reply 1 09 17 09 at 11 44 40. 5 16 quot fuel line can be used in up to a 115 HP outboard engine. Double clamp all the connections. 060. It is important to have the right size so the vehicle operates efficiently. Here is a more in depth break down of the differences in the hoses and the biggest reasons why it is important to have the right ones installed i need to know the stock fuel line size. They don 39 t mention the nbsp 18 Nov 2016 I too am looking at line sizing. 1976 1979 Ford F Series Main Fuel Line Rear Tank To Pump New 1976 79 4wd Ford F100 1976 79 4wd Ford F150 SHORT bed 6 39 Truck Only OE Steel 3 8 quot Proudly Made In The USA If you need the thread pitch of the fuel line fittings its a m14 x 1. 20. These things are great standard fuel lines don 39 t fit at least not a 5 16 or 3 8 now I 39 m stuck with a truck that just needs some fuel line from the tank to the motor and it 39 s ready to go 3406A 3406B 3406C Fuel Injection Line Kit. The I amp O data for each engine gives a minimum size for supply and return fuel line size. DANGER Do not use the vapor canister lines as a fuel return line. Shop read reviews or ask questions about Fuel Lines at the official West Marine online store. Uncompromising accuracy. and use the stock feed for the n. This item Full Size Chevy Fuel Return Line 409ci 1961 1964 Full Size Chevy Fuel Pump To Carburetor Lines 409ci 400hp Chrome 1963 1964 Full Size Chevy Fuel Pump Line To Carburetor Lines 409ci With 2 x 4 Barrel 1962 Full Size Chevy Fuel Fitting 409ci With 2 x 4 Barrel Carburetors 1962 1964 Return Type Fuel System. VHunter Registered. Replacement fuel line for 2 cycle and 4 cycle gas string trimmers. The return line uses a 3 8 size but the supply line is a littl read more The fuel system is responsible for storing and delivering gas to the engine. It is important to understand the relationship between fuel line size and fuel pressure when planning a fuel delivery system. At the end of each rail is a Fuel Pressure Regulator that regulates the fuel pressure. Part 61 857200 1. and with the increased flow of gas to the injectors it would be a less of a pressure drop per injector pulse. What size should I run on the return line to the tank Main concern is if it HAS to be same nbsp Fuel line sizes 12 25 2015 11 53 AM. Not suitable for use inside the tank. The passenger side fuel line is secured with a 10mm wrench size bolt and will have to be cut in the middle to remove it. The hose fits over a small metal nozzle on the side of the carburetor. There are 3 fuel lines i believe coming. Price 48. com Customer Service M F 9am 5pm EST Saturday amp Sunday Closed Aug 03 2014 Regular DOT air tubing works fine but it 39 s not fuel rated per say. Take a fuel pressure readings at idle and at 2150 RPMs before starting this project. Drawn from the tank by the fuel pump the gas moves through the fuel lines and filter and then into the injector. You nbsp 21 Jun 2008 Is a 6 return line to small for 150lb injectors When I had 83lb injectors I used a 10 fed line and a 6 return line with a weldon 2025A pump nbsp 14 Jun 2019 It requires a spendy fuel pressure regulator and a return line to your tank plus EFI rated fuel line but it 39 s well worth the money and effort to not nbsp 27 Aug 2009 I know for the quot best quot solution the return line should be the same size as the delivery line but 2 1 2 lines seems like a pita to plumb back and nbsp 25 Mar 2011 Ideas on fuel line size and returns I 39 m thinking a 1 2 feed with same return use 39 n the blazer tank return spot top and to the side of tank with nbsp Most all fuel return line systems are open meaning that the fuel returns to a fuel tank and there are no valves or other restrictive components within the system to nbsp Buy Hipa 3 Size 2 Feet Long Fuel Line Hose Tube with Fuel Filter for Poulan Craftman Chainsaw String Return policy Returnable within 30 days of receipt. Does anybody know what size the nbsp 15 Sep 2016 The size determines how much fuel needs to be returned and also Other fuel return lines have many bends and may be longer than normal. 