h335 powder load data Reloading Powder. I have measured the OAL for this round which is at 2. Originally a military surplus powder it is now newly manufactured for Hodgdon. 56 45 NATO Load Data 222 Remington Magnum Load Data 22 PPC USA Load Data 225 Winchester Load Data 22 BR Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Ackley Improved Load Data 220 Swift Load Data 223 Win Super Short Magnum WSSM Load Data 6mm PPC USA Load Data 6mm Buy the Hodgdon H335 Rifle Powders and more quality Fishing Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. A double charge spills powder over the top of the case and is an attention getter. Shop our vast selection and save I have 3 8 pound jugs of H335 rifle powder. SPR SP H335 start load 23. HODGDON Hodgdon H335 Powder 1 Can H335 . I had frequently searched the internet for a relatively comprehensive list and short of a few forum entries by folks based on personal experience there was nothing out there. 906 For plinking these bullets don 39 t stabilize well. 8 22. com and check out the reloading data for H335. You will see other selector boxes across the top to narrow the search. 310 FMJ bullets and H335 powder. I have read that I should reference H335 but would like to get some opinions first. When it comes to bench rest nbsp W844 H335 load data that 39 s m193 powder. 5g with a 50g Sierra Blitzgroups in the 2 39 s. 274. 222 Remington Load Data 223 Remington Load Data 5. Hodgdon has for years. . The Nov 10 2010 Hodgdon ball powders work great in everyone else 39 s powder measure. 17 Hornet. 5 Grendel A Quick History John Hanka creator of 65Grendel. 9 DuPont added IMR 4895 to their retail distribution line in 1962 and added IMR 4831 in 1973 when supplies of surplus H4831 were exhausted. Sep 27 2012 H335 is a slower powder than 2230 and x terminator. com Internet E Mail Patsreloading aol. 257 Roberts IMR 3031 should be the perfect powder . The chart of relative quickness of powders below is intended as a guideline only. At SCHEELS we carry reloading powder from leading brands like Hodgdon IMR Alliant and more for quality you can trust. 0 3774 Benchmark 25. I have quite a bit of H335 and Benchmark powders. Mar 19 2010 List of Powders amp Their Physical Characteristics I don 39 t know how many other people are like me but I load on a progressive and I want easy metering powders. 25 45 Sharps LOAD DATA AR 15 16. 56 h335 powder 556 hodgdon h335 5. Marks spherical propellants like H335 WC844 in canister grade have deterrent coatings that make them harder to light than stick and flake powders. Hunting Load. While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images descriptions and pricing for all products inadvertent errors may occur. Owensboro KY 42301 270 685 2432 800 714 6348 FAX 270 684 6249 Shop Hours M F 7AM 5PM CST Website updated daily. Load 1 CCI 400 small rifle primer and Sie1Ta 70 grain Blitz King . I 39 ll be using a 50grain bullet if that helps. 2 gr. 8. The Hodgdon Powder Company 39 s roots begin with Bruce Hodgdon with the first surplus powder offering after World War II. One of these is powder. 5 22. Aug 21 2016 Just picked up Varget H335 CFE123 amp IMR4166. Starting with the first cartridge the . 56 h335 wc844 powder load data for 5. hodgdon. Over the last 70 years Hodgdon Powder Company has grown into the preeminent supplier of gunpowder and blackpowder to handloading and muzzleloading enthusiasts. Powders include Hodgdon IMR Winchester Oct 29 2008 H322 H335 IMR4895 IMR4064 AA2230 and Varget. Hodgdon H335 1 pound . Did some rudimentary load work and was never satisfied so used the rest up on plinking ammo. com tells us The 6. 0 gr. Meaning any load data given here like what I posted earlier quot may quot be too hot for your rifle. Powders in the accompanying table include Alliant Reloder 15 Hodgdon H 4895 Varget Vihtavuori VV N135 and VV N140. Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder for reloading. It burns quite clean. 56 NATO or 223 Remington as handloaders know it. 223 Remington is a reloader 39 s dream. 223 is Hodgdon H335 which is a really nice ball powder that was more accurate for me at least than the 2000 R. Several nice Hodgdon Powder offers the largest selection of quality smokeless propellants for any reloading application. 0 and work up Bullet 40 grn Nosler BT Case formed from Winchester Primer Remington 7. 8SPC as of August 2004. 3 grns start at 28. 37gns start and 42gns max. 20 1. Hodgdon H380 31. 95 lbs. 91 25. com for 85 delivered to my door. You 39 ll not only enjoy consistently high performance you 39 ll also appreciate the consistent charge weights that Hodgon spherical powders give you. Speer 14 lists magnum primers for all . Overall I would rate that load as good very useable for the intended purpose of 500 or 600 yard shooting it s 2844 fps but no better than my Powder grains fps grains fps Density H4198 49. Oh and speaking of 4007 the manuals show it is supposedly pushing the 50gr bullet at 4 000 fps in the 250. 7 grains of Clays take up 2 3 of the case. 56nato barrel has anyone used H335 with their AR with good acceptable results I seem to hear more use of 4895. 03 24. 5 IMR 8208 XBR This is over the max load data but safe in my rifle LC 39 09 quot New quot brass trimmed to 1. wad. 5 x 55mm Swiss Cartridge Load Data Starting Loads _____ Maximum Loads V RIFLE RELOADING DATA INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD USE CAUTION LOADS LESS THAN MINIMUM CHARGES SHOWN ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. I use IMR 8208 XBR in the two . 223 is 23. Inc. Looking for H335 BLC2 W748 TAC or CFE 223. Does anybody know if they compare to H335 min and max loads. See my loads on Reloader 39 s Nest for all the above powders in 338 Federal. I understand that the max end of this powder charge should be compressed if using Lymans data. Holds sub MOA out to 600 yards which is the furthest I have had the chance to test it. Always look for signs of excessive pressure. 27. 9 23. Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder has been specifically created for the varmint hunter loads. 56 NATO ammo but now it is very popular for the . Listed below you will find data for additional cartridges along with new bullet offerings in the original cartridges. 7 3845 IMR 4198 20. Model HDH3358. of powder with hornady 62gr FMJBT on my 18in barrel AR Powder Bul Weight C. Reloading Powder Scales Hodgdon. 9 21. 223 loadings only using H335. 56 NATO but today it remains a popular choice for small cartridges when hunting squirrels prairie dogs and other small prey. I think I need at least the 150gr bullet to remain supersonic for 600 yards. 311dia. com out in Tooele. 308 Winchester continued Powder Velocity 2400 2500 2600 2700 RE 7 32. Jul 30 2020 I just built another AR15 this time it 39 s a . 171 0. Have a Ruger Hawkeye stainless synthetic in . Don t listen to all the rubbish published about how bad the Swift is. prima v When working with such a small cartridge all cautionary advice and warnings that apply to reloading in general apply double to the. with H335 powder is not even close to the information from Hodgdon 39 s website. I was at Occasionally you will find the one bullet weight where the data seems to deviate from the pattern. 5 grains which is the starting load for the 123gr SP . To date my favorite powder for . Dec 30 2014 H335 is one of my favorite powders in the smaller capacity cases. 1300 7. 5 Creedmoor serves hunters paper punchers and PRS shooters equally well. Will come packaged as RIFLE RELOADING DATA 1 from the PPC cartridges with greater case capacity than the 223 it was soon H335 25. 0 2033 66. 56 load check Reloading Bench. 50. This will give you a list of . www. 5 Grendel 308 Winchester 7MM STW 22 250 Remington. It seems that my load manual Lyman 47th data for the 50gr. 0 3514 27. It is the second best powder for optimal velocity and highest velocity is with Accurate 2230. 62 x 54R By T. 62x39 in an AR with the common 125 128 weight bullets. HODGDON The powder used in each is a 4895 selected so says Uncle for optimal pressure characteristics. Hodgdon H335 1lb Rifle Powder Propellant JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 12 ga. Reloading Supplies and Equipment Every day Reloading Unlimited works tirelessly to be your go to reloading components and reloading supplies company. 700 quot OAL has worked for my factory TC barrels all of which had very long throats. 3085 quot . 1295. H4350 Rifle Price 30. I was at the Yellow Mart yesterday to pick up some powder and all he had for 223 was H335. I decided to try a fresh box of 87 grain Vmax. 56 after service rifle data and has Hornady 68 grain BTHP wich ks what I have. watch the over all loaded length of the cartridges. While they are both very similar ball powders produced at the same plant their chemical composition and combustion retardants vary in some ways that creat For testing and evaluation purposes I used 125 135 175 and 220 grain Sierra MatchKings left to right in photo below over H110 and IMR 4227 powders. I ve played with both versions in equipment that measures pressure can say from experience it s the same powder. We re told the 6. 4 27. 5 2597 Powder Tested 22. Jul 18 2011 None of my reloading manuals show you have to use magnum primers with H335 powder and 62gr bullets in 223. This powder has not been released as a canister powder. 0 grains of H335 behind a 62 grain mil spec boat tail steel core bullet. 4 22. POWDER MUZZLE VEL. 400 MOA with an average group size of 1. 1 0. 5 OAL 0. 56 ammo. Those powders have given me my best groups in my M1A. While I have some of this powder I doubt I will try it anytime soon as I love the concept of one powder for 3 calibers amp doing it OUTSTANDING. The following powders are listed by their approximate burning rate from quot fastest quot to quot slowest quot . For the best experience on our site be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 333 quot best 5 shot group . check the over all length of each case and sort them by length. RIFLE RELOADING DATA 1 the use of Powder Velocity . Hodgdon has for years . 264 inch bullets is so varied. 308 Win 30 30 22 250 and many other calibers. 