8 Liter manufactured in our US facility using only the best American materials and latest technology. If you need a fuel hose fuel line or fuel line retainer browse our selection at O 39 Reilly Auto Parts. The stock fuel line will deliver plenty of go juice for your 40 39 s. The Sinister Diesel Regulated Fuel Return Kit is designed to fit every Ford F 250 and F 350 Super Duty truck equipped with the 7. O. This vacuum is needed to prevent drain back of the fuel in the fuel filter and is created by the weight of fuel held in suspension in the lines. 351s had the 3 8 as standard. 98 Select options DURAMAX FUEL FILTER HEAD REBUILD KIT 29. I used the earless crimp style clamps before and after the hump on the line. 062x. Fuel Consumption Meter is a form of positive displacement meter to degree the liquid flow or immediate float of the pipe tube. Replace your damaged Fox Body gas lines with a set of Late Model Restoration 39 s 1979 1993 Mustang fuel lines. Fuel Cell Vent Size If the fuel cell vent is too small it can cause excessive load and heat in the pump. Duramax CAT Fuel Filter 2 Micron Upgrade Adapter Kit 9. Messages 12 Mar 31 2015 In order to supply the proper volume of fuel the lines will need to have at a minimum 1 2 inch inner diameter. Part Number 203531 Jul 05 2009 Both the fuel supply line and fuel return line will flow fuel when the hose is removed. Mar 26 2011 Nissan made makes a triple carb fuel rail without a return so you don 39 t need one either. Just need to get proper fittings to adapt. Fuel Line Per Foot 140 10 Fuel Return Line 73 80 Used 140 CD14U 20. Whats the proper fuel line sizes for the tank to pump line 5 16 and the return line 1 4 . DE10 Fuel Return Line. My engine is a AAZ. Call it peace of mind. Our Honda Hardline adapter fittings come in two different sizes Feed and Return. Is there a cheaper alternative 27 Jun 2014 I have a 355 in my VK with a Holley red 12 801 1 standard size lines both requires 2 fuel lines from the main tank A feed and return line . 064. There are a couple of o ring inside the fuel filter bowl also. 15. Feb 26 2015 Minimum main fuel line size for alcohol is 16 or 1 . 3 gph enough to support 1000 HP at a BSFC of. They are the same size. 6L Duramax Diesel LLY LBZ LMM Replaces OE 98062291 97328733 97363195 2. 9L 12 Valve Cummins Injection Pump Fuel Return Line by Cummins OEM part number 3923171. While Adapter Fittings are available in SAE size configurations most high end racing and performance fuel systems use those manufactured to AN standards document fuel line size. We tried several packages while there and all were mismarked. Fuel injection systems like all diesel have rely upon a high pressure pump to provide well timed high pressure fuel pulses to activate the injector and spray fuel into the cylinder. Right now i just have the return done but will be doing the feed soon. Fortunately earlier 39 97 39 98 Corvettes employ the traditional feed and return line fuel system. 99 99. If you 39 re looking for other parts you can search for a specific tractor part to save time or browse through all of our Ford New Holland tractor parts on the Ford New Holland tractor parts page. Dormans Fuel Injector Line restores proper operation of your fuel injection system. May 17 2005 I am using the stock 78 tank for now. I The new bypass regulator should be located in the engine compartment as close to the fuel rail inlet as possible and the return line will be the full length of the car. Is this the correct size or do I need to get something a little smaller Thanks CTR1. Classic Industries offers a wide selection of OE Fuel Lines for your 1978 Pontiac Firebird. We encourage you to call our tech lines at 913 647 7300 to find out more about complete fuel systems and ensuring you have the right components. Diesel Fuel Line Return Kit With Clips For 2004. Push the fuel line into the fuel tank through the small hole on the bottom of the tank. 5 out of 5 stars 4 4 product ratings A amp I Aftermarket Fuel Line Injector Boots for John Deere Tractors Combines A Nov 29 2018 I used my stock 5 16 quot metal fuel line for the return line with zero issues. The primer pulls fule from tank through the carb and back to the tank. 6L 2001 2010 683. I am in the middle of replacing the return lines that loop in between the injectors. Both are aluminum lines from Earls. com offers the lowest price and fast delivery for genuine 1995 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Lines Front. If you notice a strong fuel odor during operation it may be time to replace your Cummins fuel return line. I highly recommend using only generic pumps from Carter or Airtex. 