5 quot barrel by Ken Kempa Barnes TSX BT 100 Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting 100 Reduce all loads by 5 then work Reloading Primer. 2694 Most Accurate 23. 9 41. Lou Palmisano when he developed his famous 22 PPC and 6PPC. 223 Rem. contai Aug 19 2015 Powder 35. When you re reloading your own ammo having reliable high quality powder is critical. Looking for 4350 from Hodgdon 4895 from IMR 26 from Alliant Accurate 2200 or Vihtavouri 39 s 320 The widest range of shooting accessories at very competitive prices with products are backed by our customer service amp extensive product knowledge. In my experience what works best still depends on the specifics of the powder lot your chamber and your specific components. 1214 8. 0 41. 9 TAC 21. 1 48. Hodgdon H335 8lbs. Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder 1lb Can Hodgdon H335 smokeless powder originated as a military powder for the 5. Hodgdon H335 Spherical Rifle Powder was originally used by the military a powder measure and load data for all of the most popular brands of powder. 56 load data hodgdon h335 load data loading 5. 56 . 1 NO REFUNDS ON SMOKELESS POWDER ALL SALES FINAL Similar to Alliant RED DOT Jun 11 2010 I have a bunch of IMI 123gr . Multiple applications can be found in the 222 Remington and other varmint cartridges. A guy at the range let me use his chrono and they were going from 3085 to 3114fps. He also made it clear that no powder is completely insensitive to temperature. H412 Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. 1064 9. Jan 22 2014 The 1960 39 s vintage St. Powder. Powder Bul Weight C. 53 23. 250 quot OAL. 0gr Hodgdon H335 OR 36gr Alliant Reloder 7 Bullet 123gr SP Hornady . 4 39. Jan 24 2014 For the 55 gr FMJ H335 isn 39 t a listed powder and for H335 the FMJ isn 39 t a listed bullet. determine which case length shoots the most accurately in your firearm. 308dia. Quote nbsp a favorite as J. Posted on July 27 2020 July 27 2020 by F Riehl Editor in Chief h335 62gr load data v max item no. Buy buttons are disabled for HazMat products. 7. 4 gr. 223 AR 15 and Win 748 or H335 make a good pair. 204. 5 20. Never mix any two powders regardless of type brand or source. The following loads worked in the author 39 s firearm but may be unsafe in a different firearm under different environmental conditions or following different reloading practices. 2015 offers excellent ignition characteristics and shot to shot consistency. Hodgdon H322 powder has won more bench rest matches than all other propellants combined. Hodgdon offers more than a dozen different propellants for reloading 223 5. Hodgdon Powder offers the largest selection of quality smokeless propellants for reloading. 7gr Hodgdon H335 Bullet 110gr RNSP Speer . I wanted to work up other loads so checked the Hodgden on line load data. These will be used in a 1 7 or 1 9 5. Oct 22 2014 Our goal is to bring you everything you need to accurately reload your own weapon of choice along with all the accessories to go with it. 245 quot Starting 27. 3 41. Powders within three lines of one another are similar in relative quickness but cannot be directly substituted without due regard for safe reloading procedures. Sierra Blitzking for prairie dogs and was wondering anyone please recommend me SAFE starting point to begin working up a load. Hodgdon H335 1lb. 0 2070 94 XMR 2015 61. 99 Dec 15 2019 Anyone test this WC 844 or WC 846 powder from American Reloading. 56 Nato I have 6lbs available 150. They chronograph at 3400 FPS out of the 26 inch barrel and group at sub MOA. They were out of the H335 but had a milsup powder at a good price so I thought I 39 d try it. you won 39 t get better accuracy from the moly bullets just maybe a hair less pressure and when you start shooting them molys it might take a few more shots before they settle down into one group. Mark these cases and use them for subsonic loads only. 71 20. Loads can be worked up using H 870 or AA 8700 data less 10 . Its essentially H335 with Flash retardant that comes from pull down powder from M193 thats been demilled. In particular prairie dog shooters will find this a favourite as J. Data is listed for most popular Rifle Pistol and Shotshell cartridges. 5 2653 Norma 202 26. Perhaps more powder would have been safe but I had nothing Originated as a military powder used for the 5. canister. 308 with 150 grain bullets and was thoroughly unimpressed. The load data I had originally used to determine my charge weights gave me very low velocities. Brand Hodgdon 15 Availability H322 Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder 1lb Container 44. 7 Gr. And if I remember right the original load for the 223 Remington used H335 and a 55 gr pill about 3200 fps but will have to go through my library to confirm the factory remmy powder and velocity. 5 Nov 06 2015 Yesterday I made the switch from H 335 to Hodgdon CFE 223 powder. Lee does not list data for H335 for a 123gr jacketed bullet but does for a 125gr. Put in as much as will fit and you 39 ll have a uniform mid power load with any lead or jacketed bullet. Hodgdon Varget 8lbs. The Hodgdon Reloading Data Center RDC lists 21 different powder types that H335 IMR 4198. 56 each jug is good for about 2400 rounds May 23 2011 The John ross page has the following statement on the 500 S amp W quot For medium power loads try 4895 H335 BLC 2 H322 4759 or 4198 powders. If you bought 844 pull down powder H335 load data is a good starting point but there is no guarantee they will be the same. 0 3 IMR 4895 POWDERS. My manual is showing a load of H 335 23. Bryan specifically cited Hodgdon Extreme Series powders as one of the least temperature sensitive powders he d used. Accurate versatile with moderate recoil the 6. Obviously it sees endless use in the 222 223 Remington and other small cartridges. I pulled load data out of my Sierra manual for 6ppc and started quite low. Refine Your Results Brand. 5x55. Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder 8 Lbs. 5 Accurate 2230 2. bullets . 99 In Stock Brand Dec 19 2011 Hey guys I am reloading . A press exerts quite a lot of force on the bench which must be stable enough not to break or bounce as it is used. Oct 13 2014 Silverfox wrote Another powder besides H4895 Rel 10X H322 and Benchmark that have worked well in my . hull. Feb 06 2018 I want to apologize for some of the 107 SMK data loss. Price. 223 loads. Benchmark 0. 223 Rem . 30 06 will run on many powders but the author prefers the slower burning options such as IMR4350 and Reloder 19 and 22 Dec 01 2012 Other powders were also listed in the 2150fps to 2300fps range and included AA4350 N140 Reloder 15 H335 and AA2700. 5 AA 2460 38. 0 23. 56 NATO or 223 Remington as handloaders know it. Patsreloading. Hodgdon Spherical Powders are great all round propellants. 5 2230 2700 3100 and 2460 are products of Accurate Arms Company The Hodgdon BL C 2 Rifle Powder works great in a variety of small cartridges including the . Reloading. Hodgdon Titegroup 8lbs. Hodgdon H335 Reloading Powder 1 lb. 0 3800 X Terminator 25. 5x55 Swedish 30 06 Springfield Rank Relative Quickness Somchem Hodgdon Alliant IMR VihtaVouri Accurate Ramshot Norma Winchester Reloading Data for cast bullets result of lever gun accuracy studies on cartridges 357 Magnum 41 Rem Mag 44 S amp W 44 Russian 44 Magnum 444 Marlin 45 70 Goverment Pistol Powders Large Capacity Rifle Cases This is not for the faint of heart. 56 rates yes. Can 39 t wait to load for the 444 Marlin. 5 quot barrel by Ken Kempa Barnes TSX BT 100 Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting 100 Reduce all loads by 5 then work JL Like a lot of folks apparently I 39 m looking for jacketed . Add to Wish List Add to Compare. A 2015 24. Reloading Powder And Primers Can Only Be Sold To Persons 21 years Old Or older. 3 3 046 45 400 CUP Hodgdon Powder H335 Smokeless 1 Lb. What are your thoughts. Hodgdon has for years Sep 02 2013 Forums gt Equipment gt Ammunition Magazines amp Reloading gt cfe 223 vs h335 Discussion in 39 Ammunition Magazines amp Reloading 39 started by hawk_550 Feb 15 2013 . The use of relatively light handgun bullets for practice shooting and varminting is a good example. IMR POWDERS In Stock 5. Originated as a military powder for 5. Hodgdon Powder Powder Sort by Price Low High Filter Department Reloading Hodgdon Powder H335 Rifle Powder 1 lb 28. FTF only in Hampton Roads area. 2700 H335. I 39 ll keep I am going to assume you drew your load data from the Hornady manual. 6 Varget 21. Hodgdon has for years Available in 1 lb. Numerous modern smokeless powders are double base in construction containing both Nitrocellulose and Nitroglycerine. I have CFE223 on backorder. Bought some berrys 223 55 gr plated bullets and have H335 to use. 1 1500 14550 1450 5 7 business days for powder orders to be shipped out Work up all loads using H335 minus 10 Minimum Load Customer assumes all liability for care and use of this Hazardous Material. 30 06 Springfield remains one of the most versatile hunting calibers and there are loads of options when it comes to handloading. dogs in my 700 39 s and 40X 39 s with loads from 19. Leave it to LEE to design a powder measure with clearances so great as to get clogged by the very popular Hodgdon ball powders Yes H335 is a ball powder but the ball size varies between the various Hodgdon powders. of H 335. My loading for my 168gr HPBT . 223 Remington as handloaders know it. 840 quot 2. Who makes WC 844 and H335. CFE Black Rifle Price 25. 421 1. Direct link Right click and copy the link address. Dec 04 2012 Powder charges should be reduced at least 1. 99 23. H335 amp trade Originated as a military powder used for the 5. 5 MOA and 100 yards. Powders Reloading Equipment. are shown in Hodgdon s Reloading Data Center. 223 Remington and the European CIP considers the . 56 NATO 223 Remington. OAL 2. H335 1lb originated as a military powder for the 5. 1 40. GunBot does not endorse any of the retailers or products listed. 250 2 202 915 0. Supposedly military powder and the WC 844 is H335 used by mil for 223 and WC 846 is BL C2 used by . Our complete line of smokeless powders for handguns rifles and shotguns is engineered and lab tested to maximize the precision and performance of your firearms. 223 . 3. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Accurate 5 185 gr. Hodgdon H335 Powder. Ask a dozen . I am working up loads in a new 336 and have a bunch of H414. For the loads I did record with H335 powder group sizes ranged from . Membership is free and we welcome all types of shooters whether you 39 re a novice or a pro. We Can Only Ship a Maximum Of 100 Lbs. 5 Grendel Cartridge Guide Accurate Efficient AR Friendly Cartridge is Winning Converts. 223 An old time black powder style drop tube works well too. May 30 2007 I have read about H335 at 25. The powders below are listed in the order of their approximate burning rate from the quickest powder to the slowest. Jan 21 2011 If you are using new production powder use the newest reloading manual data available. For decades I have used IMR 3031 behind the 150 grain Speer or 150 grain Sierra Flat Point bullets and CCI or Winchester primers with excellent Nov 02 2015 Hodgdon Upgraded Reloading Data Resource Hodgdon Powder. 7 44. 56. Nosler Load Data The 1 Source for Load Data on your favorite Rifle Cartridges and Handgun Cartridges. We offer the whole range of Hodgdon reloading powders with superb discounts off Recommended price. H4895. 223 WSSM. 2. We import bulk cannister grade Hodgdon IMR and Winchester powders which are repackaged into our reloader size units creating an exclusive cost advantage over our competition. At 100yds the first group 25gr was about 2 quot second group 25. Item ID HDG335. manuals including Hornady list 55 gr loads under the . 6 29. In Stock Item HDH3351 reloading supplies and accessories. Best choice for light bullet applications in . Want a Copy of Our Flyer Reloading Rifle Powder Out of Stock. Hornady FMJBT has been 25. It is important to trust in a top quality manual when reloading. Hodgdon Powder H335 Smokeless 1 Lb Originated as a military powder used for the 5. I didn t have a great zero on the rifle when I started and lost some of the groups off the paper. 0 3 The Latest In Reloading Straight To Your Inbox Keep up to date on new products trends and tips from the leader in reloading. 0 3504 27. I saw on the 6mm AR page the recommendation of 8208 which I don 39 t have but it indicated I should have luck with the 87 Vmax and H335. 2 Most importantly H335 is unlike most all other powders in that it gets very nasty when loaded beyond listed data for your bullet. 62 51 NATO M80 Ball Vihtavuori s N135 is today a universal gun powder which is used by reloaders for a large range of calibers from . FMJ SP bullets R P cases and RP LR primers I loaded WW 748 to produce loads that would routinely shoot 10 rounds under 2 inches at 100 yds. Click on a term to search for related topics. 204 Ruger. 30 caliber Cyclone suppressor was mounted for all testing and an Oehler 35P chronograph recorded velocities. 204 Rugers is IMR 8208 XBR. PSP works best but can 39 t find out what powder they use but checked and they are loading 41 gr. 1 22. Whether you re a tournament shooter or a recreational enthusiast we keep our shelves stocked with the best and widest array of reloading components and reloading supplies available while H335 was the military powder used in the original ARs 1960s w 55 gr pills. Update 12 01 14 with a glock 35 changed COL to 1. Marks powder. 223 Rem while BL C2 WC 846 was developed for the 7. 5 26. Bullet Powders I 39 m looking for start and Max loads You have to remember that H335 WC844 was developed originally as a military powder for use in the 5. HS 6 the top charge of 6. 0 for a 53 Sierra HP. 9th St. 5 Creedmoor is now the best selling chambering in new bolt action rifles sold in the USA. If load data for your powder or bullet is not displayed here search for data that uses Cast Lead CL or Plated bullets. Its great stuff and its how I keep my reloading cost so low. Load 2 CCI small rifle primer and Sierra 70 nbsp 6 Jan 2018 I got my data from Speer 13 and the OLD Hodgden bound data book silver and red We get more Alliant and Hodgdens than IMR powders here so its easier to My most accurate load is a 40 grain VMax and Varget. HODGDON . 843 . Our Venice store serves the Florida west coast including Venice Sarasota Tampa Port Charlotte and Fort Myers areas. Shooters World Load Data PDF. h335 62gr load data. This spherical powder is the most versatile shotshell heavy field propellant Hodgdon has ever produced. On this one reduce by another 15 say 18 grains build a ladder string on the chrono and test 10 15 increasing load rounds max 23 gr for pressure signs and performance on a chrono. Its a fine spherical powder so nbsp 13 Feb 2018 in . This powder is an affordable choice for reloading and comes Mar 11 2014 I 39 d previously used Accurate 2015 2495 and 2520 Alliant Reloder 10 X and Reloder 15 and Hodgdon H335 and Varget. 11 Jan 2020 H335 is my go to powder for 130 grain bullets. the barrel has a 1 8 twist and i havnt found any load data nbsp 4 Apr 2009 Most of the powders that are discussed in this forum have been somewhat difficult obtain lately. I do not recall the weight of H335 but seems like 45 55 with 10gr N110 as the primer. Jun 04 2013 Looking for a source to get some printed load data on WC844. H322 H335 and even BL C 2 See the burn rate chart to see where these powders are relative to burn rate from fast to slow. Hodgdon data only shows IMR4227 loads. 5 2230 and 2460 are products of Accurate Arms Company The 762 x39 has a larger case capacity than the 300 blackout and calls for slower burning powders such as H4198. Just seem to be a little less accurate in the 5. 21 close to the minimum spread of 1. Read Our Story. 27. 9. It will settle the powder column down. The Make reloading easy with gun powders amp primers from Bass Pro Shops. 0 grains instead of the 25. I bought this from www. Hodgdon has for years Hodgdon H335 Spherical Rifle Powder was originally used by the military specifically the . Rifle Data. INC. have developed a comprehensive Reloading Guide to provide handloaders with current data for Accurate Powders. The load with 45. I 39 m also having a difficult time finding any powder right now. Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder 8lb Keg Hodgdon H335 smokeless powder originated as a military powder for the 5. H335 is a whale of a powder for a 222 for the 50 and 55g bullets you will not be dissatisfied if you try it when you run out of 4198. 5 or 3. This type of powder behaves almost identically to ball May 31 2014 Hodgdon reloading 17 ah load data CUP Maximum Loads Manufacturer Powder Bullet Diam. 1. 00. I 39 m finding that the gas system on the FN 49 39 s being adjustable works with a very wide burn range. We will continue to use these bullets and this powder. It has been a very diverse powder for me. Aug 28 2020 At some point I ended up with a pound of H335 powder which I just found hiding in my powder box. 0 grain load using 55 grain bullets quot was the best load in the history of mankind. 250 2 230 938 0. year Categories Long Guns Reloading Tags alliant power pro 2000 r h335 imr 4064 imr 4064 load data 223 imr 4064 progress press The . grafs. 29 Jan 2014 I used the same powder charge 26gr H335 and apon shooting them a better load. We will continue to develop reloading data that was not included in the 1st Edition. 8 which was the most accurate by the way did not fill 1 2 the case. Find your best price for Hodgdon Powder h335 Bulk Hodgdon Powder h335 AmmoSeek. 0 gr H335 with a 139gr flat base hornady spire point. peregrinebullets. 250 quot Description Hodgdon H335 Powder. It sees endless use in the 222 Remington 223 Remington and other small cartridges. 56 h335 55gr load data 50 gn sp reloading data with h335 h335 5. 5 24. to duplicate xm193. CSB 1 Powder For Pistol like TiteGroup 10lb 137. 7. I don 39 t nbsp 8 Dec 2015 Just FYI H335 is my go to powder for my larger caliber lever guns 375W 444 I load for for 243 and 243AI and I know their loading data using nbsp 30 carbine powder introduced in 1962 for loading the . I couldn 39 t get V Max bullets recently so I picked up some 50 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips. Aug 09 2017 The 40 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint can reach over 3 500 fps to truly generate the red mist. This powder is an affordable choice for reloading and comes with a solid backing from the manufacturer. Hodgdon Powder H335 Smokeless 8 Lb Size 8 Lb Manufacturer Hodgdon Powder Co. We strives to have 100 customer satisfaction. Oct 12 2014 I am new to Grendel reloading and would like group opinions on the success of using H 335 as a propellant. 223 Rem. 9 IMR 3031 36. 27 Jul 2020 These powders give you high performance and consistent charge weights through your powder measure. and 8 lb. Actual burning rates can vary depending on the calibre firearm loading components and practices as well as from powder lot to lot. Rather the 223 Remington as those who load by hand know it. 00 Please call or text To keep my . Quit chasing velocity and exceeding Max load data for H335 loads as H335 will return you damage to your gun and maybe you too. Glad to read a post with ol 39 Arkansas hunter in it been a while since I have . 2 4133 Jul 22 2016 Any time you load outside the manuals you risk blowing up a gun and causing serious injury to the shooter and bystanders THE FOLLOWING IS NOT RECOMMEDED and is for information and debate only. 99 In Stock Brand H322 Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder Feb 13 2017 Hodgdon H335 originated as a military powder used for the 5. Select H335 from the drop down then click search again. His manual said to use magnum primers. 24. 0 3454 25. Ideal for 55 77 grain bullets. These two give 100fps more than RL15 Varget IMR4895 etc. 223 shooters and you ll probably get a dozen different powder recommendations. 9 H335 21. To maximize performance the ballistics experts at Western Powders Inc. It is faster in burn rate than Accurate No. 3 gr. SKU 136071. 62 Nato . 308 service rifle loads Reloading. 034 3358 Hodgdon . Where I am 8 lb jugs of H4350 are not hard to come by. Smokeless small bore rifle powder. 229 quot . by on August 29 2020 0 Like. 6 Hodgdon H335 2. 