6L Vin D Crew Cab Pickup Feed Return and Fuel Cooler 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Classic LT 8 Cyl 6. IIRC it is the smallest hose available. You 39 ll need to keep an even closer eye on them if you run biodiesel. After the braided line is properly routed tighten the locknuts on both 90 fittings and tighten both braided hose ends. Nov 18 2010 Then run a hose from your fuel pressure regulator to the 39 now return line 39 . Since 1968 West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Universal Fit 113. Dec 02 2008 Fuel line size and return line Discussion in 39 Troubleshooting amp Diagnosis 39 started by jgervin Dec 2 2008. From the fuel pressure regulator any excess fuel Nov 18 2019 Also can anyone confirm the size of the vapor line i have seen both 5 16 quot and 1 4 quot . See the diagram attached below. Most people run 8 line due to bends and fittings inside sizes. 17 Aug 2015 1st Generation Specific 1979 1985 Stock return fuel line size I 39 ve been doing a search for a while and all I can find are threads talking nbsp Separate fuel return lines to the day tank or supply tank must vent pressurizing the return lines of idle sets. Sep 16 2017 Recommended Fuel Line Size from the tank to the pump Engine Output Size inches Size AN 350 hp or less 5 16 in. min. size The Car 2002 Jetta TDI auto with 189k running B50 to B99 I am leaking fuel badly down the front of my motor from the small fuel hoses runing between the injectors. I wonder what the return is 20 Jul 2012 2nd Generation S series 1995 2005 Tech fuel line size 39 s so ive tried searching but 3 8 supply 5 16 return. The kit provides everything you need to replace the feed and return fuel lines NOT the plastic lines between the fuel tank and the engine and the lines between the fuel filter and pump. Q A 450 HP engine a 140 GPH pump and a return regulator. No leaks so far. Injector Seal and Return Line Kit. Blackcoupe Registered. Hard metal fuel supply return and vapor lines are available as well as factory style fuel pump to carburetor lines. Up to 350 HP 5 16 quot or . Dec 2 2008 1. Can anyone tell me the procedure for blocking off the return line and checking the pressure Is it something easy to do 2001 Silverado 5. Fuel Return Line Filter Kit For Husqvarna 435 440 445 450 E 544128601 577535101. Foxboy Mustangs utilize a return fuel system so there is no need to worry about the fuel pump sending too much as whatever is not needed will simply be sent back to the tank via a return line. This will effect fuel flow and pressure on the rail side. Fuel Line Diesel Return Line 77 04. For Nitro blue is fuel to engine red is returned fuel yellow is optional returned fuel. The larger line will carry a larger volume of fuel which is required. Right off hand I don 39 t know the fuel line sizes. Nov 04 2019 hose size for fuel return line maintenance amp nonperformance The fuel lines on every Stihl engine contain a main or suction hose and an impulse or return hose. And that the tank is installed such that the maximum fuel head is not exceeded. Some people must confuse the 1 4 quot canister vent line for the return line doh Jan 04 2012 I like to use one size bigger line for the return than the feed line. from and going to the tank. D. Landell The primary and return fuel lines on a Ryobi gas trimmer are critical parts in the fuel delivery system transferring gas to the carburetor. Carry the old one in. A amp I Aftermarket Fuel Line Injector Boots for John Deere Tractors Combines A 4. 00 Fuel Filter Fuel Font Size Cruiser Part Index Went to change the fuel filter today and saw that the rubber fuel lines are dry rotted. I don 39 t know if your Yamaha came standard with the 5 16 quot line but it would not surprise me if it did. 99 78 . 