177 diameter 0. I read an article that the pressures were measured differently between 223 REM and 5 LOWEST POWDER PRICES IN CANADA HIGGINSON POWDERS INC. Hodgdon has perhaps the best variety including H335 Varget CFE 223 BL C 2 H4895 and their IMR 4895. 3 22. 223 data. Nov 08 2019 Powders Several Hodgdon IMR and Winchester powders are appropriate for full power 223 Rem. Select options Hodgdon H335 31. 1349 7. monitor your powder charges carefully. 4 Accurate 2230 H335 Reloader 10 IMR 3031 N130 no reloading powder exact equivalent. 9 H335 40. 2 H4895 25. 56 NATO. Who Will Use This Most If you are planning on firing off a lot of Grendel rounds at the range or in the field you better have them filled up with some pretty decent powder. Oct 31 2018 I worked fairly closely with St. l. 56 nbsp . 5gr came in at 1 1 2 quot . GMX 30 06 Springfield 125 gr. I 39 d lay in a supply of H335 for the project. 175 quot Primer WINCHESTER LR 7. The N135 is a tubular powder type with grain dimensions of 1 0 mm length and 0 8 Apr 12 2011 This is my situation I am finding some conflicting information for the loads. 257 bullet Powder H335 Maximum load 30. Originally Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder was used to load the military 39 s 5. 223 Remington and 5. 30 06 Springfield The . Aug 02 2017 What are some basic tips to keep in mind when reloading the . Obviously it sees endless use in the 222 Remington 223 Remington and other small cartridges. This is excellent powder for use with . 308 rifles shooting I bought a box of 500 once fired military surplus 7. Select options. I used the Lyman 49 th Edition Reloading Manual for Varget which had a starting load of 25. Way too many choices in powders. 308 Win . hodgdon warning 2. 2 fps per degree Fahrenheit For more info on single double base powders check out this article by Chuck Hawks. For assistance call Natchez Shooters Supplies toll free 1 800 251 7839 However H335 is a double base ball powder and H322 is one of Hodgdon 39 s Extreme powders formulated to exhibit little velocity deviation over wide temperature variations. I dont need the sholder kick of hot powder loads and in old guns I tend to always load light . great for upcoming ground squirrel of PD shoots. 62 Anyone buy any of this and test I 39 m about to test the WC 844 H335 in my Dillon for 223 55 FMJ and 62gr 855 loads Earlier this evening I 39 did the math 39 for per round powder cost for 8 lbs Benchmark vs H335 Powder Valley prices 25 gr per round. 8. ALL Accurate 2700 Accurate 4350 Alliant Powder 2000 MR Alliant Powder Reloder 15 Alliant Powder Reloder 16 Alliant Powder Reloder 17 Alliant Powder Reloder 19 Alliant Powder Reloder 22 Alliant Powder Reloder 23 Alliant Powder Reloder 26 Hodgdon BL C 2 Hodgdon CFE 223 Hodgdon H1000 Hodgdon H335 Hodgdon H380 Hodgdon H414 Hodgdon H4350 Hodgdon H4831 Hodgdon H4895 Hodgdon Hybrid 100V Hodgdon Jul 07 2019 Once I found that and the groups came together I worked up using different powders H335 BL C2 Varget and CFE 223 to name a few. lbs. I have gotten into reloading I have about 900 rounds of Varget for . 223 . Used 28gr of H335 with Hornady 32gr VMax in 204 Ruger. 30 carbine and magnum revolver cartridges. I know this powder is typically recommended for smaller calibers . 30 caliber to be used Reloading Powder Scales Frankford Arsenal DS 750 Electronic Powder Scale 750gr Capacity 205205 43. Luck more like it. 250 quot Reloading propellant powder for most applications in many weights and sizes. 30 06 cases to get 100 function. Smokeless gunpowder for reloading from the best manufacturers. Hodgdon H335 Review. H322 is probably a little closer to 2230 and x terminator. I will be reloading 39gr. I finally narrowed it down to Varget and CFE 223 for my use. This chart is only for comparison purposes. I can report higher velocities with it it 39 s very clean burning and produces accurate ammo. Grains. Some of my better Grendel recipes included Ramshot TAC and VihtaVuori N540. For the guy just getting started in reloading the . 1 day ago Ive done some searching online and research in my loading manuals and here is what Im working with Brass Lake City once fired Bullet SS109 62 gr Lake City Pull Downs Grade A Powder H335 Primer CCI No. It was a military pull down powder they had acquired The . I cannot be held accountable for the use of this data and highly recommend you verify any data provided for your own safety. It was a military pull down powder they had acquired 1 day ago WC844 is a good budget powder if you can actually find it right now uses H335 load data but start at 85 instead of 90 for load development. HODGDON POWDER CO. That 39 s the nature of the milspec beast. A few maximum loadings of relatively slow burning extruded powders like IMR4350 fill cases to right below the mouth so the powder is compressed when a bullet is seated. V RIFLE RELOADING DATA. What is the best powder for 220 Swift Just curious what you 220 reloaders are using for your 220 Swift Don 39 t what to buy a bunch of different kind of powders just trying to narrow which ones to work with. 25 Jun 2018 The online Hodgdon data shows max charge of 26. PICKUP ONLY NOT SHIPPED. Accuracy Load. 175. 56x45 NATO. 240 quot CFE 223 none shown Closest burn rate powder W748 a little faster 24. 3000. Profire says use the same load data as H322. 5 2739 24. Never used it but it 39 s ballistics seem pretty awesome. 223 Remington . It 39 s a popular powder so I 39 m surprised to see that common quot works for me quot loadings are nbsp Powder left in the reloader 39 s powder measure hoppers for extended periods consequential damages arising from the use of any product or data whether or nbsp Originally Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder was used to load the military 39 s 1 Accurate For Social Work 1Economical 1Meters Great 1Tons Of Load Data nbsp Quality reloading powders for the home reloader Flows through measures with superb accuracy Provides match grade accuracy. 1 gr 4 051 0. H335 is my go to powder for . 7 IMR 4198 2. Ideal for 5. 99. Smokeless Powder Burn VMD Density Rate Mfg Powder cc gr gr cc Comments 1 Norma R 1 2 Vihta Vuori N310 . Most Popular Brands. Can find lots of data for the 220 39 s. 56x45. Work up some different loads. 9 nbsp 257 bullet Powder H335 . For all five powders the upper 6. D oh If your local reloading shop doesn 39 t carry Ramshot powders you can get it from Powder Valley or Midway USA but you really should support your local guy. 5 28. 8gr. I only have 1 reloading book with Grendel recipes and have downloaded the recipes from this forum and both have H 335 recipes. 5 mm. I always used 25g for both since that was close to max for H335. 56 NATO but today it remains a popular choice for small cartridges when hunting squirrels prairie dogs and other small game. afmco. 223 30 30 and 45 70. 3333fps. Jun 08 2014 The powder fills the case up and creates a compressed charge at 30. 56x45 combat ammo exceeds our max loads for reloaders. I 39 m using it with the Hornady FTX bullets traditional Hornady and Sierra 150gr and 170gr 30 30 bullets and with 165gr Hard Cast bullets too. If you prefer a heavier bullet say 50 grains the same powders will suffice but you ll see a moderate velocity reduction with speeds right around 3 200 3 300 fps. 223 page. Powder equivalents. Similar to Alliant RED DOT FREE SHIPPING AND NO HAZMAT FEE EXPECT 5 7 BUSINESS DAYS FOR POWDER ORDERS TO BE PROCESSED AND SHIPPED OUT Work up all loads using RED DOT minus 10 Minimum Load Customer assumes all liability for care and use of this Hazardous Material NA 3178 4. Burn rate next to safety is the single most important factor there is to reloading. 250 in. 1 grains of powder. 0807 ea H335 0. I will be using and 55gr M193 pulldowns and I 39 m trying to find a good . EI Varget IMR 4007 Benchmark etc. Powder AA 5 powder with a charge of 6. 204 Ruger and I have a large supply of H335 powder. 62gr ss109 load data cant find zqi ss109 anywhere find 62gr ss 109 bullets to reload in dayton ohio area loads for ss 109 m855 The Berger Bullets Reloading Manual is available for purchase through your favorite Berger dealer. Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder 1 Pound . Using common 150 gr. Click to display additional attributes for the product This SKU table contains a list of all SKUs available for the Dec 19 2018 Hodgdon Powder Company is one of the world s largest powder manufacturers producing smokeless powder under the Hodgdon IMR and Winchester brand names as well as black powder as GOEX. 5 H4895 20. 223 5. Canada 39 s best source for discount ammo and firearms for hunting and target shooting Oct 30 2012 I am a huge fan of H335. Remember to always work up your own loads using a reputable manual Jul 23 2007 Powder H335 29. Brownells is your source for HODGDON POWDER CO. 0 grains expected velocity of 3100 fps needs a powder drop tube . 204 Ruger Load Data. 62x51 mm NATO cases from Everglades Ammo and Reloading evergladesammo. Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder substitute. My general purpose load of H 335 with the 55 Gr. 9 Ramshot X Terminator 2. 56 Hodgdon H335 Powder Drops consistent loads through Lee Autodrum. 810. Hodgdon offer a range of quality rifle shotgun muzzle loading amp pistol caliber reloading powders. 0 grains at 1349 fps . This is H335. Powder for Reloading. The burn rate is medium in the scale of our The missing ingredient is load data. firing prone slow fire w my left hand resting on a homemade sandbag. Last edited by rg1 January 21 2014 at 09 30 AM. 16 ga. I 39 ve not had good luck with Varget in my 550b. 17 Hornet Hodgdon Data reloading data with 26 loads. 9 38. 5gr H335 set at 2. 99 per pound Our Price Reloading Supplies Optics Air Guns Aug 01 1997 H335 H450 and H4895 are products of Hodgdon Powders. No mention of magnum primers in Lyman 39 s 49th either. There are differences in head stamps and M852 cases are knurled above the head to indicate that they re loaded with hollowpoint bullets and therefore not authorized for combat use usually have an NM stamp too but aside from lot vari To summarize when reloading 1. I know a lot of guys like TAC and H335 for the Grendel but I am finding better results with faster powders. 4. 617 OAL for a 173 grain bullet. Sep 06 2011 My load for each powder was 25. Note This table shows only approximate equivalent values within about 5 . I 39 ve been using 24grs of H335 with a 55gr bullet in my . 5 2 898 35 500 CUP 13. As with reloading powder it 39 s vital to choose primers for your specific firearm whether it 39 s a pistol handgun rifle or shotgun. Was lookin in my hornady reloading manual and has 5. 2 3713 23. You choose how much and what you need Complete kits guides how to apply bullet lubes. These powders are very popular with high power and long range shooters varmint hunters and benchrest shooters. but please know that it works well in the big boy brass also. P. 29. I was especially im pressed with the performance offered Accurate 2015 is a fast burning single base extruded rifle powder that performs very well in small to medium varmint calibers 223 Rem 204 Ruger . 56 is the European metric measurement of the . H335 works well for 338 Federal using bullets from 160gr to 215gr. 56 Brass is same right My rifle is 5. 30 Carbine Ammo see quot Misc quot Jeff Bartlett. 0 Great for 7. 5 Swiss Cartridge Information Case Norma Barrel Length 31 quot Twist 1 10. 224 Diameter. 56 chamber due to the longer throat. 3500. N133 is a tubular powder with grain dimensions of 1 1 mm length and 0 8 mm diameter. IMR 8208 XBR Powder Storage in Reloader Hoppers. TYPE F. 56 or anything else you 39 d use H335 for. 5 3473 22. POWDER. What I dont know is how the OAL will be affected by this Hornady bullet which is less pointed and how the OAL relates to the powder charge. So far we have had no problems and they shot very well. Some may clog your LEE measure while others may not. h335 This spherical powder originated as a military powder and is perfect for the 5. Hodgdon H335 . 5 MAX. Velocities were measured with a Oehler P35 Choronograph. H335 may seem a bit quot slow quot for that round as Hodgen lists 30 to 31. I don 39 t have magnum primers. 23 cases and all have 24 grains of H335 an. 32 Hodgdon H335 8 A spherical powder BL C 2 began as a military powder used in the 7. Last January the bullets were 8 cents each and powder was 22. I pretty much hate the rcbs funnel I am using. Sep 05 2011 The 35 rem cartridge is a new reload to me but I bought the molds and have been pouring 204 gr cast bullets useing IMR 4198 I load minimum powder 20. For my test I dropped loads from my powder measure and both powders metered very well dropping loads that were within 1 10 grain of powder. Supplier of Government Surplus Reloading Components 1309 W. I used the on line Hodgdon Reloading Data Center to obtain maximum powder charges and muzzle velocities for each load and other on line tools to calculate other ballistic data. Jul 27 2020 Gun Deal 8 lbs Jugs of Hodgdon H335 Gun Powder 168. 6 22. I like Hodgdon H322 H335 and VARGET for bullets of this weight. 22 250 assuming a. I am not sure which one I like the best. It loads very similarly to Hodgdon H335 powder and Accurate Arms 2230 powder. We offer the three main choices when it comes to bullet coatings. May 18 2011 Sierra MK 69 CCI small rifle 450 mag primers 23. Have any of you 6. Try to find some Lake City brass that has matching headstamps I have about 8000 rounds of 92 LC from the same lot use a VLD reamer and shoot a lot. Examples of popular powders include IMR 3031 IMR 4895 H335 H4895 RL 15 and W748. I 39 m using the Lee C285 130 R that has worked so well for me in my other 7MM Reloading Presses Shellholders amp Shellplates HODGDON POWDER H335. Hodgdon H335 1 pound. Dec 21 2014 What powder is best for reloading the. Prairie dog shooters will find this a favorite as J. 10 Feb 2015 I had about 5 lbs of varget on hand and developed a killer 308 load using 168 When Hodgdon started selling surplus powder they called 13 Nov 2011 Has anyone else tried this powder I 39 ve been messing about with it in The Ramshot website has load data including TAC in the . The only manual I have a copy of is the Lyman 48th Edition Reloading Handbook which lists powders like Unique IMR 3031 4227 and 4198 H335 2. 9 39. Bullet Coating Reloading Moly Hex Boron Tungsten Powder in Smaller experimental or larger bulk quantities. MAY SHIP Hodgdon Powder H335 Smokeless 1 Lb Originated as a military powder used for the 5. Case Remington Primer WIN LR Powder 45. 0 grain for bare bullets. 56 NATO or 223 Remington as hand loaders know it. These are some of the most popular powder brands on the market right now so it s easy to see why Hodgdon s online reloading data tool the Hodgdon Mar 10 2019 H322 is a short cut extruded powder and H335 is a ball powder so many people think that H335 meters more accurately. 1cc Powder Measure for all loads listed below. be V12O4YiqNtY. 181. 3 grains with a 0. 5 Grendel is an evolution of the 6. 0gr Hodgdon H335 1 NORMA R1 49 Alliant Blue Dot 97 Alliant Reloder 15 2 Winchester WAALite 50 Accurate Arms No. 5 Grendel reloaders used H335 or Benchmark and had good results I plan on reloading some 95 gr V Max Nosler 100 gr Ballistic Tips and Barnes 100 gr and 120 gr Tipped TSX bullets. Near realtime tracking of who has ammo mags and reloading supplies in stock. Hodgdon H335 originated as a military powder used for the 5. Even if you can get the Varget shooting as well for you there 39 s very little chance it will meter as will in your Dillon. 223 Remington UPDATED 09 27 2018 All links have been removed to comply with YouTube content policies. Hodgdon Spherical Powders Great all round propellants for a variety of rifles. This load did very well compared to several faster powders and showed no abnormal signs. 398 Handgun light 12 gauge target loads Hodgdon Spherical H335 3351 Ammo for sale from Fat Kat Firearms. 0 1874 57. I 39 m seeing that CFE 223 is a tad slower burning. 56 NATO or 223 Remington. Oct 29 2008 H322 H335 IMR4895 IMR4064 AA2230 and Varget. Burn rates are not linear meaning the relative quickness between powders listed by each other in the chart may be nearly the Dec 25 2012 I just bought 8lbs of WC 842 from Profire. Reloading Powder Brands Hodgdon Powder In Stock Only Hodgdon Powder WST Super Target Ball Powder Smokeless Propellant 8 lb Hodgdon Powder H335 Rifle Powder 8 Hodgdon h4350 8lb in stock I 39 d appreciate it if anyone has some load data using H335 or 4895 with a 130 gr cast bullet in 7x57. 805 MOA to 2. Hodgdon Vihtavouri N135 Rifle Reloading Hodgdon H335 Spherical Rifle Powder was originally used by the military specifically the . I am experimenting with H322 but I think I will settle on H335 and AA2230. This powder is very similar to ball powder but is flattened slightly. Hodgdon H335 Rifle Powders 1 lb. 6. primer. 7 98 VihtaVuori N140 3 VihtaVuori N310 51 Alliant Pro Reach H335 This spherical powder originated as a military powder and is perfect for the 5. If you look at the Hodgdon 39 s website their load data for the . Is Canada 39 s largest distributor of reloading powders. 56 45 NATO . 15 20 20 25 25 50 . Hodgdon has for years Specifications and Features Check your reloading manual or go to a powder manufactures website for load data. CFE Pistol Pistol Price 22. 56 H 335 is a classic . ALL Accurate 2015 Accurate 2230 Accurate 2460 Accurate 2495 Accurate 2520 Accurate 2700 Accurate 4064 Accurate 4350 Alliant Powder Reloder 10x Alliant Powder Reloder 15 Hodgdon BL C 2 Hodgdon CFE 223 Hodgdon H335 Hodgdon H414 Hodgdon H4350 Hodgdon H4895 Hodgdon Hybrid 100V Hodgdon Varget Improved Military Rifle IMR 3031 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4064 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4166 Ideal for 50 55 grain lighter standard bullets. It list 22. Just a suggestion but WW 748 does very well in . Alliant 39 s Reloader 15 would be another good option to consider. 12 ga. The all around best powders are IMR 4895 Hodgdon H4895 and Accurate 2495. H 335 is a powder I have used with great success in reloading 5. 00 Please call or text HODGDON H335 RELOADING POWDER . Bullet Pullers amp Other Tools You 39 re reviewing HODGDON H335 1LB POWDER Your Rating. Hodgdon H335 Spherical Rifle Powder was originally used by the military specifically the . 99 214. 3. The gun was a Rock River with a Jul 24 2019 In this video I revisited some load development using H335 and a 62gr Hornady FMJ bullet. Sierra 39 s data maxes out with 28. Add to Wishlist. 3100 H335. Ft. 56 Nato cartridge Vihtavuori s N133 is a multipurpose rifle powder for centerfire . 2 39. . 0 2024 70. Speed was 2400 something. The 1 source for all of your shooting amp reloading supply needs including brass bullets jackets primers and smokeless powder. 223 etc. 0gr Hodgdon H335 Jan 02 2009 The world record are still held by 222 IMR 4198 or H322 is the powder of choice . 5 3876 223 Remington Suggested Bullet Use Powder Minimum Maximum Charge grains Velocity fps Charge grains Velocity fps IMR 4198 21. For the lighter bullets H335 ball powder is a proven performer and N133 shows outstanding accuracy. I use WC844 with several bullets in my Mosin Nagant reloads and LOVE it. Varget IMR 4895. Uniform loads tend to be accurate ones. from MI. Apr 15 2010 H335 in 5. 56 NATO or 222 Remington as handloaders know it. 0. By using this data in any capacity you assume all risks associated with reloading. Aug 19 2015 Powder 35. 0 3755 RL 7 22. 357 MOA . Hodgdon has for years ALL POWDER PURCHASERS MUST PROVIDE A VALID PAL amp BIRTHDATE ON ACCOUNT Mar 16 2019 Reloading Data for Hunting for popular calibers like . and 28 ga. CFE 223 Rifle Price 25. Not super impressed with it and thinking of switching to H335. 270 and 30 06 I think H4831 or IMR4350 are super powder for those 2 cal . Pick dense powders like the ones above. H380 H450 and H4895 are products of Hodgdon Powders. Hodgdon Powder Benchmark 8lb 749 007 990WB Hodgdon Powder H335 8 lbs Size 8 lb Hodgdon Powder offers one of the largest selections of quality smokeless propellants for rifle reloading. As for cases some people recommend reaming the primer flash hole to 9 64 quot or 3. Hodgdon has for years PLEASE READ PRICES INCLUDE ALL SHIPPING COSTS INCLUDING THE 27. 37 26. 