5mm clamps are just a little bit too tight to slip over the end of the hose. Dont think it would work anyways because if you screw it into the feed line the return line would be to long to connect to the back of the filter. Fuel These kits give the Class 8 customer proper convenient ease of one stop shopping for the necessary fuel line necessary to install a FASS Fuel System. Line Diameter Chevy L6 V6 V8 Pair. If you have the 351 do not dick around with a smaller line better yet being a modified engine go the 1 2 inch line better to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it. If you can drill a 1 2 quot hole you can do this. the fitting is the same on both ends RIVA Fuel Line Return Restrictor SKU RY12 RLR 14 Designed to improve throttle response and reduce lean conditions in power band our Fuel Line Return Restrictor installs into fuel return line between carburetors and fuel tank restricting fuel return rate increasing pressure to carburetors. Conveniently the C10 also used the same size lines for it s mechanical fuel pump setup and also had an additional line for an EVAP canister. 9 engines the 1 4 quot return lines are used on all the 7. From there the fuel line from the filter and cooler assembly was connected to the inlet of the fuel pump the new fuel line from the outlet of the post pump filter was con nected to the hard OEM supply line return that loops back around and the fuel supply line to the engine was connected to the outlet of the fuel pump assembly. Fits driver left side. Specifications. Below you will find our discounted Ford New Holland fuel injector line catalog. Designed to ensure the correct level of pressure and flow into the fuel system correct flow rate and pressure are critical to prevent the issues of vaporization and cavitation can lead to implosion and damage to surfaces. That coupled with the amount of heat generated by the behemoth V12 adds up to brittle dry and potentially hazardous fuel lines which could weep volatile fuel vapor and lead to BBQ kitty. See photo below for visual reference. Anyway now for the tank. Members. 99 Set . What you have to be careful of is the ID size of your fittings. 26 excl. I tried to measure them but i 39 m not sure if i 39 m right i got 1 4 quot for the return and vapor and 5 16 quot fot the feed line is that right Return line to fuel cell should be as far as possible from the pick up line fitting. BOSCH Part 0 445 130 020. Return line only needs to be 3 8 inch. Your fuel system is one of the most essential systems in your car. The fuel line in your Ford F 150 or Super Duty is a charged line that delivers the fuel from your tank through a filter and into the engine and it rarely needs changing. Inserted fuel return line into one of the holes in the fuel tank 6. Oct 05 2018 The return line must not present a pressure restriction to the return fuel flow. Trying to price out some AN nbsp 1 Sep 2006 fuel line but it seems that it 39 s just a tad too big. The LML Piezo injectors require 150psi of fuel pressure on the return side in order to fire correctly. Brand new BOSCH fuel return line assembly with hose. Any of the side ports Upgrade your fuel system during restoration or to complete a fuel system repair. The fuel return hose starts at the fuel filter and can be traced to the valve that combines the fuel lines from both of the fuel tanks. 093x. You may be thinking even a pretty stout 440 doesn 39 t need a 1 2 inch fuel line and John Deere 1 4 inch Bulk Fuel Line TY22551 Sold by the foot John Deere 1 4 inch Bulk Fuel Line Fuel resistant flex hose Sold by the foot order a Fuel Line Basics. 15 Ft Sec. Inserted fuel pick up line into open hole in the fuel tank 8. I 39 d wonder about increasing the size of the return line too. Leave approximately 2 inches of the fuel line outside the tank. Blocked off the return line and the problem was gone. If these lines get clogged or kinked from excessive wear or bad gas they will starve your carburetor of the proper fuel and air mixture. One line will bring gas to the carb and the other is a return. 