223 Remington is a reloader s dream. Hornady I have used H335 simply because I have lots of it for use in . Kimbolton Ohio 43749 Warehouse 9AM 8PM 330 833 4360 I will be answering the phones all day to make sure everyone gets a chance. They have other powder data but not H335. There are many variations on the theme using different loads of powder and various fillers but we suggest just loading the case with Bullseye up to the neck This website is operated by Thales Australia Limited Thales Australia a company incorporated in Australia ACN 008 642 751 trading as Australian Munitions. I 39 m going to load for a velocity of 2000 2100 in 7x57 cast with WW. This type of powder usually meters well. Load data for all but the Varget were taken from the Hodgdon website. 56x45 to be one in the same cartridge. Multiple applications in the 222 Remington and other varmint cartridges. 0707 ea. 690 Economical 12 gauge loads 4 Accurate Nitro 100 . 22. Order at your own risk AR500 Armor The most affordable Level III body armor on the market Jul 14 2011 2400 Reloader 7 11 12 and 15 are products of Alliant formerly Hercules Powders. Powder left in the reloader 39 s powder measure hoppers for extended periods overnight or several days should be nbsp 12 Dec 2016 Hodgdon H335 is a medium burning reloading powder. At the time I reckoned that about 1 in 5 lots of DuPont and later IMR 4064 was suitable for my purposes later I found VihtaVouri N135 and N140 to be considerably The BLC2 delivers consistent charge weights during powder measure and is an accurate alternative for use in reloading your 6. We sell reloading powder in 8 pound quantities at great prices so you can build a better round. 50 WC 844 Powder For Rifle like H335 16lb 208. Of course you will have to determine if your own rifle is capable of handling these loads safely or not. Hodgdon TITEGROUP Spherical Shotshell I have a great selection of powders on my shelf and plenty of 6mm bullets. 5 7 business days for powder orders to be shipped out Work up all loads using H335 minus 10 Minimum Load Customer assumes all liability for care and use of this Hazardous Material. 6 TAC 38 powder in a duplex. Ideally it should be a room dedicated to the hobby. 5 2500 H335 26. The recoil of the 7 mm 08 Hodgdon distributed spherical powders HS 5 and HS 6 for shotguns and H110 H335 H380 H414 and H450 for rifles. This site uses cookies to help personalise content tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. 25. com reloading. 308. 5 42. Jun 04 2007 220 Swift. 4 Horn While H335 will goes through your powder measure like amp through a goose I think if you called Hodgdon they would recommend Varget all the way around 46gr. Apr 25 2010 Recently I reloaded a batch of 30 30s with 170gr and H414 using data from the Nosler reloading manual. WASP Munitions is a Canadian privately own and operated company located in Sylvan Lake Alberta. 5gr. 05 grain in terms of accuracy. 22 cartridges and PPC caliber cartridges. 13 hours ago Testing H322 and Varget powder. 0 2213 103 A slight crimp was used to ensure the bullet neck tension was strong enough to keep the bullet from moving. com . 224 55 grain SP with cannalure H335 powder and small rifle primers of any brand. 223 Remington 22 250 Remington to 6. My next step up is 25. Great loads in 10 ga. 2 48. All shooting was done prone from a bipod with rear bag. 95 2020 Jan 02 2009 The world record are still held by 222 IMR 4198 or H322 is the powder of choice . 50 BMG. 5 Grendel for my son. I am using H335 powder in both my AR 5. 300 Blackout Reloading Data An Infamous round created by the Advanced Armament Corp in partnership with Remington in order to allow a . Hodgdon Powder offers one of the largest selections of quality smokeless propellants for rifle reloading. From Ramshot Powders you should consider X Terminator and TAC. 4 44. rg1 is offline nbsp 11 Aug 2017 The Lee manual doesn 39 t offer 62g load data for H335. I understand their on line reloading data now references whose bullet for the data. 520 quot average 5 shot 100 yards. 26. 513 2. 172 quot 1. 204 Rugers that I shoot the 39 gr. This lab practical is designed to be a refresher on basic lab skills and then test your abilities to make specific solutions. The bullet was a saboted 150gr BX discontinued prior to getting on the market . _____ D073. indicates maximum load use with caution rifle data 60 62 grain bullets sectional density 0. Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Gun Powder Our price 26. They are owned by GD and are based out of Florida. 9. I can 39 t find Varget anywhere but have plenty H335 and noticed Hodgdon showed as a powder for the 32g vmax. In particular prairie dog shooters will find this a favorite small rifle powder. O. Works well for powder cartridge combos that are almost always compressed loads Varget and . use only the fastest pistol powders such as red dot bullseye or unique. 222 Remington to . 760 quot 12. I don 39 t know why that it. 223 and 5. 250 2 214 925 0. In addition because it is a ball powder it meters much better than long grain IMR 3031. 223 is for a rifle with a 1 in 12 twist and shorter throat. Work up you loads using the Hodgdon 115 data. 62mm rifles. Feb 16 2013 I 39 m with 280N on this one H335 is a damn good ball powder for the Dillon. com Search Engine 2020 9 7 2014 5. This is great for 5. 7 grains IMR 8208 BXR powder Nosler prep 39 ed amp weight sorted brass and for my rifle an COAL of 2. Lovex Load Data PDF. 2825 25. We Can Only Ship By Ups Ground To The Lower 48 States. Burn rates range from IMR 4198 fastest to CFE 223 slowest . 223 Rem powder and was oft recommended by ballistician Ed Matunas who did several reloading manuals as a powder that shot well in a variety of rifles. Shawnee Mission KS Ammoland. 5 PPC first created by Dr. 3 26. This smokeless powder has a fast burn and is easy to Its perfect for 223 5. 0 2007 61. G1 B. 718 Case Remington Primer WIN LR Powder 45. Hodgdon Powder IMR Powder and Winchester Powder expressly disclaim any and all warranties with respect to any and all products sold or distributed by them the safety or suitability thereof or the results obtained including without limitation any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and or any Powder needs to be stored in original containers ONLY when not in use. 5 27. 303 British . May 11 2006 First rule of reloading is to work up the loads so that they are safe in your guns Not somone elses That requires some leg work on your part to assure the loads are safe in your guns I would suggest you go over to www. tac is the fraternal twin of h335 opinions vary band of bubbas and STC hunting Club Information on Ammoguide about the 416AR 458AR 470AR 500AR HODGDON H335 RELOADING POWDER . 56 Nato . 1224. 223 with 25. Reloading equipment such as bullets powders primers presses brass and more all at competitive prices Three Powder Reloading Manuals in One Reload Data from THREE powder companies is included in this one reloading manual Hodgdon IMR and Winchester Smokeless Propellants. None of my reloading manuals show you have to use magnum primers with H335 powder and 62gr bullets in 223. 5 2076 72. BL C2 and H335 are the canister grade equivalents of WC 844 and WC846 respectively and as canister grade powders they have tighter tolerances than the bulk powders. Velocity. 6 Mar 2018 They are in mixed 5. Nov 17 2010 Next time you dump H335 in a 223 case lightly touch the case against a running tumbler. 3 AA 2520 21. I stick with the ball powders unless I 39 m using my Rangemaster. Hodgdon has for years SAVE SOME MONEY BUY A KEG H335 originated as a military powder used for the 5. 130. VELOCITY FPS feet per second . Magnum primers are used with ball spherical powders sometimes even in non nbsp 25 Apr 2017 Most of the published load data I see uses std primers. Originated as a military powder used for the 5. There is very little data available for this cartridge and it would be nice to have others share their favorite loads. I am using Hodgon H335 for . sort your cases by headstamp. 10 24. H335 25. The 2 were always presented as equivalent but not exactly the same. Results were pretty nice. I have 1000 small rifle primers. Use 3. 30. The 6. To view this Reloading Guide in a PDF format click the red button below. A RELOADING PLACE n A good reloading space should be free of distractions well lit dry and warm enough to be comfortable. 223 loads using Win 748 BL C 2 AA2460 AA2520 and H335. If you were to believe the internet talking heads for the last 20 years you would think H335 quot 25. smokeless powder burning rate chart All of the following information was taken from Sierra Rifle Reloading Manual 4th Edition and Vihtavuori 1996 reloading guide. Besides the obvious higher pressure is there anything else different about reloading 5. Varget does shoot more accurately in my bull barrel AR but it is messy loading on the Dillon since it is a compressed load. 99 In Stock Brand Nov 05 2011 Load development for the 6. 413 12 ga low pressure amp low load density handgun loads 5 Alliant Bullseye . 229. 5 Mar 08 2011 Hodgdon 39 s recommended maximum load with LeverEvolution powder and the Hornady 160 grain FTX bullet was 111 fps faster than Hornady 39 s LeverEvolution factory load but in order to duplicate its accuracy in the Marlin I had to decrease the maximum powder charge by 1. Any suggestions on a well fitting non static forming funnel Smokeless Powder Relative Quickness www. IMR 3031 and IMR 4895 are products of IMR formerly DuPont Powder Company. 204 quot Accurate Powder Berger Bullets FED 205m H335 18 Oct 2019 Powder equivalents. Burning rate seems to be similar to Hodgdon H1000 or Reloder 25. The Latest In Reloading Straight To Your Inbox Keep up to date on new products trends and tips from the leader in reloading. 99 Dec 09 2012 The Leverevolution powder being marketed by Hodgdon is the powder formulation used in the 30 30. 95. To keep my . 0 3777 TAC 27. Sierra BlitzKing in and the third . H110 Rifle Nov 30 2012 Varget is a good powder if your going for accurate loads but pain in the ass to use stick powder slow reloading I use Ball powders AA2230 AA2520 H335 is good wicked brite flash though 748 is good also find the cheapest best deal that will work for ya amp buy a bunch Load Data Accurate Powders N135 the universal rifle powder Developed originally for 7. 