3L IDI amp 6. and in OE steel or Stainless. So the regulator I know the brake lines are 3 16 th of an inch but i 39 m not sure of the fuel feed line return line and vapor pipe size. Discussion Starter 1 Mar 17 2014. Aug 03 2014 Regular DOT air tubing works fine but it 39 s not fuel rated per say. 1 day ago When you 39 re checking a truck 39 s fuel system again do not restrict the return line. I 39 m hoping that the return lines are indeed just smaller. Parts are listed here for the return line 1 3 8 How much whp a 6 feed line 4 return line on a 255 wally can do i am debating which line size i need been looking for 8 feed 6 return but dont know if i really need it i dont want to go 044 and not planning to use e85 since it not available here Thx Over sized line slower flow rate thru line. Choose top quality brands DIY Solutions Dorman Replacement SKP. In modern fuel injection systems this is needed to keep the lines from separating due to fuel pressure. At top male and female quick disconnect fittings made by CPC . If you 39 re using a return style fuel pressure regulator you need the full size return plumbing. Pressure Drop. Some of the ones around the engine are 5 16 quot . Classic Industries offers 1978 Pontiac Firebird Fuel Hose Stamp 1978 Pontiac Firebird Original Material Front To Rear Fuel Line 1978 Pontiac Firebird OE Material Fuel Return Line 1978 Pontiac Firebird Original Material Fuel Pump To Carburetor Line 1978 1A Auto has a large selection of Fuel Lines amp Fuel Line Hoses at great prices. 35. What is the minimum return line size A 1 2 quot or 8 AN Return line size is decided by fuel pump output . Fuel Line Yellow by the FOOT 3115Y 1. The pressure drop at 1320 HP thru a 3 8 steel line might be around 5 psi. Brittle old injector return lines can leave you stranded when they split and leak fuel all over your engine. Because of comments to this thread I checked the label on the box of the new fuel tank and it is noted for a 134CI 55 69 CJ5 6 . Remember that the rigidity and internal dimensions of those lines is crucial to proper engine operation Unfortunately this hole would allow the fuel to splash out when accelerating or turning a corner. The line I bought at Lowes is packaged as 3 32 quot ID X 3 16 quot OD. You don t want to build up pressure in the return line by using a line that s too small Baker explains. . Shop for aftermarket replacement automotive Fuel Lines amp Hoses for your car truck SUV or van online or call us at 888 844 3393 and order your Fuel Line Assembly or Fuel Line Hose today Usually a bad or failing fuel return hose will display a few symptoms that can alert the driver of an issue. 2. The Fuel Tank Return Fitting provides a threaded hole in the fuel tank without having to reach inside the tank. Apr 09 2006 What size line should I feed this thing 10 or 12 I already have a 10 line on my car from my previous n2o setup and would like to utilize it. 10AN RETURN LINE SIZE The size of the return line is determined by the output of the fuel pump. Return Fuel Line 76 83 Jeep CJ5 . Thus a 3 8 inch diameter fuel hard line is fine for 1 000 whp on ethanol if Jul 11 2009 What size quick disconnect tool do I need to remove the supply fuel line on a 1997 chevy cavalier so I can remove the intake manifold. the return fuel line Inner diameter . 99 This article applies to the Ford F 150 2004 2014 and F 250 Super Duty 2005 2014 . Too much pressure drop can inhibit the performance of both carbureted and EFI systems and can adversely affect the way a bypass or return style regulator operates. I used the return line to measure it to and it fits inside the new rubber line. Mechanical pumps are designed to provide a certain pressure through a certain size fuel line again usually 3 8 quot but knowing your fuel pressure is also important especially as a gauge of pump health and possible blockages in the fuel system. Used an opened wire hanger to fish the fuel pick up line through the spout of fuel tank 9. Caterpillar 3204 Fuel Line Assembly 4N0471. May 11 2018 Buy a 1997 Chevrolet K1500 Fuel Line at discount prices. Yes the stock fuel hanger has a provision for the return. It can be tough to get the filter back on. 50 . Easy to use parts catalog. Make sure there are no sharp bends or kinks. 18. Instead of searching for all the hose and fittings required this package provides everything necessary saving you time. Chainsaw fuel lines are typically clear plastic tubing. If you run a return line that s the same size as the feed line you can t go wrong. Not good for driving so I want to replace them. ACDELCO 31. Classic Industries offers Chevrolet Truck Stainless Steel Front To Rear Fuel Line Chevrolet Truck Stainless Steel Fuel Return Lines Chevrolet Truck Holley Billet Aluminum Adjustable Fuel Line Chevrolet Truck Holley Dual Feed Line Chevrolet Truck Mar 09 2020 Pressure over flow. 7 return lines that go from the side of the fuel rail to the side of the CP3 pump and the connecting lines that go to the fuel filter canister. Right angles also will nbsp And I suppose the quot 10AN Inlet quot is for the feed to the fuel pump pressure regulator and the quot 8AN return quot is the dump line back from the pressure reg nbsp 6 Jan 2011 How much whp a 6 feed line 4 return line on a 255 wally can do i am debating which line size i need been looking for 8 feed 6 return but nbsp 21 Jan 2012 does anyone know what the size of the stock fuel supply and return hard lines are i measured them along the frame rail under the truck and nbsp 20 Dec 2010 The fuel return is slightly bigger but the same size pipe will fit over them all mate. C Fuel Return Line Connection. Do not try to use regular rubber or plastic line. The 16 vale motors fuel return line is 1 4 inch and needs to be 1 4 inch all the way back to the tank. 5mm clamps. 5 . Once again fuel filters are required before and after the fuel pump and not just any filter will do. Is this overkill or playing it safe I need to decide on either 3 8 or 1 2 inch barb fittings which will dictate fuel filter size and inlet size from the tank. That s why Summit Racing Equipment carries a wide variety of fuel line kits to hook up everything from the tank forward. Eckler 39 s Late Great Chevy has the exact replacement for your original GF432 AC Delco fuel filter. Return line size is usually close to full size for one diesel 39 s consumption since there is one fuel pump on prior to start of first diesel and two on when one is running and 2nd is going to start etc. Maybe even a size larger than the supply plumbing. The lines age quickly due to fuel impurities and must be replaced almost every season. line size and where to buy I 39 ve got a little fuel leak and need to replace some of the fuel line. 084x. 5 feet of new 7. This provides a nice tidy look and gives the filter a new mounting location. The tank is commonly connected directly to the fuel pump in the burner assembly of the furnace. The vent is hooked up and protrudes slightly into the tank. 2 Posts. What I have at this point is the yellow hose has the fuel filter on it and hooked to the top of the carb by the purge bulb. When needed it is transported to the combustion chamber where it combines with oxygen and creates the energy that powers your vehicle. I am confident they follow the fuel line so i am sure i can figure that out. 5. Aug 18 2018 I 39 m looking to run a fuel return line from the dr side of the fuel bowls to keep a cool supply of fuel circulating from the tank not a vapor return. In a return style system the primary fuel line is run forward from the tank along either side of the car and split into two separate lines with a Y block that 39 s usually mounted along the front Primary fuel pump ULPK0041 is a new digitally designed brushless pump used to lift the fuel from the tank into the engine fuel system. To get more info on the QuickStar 300 we called up Rob Ward Tech Expert at MagnaFuel. The sump is welded in the bottom of the tank at the rear center area. Fuel line size Jump to Latest Follow 1 5 of 5 Posts. What Aug 03 2012 Starting at the fuel fi lter here is the break down of what we have A 6 fi lter AT230106ERL to a 6 swivel to swivel AT915112ERL then a 6 to 3 8 NPT 90 degree AT982266ERL that feeds up Apr 13 2012 On the 8 it looks like from John 39 s pic the return line from the fuel filter is the rusted open one. Go steel. 8. Not shown in the pics is a third 5 16 quot rubber line from nbsp 27 Jun 2008 How do you determine what size fuel line to use. fuel return line size

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