245. Jun 21 2017 Reloading AR 15 . 5 34. H335 was surplus Olin WC844 for full charge loads in the nbsp 7 Jul 2019 Varget is a great powder for the heavier bullets. ADDRESS PHONE FAX NUMBERS Pats Reloading LLC Brian McDonald 74880 Johnson Run Rd. In One Order. 56 NATO 1 day ago WC844 is a good budget powder if you can actually find it right now uses H335 load data but start at 85 instead of 90 for load development. When reloading I do necking only on fire formed cases and check concentricity with a Hornady lock n load concentricity tool which can also is used to correct for bullet run out. 21. Varget works real well too dangit The main problem I have with Varget is that it seams to be a compressed load in all cases. At Widener 39 s you 39 ll find a huge line up of bulk range rounds and in stock hollow point and hunting ammo for sale with fast shipping that you can count on made by brands you 39 ve learned to trust. 223 shooters and you 39 ll probably get a dozen different powder recommendations. 30 30 with bullets in the popular 150 170 grain weight range. Some time back I worked up loads for 7. More than 260 powders listed from fast to slow. 223 and Hodgon H380 for the 22 250. I won 39 t offer specific load data because in my youth I wanted the highest possible velocity I invariably used pressure test equipment to cull unsuitable lots of primers and powder. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Alliant RL 15 69 gr. Using bullets from Hornady V Max Berger HP. Feb 07 2013 I 39 m using 26 grains H335 CCI 400 primers and 50 grain Hornady V Max bullets in my Remington 700 VS. I discovered that the data I had gathered was from sources that had used 24 and 26 inch barrels to test their loads. I use it in . I stopped using it and reverted to IMR4064 or PD4895. In spite of Ball powders offering great performance extruded cylin drical powders still have a dedicated following and many winning match competitors swear by them. 5 Creedmoor is a real treat because the selection of . The bench simply needs to be sturdy. Looking at my powder supply last night got me thinking the same thing and whether I really want to add another powder for a niche application. Clark Mexico MO 65265 www. No. I get some static on it and it fits the case mouths poorly. Thanks h335 is my core rifle powder from 222 through 550 express. This spherical powder originated as a military powder and is perfect for the 5. Vance Outdoors reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice. 56 rifles. Hodgdon has for years We currently offer every brand of powder and primer offered in the United States along with an ever expanding offering of bullets brass wads shot gun care items and ammunition. 0 2176 104 RL 7 57. 35 Remington has never been all that popular among handloaders for a number of reasons but its versatility can be increased a bit through handloading. The Hodgdon family of products is the broadest and most trusted name in the reloading business. Load 2 CCI small rifle primer and Sierra 70 grain Blitz King . S. They are not the same powder. The fastest load was with the H335 and Remington brass with the five shot average being 3031fps at about 10 feet off the muzzle. 3 PSI per degree F. Actual burning rates can vary depending on nbsp INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD USE WITH CAUTION. I plan to switch to CFE223 as I will get higher velocity in both 308 and 223. 204 Ruger that I use the 40 gr. Hodgdon Powder IMR Powder and Winchester Powder expressly disclaim any and all warranties with respect to any and all products sold or distributed by them the safety or suitability thereof or the results obtained including without limitation any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and or any Mar 28 2014 I have done that a time or two for projectiles with minimal available load data or for a great deal on bulk mil surp powder with cheap . Gov 39 t sells the powder and bullets then scraps the brass. handloads and faster burning powders like HP38 and Trail Boss can be used for low velocity specialty loads. I am pushing 25. It is pretty similar to TAC and 4895. I posted 25 grains of H335 for a 55 grain bullet for my LONGER throated rifles and the 9 Hornady manual for a quot SHORT quot throated . 5 grains which pretty much duplicates its velocity as well. 223 Remington and other small cartridges. Go to Hodgdon 39 s reloading center and get to the . A good rule of thumb is Varget is as slow a powder as you want to use and even Varget is questionable. 39. com Hodgdon has upgraded the performance and look of its free on line reloading data resource. Metallic Reloading Gun Powder Hodgdon Rifle Powder Hodgdon H335 Add to Wish List. This can happen with an accidental double charge of powder. 1 Benchmark 36. Not responsible for typographical errors. 308win is 41. Test Specifications 1155. I use H414 ball powder in my 7mm 08 and get fine results from standard primers while nbsp I got on Hodgon 39 s site to see if it was even an appropriate powder for . 20 ga. 458 Winchester Magnum. have developed a comprehensive Reloading Guide to provide handloaders with current data for Ramshot Powders. I used WC844 when it was available and used H335 load data. Double check price quantity caliber at the vendor 39 s site before ordering. IMR 8208 XBR. We tested more than 60 different bullet and powder combinations but the final cut includes only the best load with each bullet listed. 5 x 55mm Swiss Load Type Rifle Comments Hodgdon data 7. Thanks to all for your input and info. 60 62 GRAIN C. NOTE ALL OTHER GUIDELINES FOR SAFE I Have pounds of Red Dot Bullseye VVN310 N350 AA2. Jun 17 2020 If you like Vihtavouri powders then consider N140 and N540. Find Rifle Pistol and Shotgun Primers amp powders from brands like Alliant Hodgdon and more. Powder Burn Rate 4050 S. 56 load data h335 load data h335 load data 5. 22281 c. 300 savage model 99 Any suggestions I have tried H335 with a couple of bullet variations speer BT with 37. Title Hodgdon Powder Company Author Arne Created Date 3 15 2011 5 07 51 PM May 29 2018 The five powders I used were all Hodgdon Benchmark CFE 223 H322 H4198 and Varget. 32 Accurate 2015 is a fast burning single base extruded rifle powder that performs very well in small to medium varmint calibers 223 Rem 204 Ruger . 23. For this reason CCI reformulated their magnum primers in 1989 specifically for the canister grade versions of the WC Western Cannon series of powders 296 560 748 H335 Originated as a military powder used for the 5. 175 in. 5. 257 bullet Powder A2200 Maximum load 27 grains expected velocity 3100 fps If you want a 900 FPS . The general rule I like is to use powders faster than Varget that are listed below. L. 26. 2 3 4 prima v powder lead shot fold crimp ounce. Quick Navigation General Reloading questions Reloading 101 Top RIFLE RELOADING DATA 7 224 Valkyrie RIFLE RELOADING DATA 8 INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD USE CAUTION LOADS LESS THAN MINIMUM CHARGES SHOWN ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. vectan. I haven 39 t tried to order powder due to hazmat charges. Because of it 39 s burn rate I have found that it needs to be loaded toward the top end in . The great thing about that powder is it meters like water thorough my Redding BR 3 powder measure and I can charge 100 cases in about ten minutes and be within . They seem to be varmint loads. Meant for rifles it loads in . I just measured and the ones with gascheck are 180 grain . 250 2 175 893 0. HDH3351 Show Specs. Hodgdon Powder Company Cartridge Load Recipe Report 9 29 2004 7. g. 0 grains of IMR 4320 gave me a 199 12X with the single 9 being a high shot just off the 10 ring line at 12 00. 5 2146 100 X Terminator 64. Jul 14 2008 This time I went with H335 powder 25 and 25. I have heard from alot of people that H335 is THE powder for the 45 70 and 444 Marlin. Nosler Reloading Guide 8 Each cartridge section begins with an introduction by a different well known writer or industry name. Sep 06 2019 Hornady had just released load data for 6mm CM. Hodgdon Powder offers the largest selection of quality smokeless propellants for any reloading application. 56 h335 reloading 5. 222 Remington and the . COL We use 1. 223Remington and H335 powder NeoBlackdog Member Posts 12 114 October 2019 edited November 2019 in Perry Shooter Competition Shooting and Reloading Forum Jun 19 2016 Best Single Base Powders 0. 308 . Ball powder. Also great The following is a list of common powder granule shapes. Essential to your reloading process reloading primers assist with firing your ammunition by driving the bullet partway into the barrel. Jul 26 2009 It 39 s that these newer powders can be much improved. I get to shoot at an Army base at 300 and 600 yard ranges. Also significantly better than RL 7 and RL 10X. Western Powders Hogdon Powders Winchester Powders SMP H335 WC 844 D073 05 Aug 16 2020 Main Firearms Reloading Powder and primers 2 lbs Winchester 296 30 each container 2 lbs Hodgon H335 30 each container SOLD 1k large magnum pistol primers. The best of the factory 22 varmint calibers. It provides match grade accuracy in small and medium capacity cartridges like the 223 Remington 6mm PPC and the 7mm TCU. 2. View list of retailers. I chronied at about 10 feet off muzzle with a . Alliant 39 s new AR Comp is the ideal powder for fast action high volume AR shooters as well as those who enjoy shooting traditional rifles. 222 Rem . They have H335 data for some oddball bullets but nothing particularly useful. or he won 39 t be local very long Varget is a great powder for accurate . 8 gr. 5 3796 A 2015 23. H335 is a great powder it gives the best accuracy in all of my 223 39 s nbsp I reload on a progressive Dillon RL550B whose automatic powder Quit chasing velocity and exceeding Max load data for H335 loads as nbsp 21 Jan 2014 In this case trust Hodgdon 39 s data for H335 powder. 2015 is a popular choice for first class performance in benchrest calibers and is also recommended for use in large bore straight wall cartridges 45 70 458 Win Mag . 5 MAX Reloading 7180 Bullets 1834 Dies Hodgdon H335 Spherical Rifle Powder 1 lbs. 750 quot Fed GM Match small rifle primer. Now this is interesting. 308 Winchester loads with a bullet weight between 8 0 g 123 gr and 10 g 155 gr. 00 WC 846 Powder For Rifle like BL C2 16lb peak pressure slightly with 4831 powder in this cartridge. 29. 3 37. 35 Remington Load Data The . Aug 19 2018 6. V Max in I 39 m using H4895. 99 through 186. Reloading powders are available to purchase in store only. Like your experience I found that the higher charge weight I loaded the tighter the groups became. 5 and I also don 39 t think the OP was asking about making EXACT replicas to your standards only that he wanted to use H335 to get close the M193 velocities. 50 HAZMAT FEE. 6 quot Trim Length 2. 360 quot . o. at Brownells parts and accessories. 99 FREE S amp H Code Great for 223 Ammoland Inc. 20 practical Lake City brass Remington 7 1 2 br primer Nosler 32 gr. When it was first introduced to the handloader benchrest shooters and other target shooters made it an instant success. Quality. Reloading Dies Powder Scales Reloading Machine Caliber Conversion Kits Hodgdon H335 1 pound Add to cart. reloading Powder HODGDON. 458 Winchester Magnum Minimum Maximum H335 68. Reduce 10 percent and work up when using your surplus 844 powder. H335 and . 0 max load 25. Powderi Velocity g 2300 2400 2450 2500 2550 2575 2600 Power Pro Varmint 21. The 220 Swift. Hodgdon H335. A ccurate Powders is an American company that definitely lives up to its name. Lee 2nd edition makes no mention of magnum primers for H335 or BL C 2 loads of any type no data readily available for Win 748 . 223 Remington the top section of the table below shows standard load data including the specific bullet the powder and its The manual was written soon after the 204 was introduced . C. Maximum load 30. Grs. Any comments are appreciated. 9 3552 28. Not finicky it shoots well with a wide variety of powders both extruded stick and granular ball . Going from a powder temperature of 45 F to a powder temperature of 99 F increases pressure by 3797 PSI or about 70. You also may look at H4895 its a stick powder but seems to leave less carbon behind which is a plus IMO to keep gas systems clean. A grain or so added powder doesn t mean much in an 06 capacity case but in the . com 800 531 2666 Always consult a load manual and start with minimum loads. H322 H4895 CFE 223. 8C. 015 off the lands In a 24 inch barrel I am getting 3840 fps with outstanding accuracy. smokeless gunpowder for reloading. 308 7. The most accurate load was with the LC brass and the Varget with a five shot average of 2770fps. This type of powder consists of spherical granules that are typically small in size. In particular prairie dog shooters will find this a favorite as J. Also keep an eye out for more H335. I shot p. I did get two deer with that load before going on to other loads. 4 748 41. Flattened ball powder. The AR 10 eats them like candy. Powder Valley is your 1 choice for cheap prices on Reloading Supplies including Smokeless Powder Black Powder Primers Brass Bullets and Ammunition In this video I share my results in developing a good everyday plinking load using the Hornady 55 gr SP WC and FMJBT WC bullets along with Hodgon CFE223 and Aug 20 2009 reloading 5. 0gr to 26. B. 243 Winchester 280 Remington 6. They have an approximately similar burn rate but H335 is a retail powder and 844 is commercial powder ordered to spec. v max item no. The . Including free printable targets tips safety instructions and of course gun loads. 56 NATO or . 2gr of powder to reach GI spec velocity. 0 Benchmark with 32s but their nbsp 27 Mar 2011 It seems that my load manual Lyman 47th data for the 50gr. 3 grains. 95. Load Data for the 7. 222 Remington . No cartridge is complete without the powder to set it off. 9 43. 3 Accurate 2460 2. 62 NATO and naturally has applications for 308 Winchester. Nov 05 2011 Load development for the 6. 5 41. 5 Creedmoor Load Data with Popular Powders. 2 grains of H335 for the same 55 grain bullet. 56 2. I constantly reference the Winchester Hodgdon IMR powder website loading data. Brand Hodgdon Powder. powder charge velocity pressure. 17 Hornet even one quarter grain can make a big difference in the ballistical properties of the cartridge. The case manufacturer Nosler or Jagemann JAG is listed on the table below. 3 The 5. 28. 0 grains may be ok depending on your nbsp Both had published data to follow and I did follow it the 55gr got me a best of CFE223 is a slower powder for those little bit lighter bullets and it was leafs at a whopping 3100 fps from 16 quot barrel at at a hefty load of 27. 250 2 106 837 1. Hodgdon H335 Spherical Rifle Powder 8 lbs. 1 1500 14550 1450 I am going to reload some 6. Aug 10 2010 H335 and hodgdon BL C 2 Im sure theres others but I only use Hodgdon and alliant powders. 3 grains of h335 with a So using the faster powders and 77 39 s you will not be able to get the velocity of the slower powders such as Accurate 2520. 223. 222 and . 1 24. Oct 22 2018 I can get reasonably close group sizes with H335 and 55gr nosler varmints and since H335 meters much better it has become my load for my . com To order call 330 833 4360 Thanks Brian Rifle Powders. My load manuals don 39 t have load data for these exact bullets. Its kind of funny actually. Reloading data available in these calibers This spherical powder originated as a military powder and is perfect for the 5. Hodgdon has for years Hodgdon Powder offers the largest selection of quality smokeless propellants for any reloading application. Note Read the warnings on the packaging before loading this powder. While perusing the CFE BLK data I received from Hodgdon I felt a bit nbsp N100 Smokeless Powders Reloading Handloading Single base Rifle N135 is an excellent powder for . mil for 7. 2730 1650 39 . 223 starting load for it. 223 Remington with Lee 55gr Cast Bullets with ACME lead and Hodgdons H335 powder Reloading Disclaimer Below https youtu. shotshell reloading shot. 3gr. There is less than one chance in 1 000 of getting a result at least this big just by random chance. When I tried a slower powder e. These loads are safe to use in all guns in good condition Hodgdon H335 39. There is no official quot known safe quot load data out there for 6. Be the first to review this product . 308 and 30 06 but it does not meter very well. 8 BL C 2 42. Yes I use 26gr 39 s and it is my money load for prairie doggin. 237 3 Hodgdon Titewad . Regarding the powder I did run across 8 lb bottles of RL 26 for 225 but did want to spend that much on a powder I have not tried. 22 250 and many Medium burning rate rifle powders work best in the . I think I 39 ll stick with Benchmark as it has been providing very good performance with the 52 55 gr bullets in my Mini 14. 5 Grendel. Vihtavuori N133 the choice of top benchrest shooters Originally developed for 5. i want to use a ball powder for using my new powder thrower. 5 grains of powder and the Remington factory ammo 150 Gr. This effect is real. 2 22. AA 2520. Hodgdon has for years To maximize performance the ballistics experts at Western Powders Inc. In Stock 5. Sep 30 2009 reloading 5. The accuracy of this load may be more due to the bullet it has shot great in most guns I 39 ve tried thant he powder combo 2. 5 3681 29. Hey Phat Technically military specification for all 5. I only have a Hornady reloading manual and I see numerous j word loads using H335. An AAC . Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder is a flattened ball type powder that meters very well. 5. When it comes to reloading AR style rifles as well as other rifles there 39 s a new powder choice on the market AR Comp from Alliant Powder. 204 Ruger Manufacturer Loading Data REM 1. 5. 25. 223 Remington 5. 3 grains of h335 with a 55g fmj wc844 powder load data for 5. In particular prairie dog shooters will find this a favorite. 1 lb. Call or Email any questions Shop at Reloading Everything forHodgdon at low prices. In store purchases only. 56 with Hornady bullets. 0 3488 24. 56 and Remington 700 308 . For the most comprehensive up to date reload data including the most recent new caliber Apr 11 2017 Hi guys Need some load data . H335. In this case 3. They provided me with their OEM list of powders and what the canister version is. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars I bought this from www. 2 No. 44 load I don 39 t and have a chronograph try loads at 100 loading density using WC680 and slower powders like Accurate 2015 H322 and H335. 43 400CUP Hodgdon 39 s website is showing. 22 Caliber. 223 and 22 250 precision rounds right now. 135 and accuracy improved 9 MM Bullet 115 grain Rainer round nose. 22 250 Rem and key bench rest calibers. Method 1 Fire Form with Pistol Powder No Bullet With this method you load a case with pistol powder seal the case mouth with wax or modeling clay and then just shoot off the charge. H335 originated as a military powder for the 5. As active members in the shooting sports in Alberta we at WASP Munitions understand the need for quality and economical products for the the shooting and reloading enthusiast. It is no worse to load for than any other cartridge. As the load data chart below shows click to enlarge these propellants and several match bullets performed quite well in the Sun Devil rifle. I have used H335 in the . In particular prairie dog shooters will find this a favorite small rifle powder H335 Originated as a military powder used for the 5. 5 grains shown on the Hodgdon site. Hodgdon reloading powder for sale at McAvoy Guns. 303 and they had load data for 150gn projectiles and H335. Hodgdon CFE BLK powder a Copper Fouling Eraser propellant is perfect for 17 Reiber 39 s load consisted of the Remington 6 primer Hornady case and Hornady much lower velocity spreads accuracy was better with IMR 4198 and H335. If the load is uniform and of the velocity you want try it on paper. patreon. It seems odd that Hodgdon wouldn 39 t have data for what has to be the most popular bullet and H335 powder. Use in the . 224 quot 60 gr. Aug 31 2020 Many powders back in stock see quot Gunpowder quot Additional Lake City . h335 powder load data

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