How to fix speedometer problem

how to fix speedometer problem Perhaps your speedometer is not working or your frame is squeaking. Most Common Volkswagen Speedometer Problems Blog Ram 1500 Speedometer Not Working Diagnosis and Repair The speedometer and odometer measure the speed and the distance driven. The BLACK wire is the ground. Changed that and it sovled the problem. So if your speed sensor or ABS brake system are on the fritz in your Dodge Dakota truck watch this video and learn how to check and fix them. The problem on these is these motors over here. Try to duplicate the problem under the road load condition if you don 39 t lose the signal from the speed sensor and you lose the speedometer then the speedometer is bad. com Apr 10 2012 This is usually an easy fix. I am only posting because I searched through the nbsp How to FIX For Scooter Speedometer and odometer Stopped Not Working. This has happened before and come back on it s own but after a month of not working it appears permanent. Whatever you want to know or whatever you may want to do we have answers. Mar 08 2019 2005 Ford Mustang Repair Cost only 229 USD includes all shipping. Jun 30 2009 It seems that the cable is only held into place at the gear by the pressure created by tightening the cable to the speedometer. He replaced the VSS and I unplugged it and checked it out. Sep 15 2017 Proton Iswara 39 s aeroback dashboard speedometer works but not the ODOMETER. Mar 22 2017 If it bounces and makes noise on the freeway it 39 s in the speedometer itself. Today for no apparent reason when I started the car the speedometer radio AC fuel data etc went blank. Repair of these speedometers is well described in this 7 9 FAQ document 700 900 Speedometer Repair. Since 1920 we ve been focused on providing our customers with the best possible instrumentation. My wife then drove 2 and 1 2 hours to Richmond VA to drop it off with Southern Electronics. This combination was common in the late 80s and early 90s before cars moved to fully Apr 29 2009 The speedometer needle jumps back and forth erratically and the odometer stopped working when that happened. About Us. Most of the time the wires are rotted or broken and you just need to put a new plug on it. 00. Remove the speedometer pinion bearing assembly set screw and copper sealing washer from the rear of the transmission using a socket wrench extension and 1 2 quot crow 39 s foot. The paddle wheel looks and spins fine. Funny you should ask I just reinstalled my speedometer today. Specifically designed for adjusting your F150 39 s PCM for new tires the tool works quickly and efficiently to fix your speedometer so that your truck reads both speed and mileage correctly. com Speedometer and Odometer Not Working Honda Tech. Unplug speedo main harness and May 05 2011 I just purchased a used pathfinder with a yamaha 150 and during the sea trials everything work fine but now the speedometer is not working properly. We do it right the first time so you never have issues again. The testing method at point 2 can no longer be on speedometers after manufacturing Dashboard Instrument Cluster offer auto cluster repair instrument cluster repair speedometer repair cluster problem cluster gauges dash part amp more. Sometimes when I start the car again it starts from 0mph or sometimes where it was stuck from last time I used the car. They changed the sensors nbsp Broken Speedometer We repair speedometers for most makes and models all over the country and are known for fast turn arounds. The problems are as follows 1. Clues and info 1 The smart remote quit working around the same time but not exactly the same time. We hope this article will clear some of this up. I have a 01 sportsman 500 I just bought. just recently my speedo was spiking and then it stopped working my trip meter and mileage had also stopped working also. A jiggling speedometer needle or one that won 39 t move at all isn 39 t just an irritation it 39 s a road hazard. Actual MPH 57. All the other gauges work except for the Apr 01 2009 Also there is a bunch of holding clamps that support it as it goes under the car. All of a sudden my speedometer stopped to register speed and mileage. Audio amp Electrical Upgrades Speedometer Problem Hey guys. Apr 03 1991 i own a 1992 s10 4x4 5 speed red standard cab. Jul 13 2009 The problem is your VSS vehicle speed sensor it needs to be replaced the part new from honda is around 150 you can always try ebay for a cheaper price. It covered about 75 000 miles with no problems but the speedometer and odometer recently stopped working. Are you having problems with the Gauges Speedometer Tach Gas Temp in your 2005 DODGE MAGNUM where they are fluttering sticking reading incorrectly or just refusing to work. What 39 s wrong quot Answer Your 1983 1994 Ranger uses a speedometer cable mechanical . Fig. As described above just unscrew the small thumb screw nuts and it pulls straight out. I have an 09 RMK 600 and the speedometer is not working at all. Sep 22 2012 After removing the functioning speedometer and cable from my DT175E for painting I reinstalled it with a new cable and it worked for a few short miles around town before going dead. We repair all Ford makes and models. Sep 15 2006 Well I disconnected the battery because I took off my K amp N intake system and put my stock system back on there to see what kind of gas mileage I can get with the wait4me tune with just the stock intake. If the speedometer reading is lower than the actual speed the speedometer is slow. Took out speedometer from dash amp disconnected wire plugs from back of printed circuit. Typical problems are speedometer needle bounces speedometer wiggles or speedometer makes a noise while driving. I recently have my power steering fluid emptied unnoticed. SMITHS amp JAEGER Motorcycle Instruments Repaired or Full Restoration. Did it to mine and fixed the problem. D Conversion 120 Jan 08 2007 I have a late Series IIa spedometer three lights at the bottom screw in cable that seems to be broken as I 39 ve replaced the speedometer cable and that didn 39 t solve the problem of it imediately running up to 50 60 mph and then staying stuck there as well as the odometer not working at all. With over 40 years of experience in speedometer repair Hamp can solve nbsp 3 May 2017 It 39 s a problem many may not know they 39 re experiencing until flashing lights in the rearview mirror tell them otherwise. Aug 30 2020 ATV Quad 4X4 Can Am Spyder etc. I had the same problem when I thought I damaged mine but sometimes if you try you can take the driver out of the end of the cable and try to fix it I did and it worked. If the digital speedo is working but not the analogue then your speed sensor is ok but this fix it is probably not going to help you because you may need a new speedo. I am not sure what to expect. Aug 02 2014 Watch how I cleared my XR outdrive speedometer tube which was clogged with debris. Installing mini passing lights or fog lights. I have a 93 with the classic speedo and Tach not working problem. If there is no needle deflection the speedometer must be replacod Relation between engine speed and speedometer reading The calibration number is embossed on speedometer housing. Volvo 700 900 Speedometer Repair. any suggestions to what might be wrong or where to buy a new paddle wheel assembly if needed May 14 2013 The odometer and trip meter in my 97 KW has quit working but the speedometer part of it still works correctly. 2005 polaris sportsman 700 speedometer not working 07 chevy aveo manual transmission speedometer not working Chevy Aveo Standard Transmission Speedi Sleeve by SKF . Sometimes a speedometer may stop working after a battery has been replaced or jump started. I unplugged it check for loose connection or broken wire at the back no luck. 5 Box for sale lease in Ellisville MO from Bo Beuckman Quality Ford. Some car owners have a nbsp We repair speedometers on Model As to Z28s and about anything in between including Kit Cars Hot Rods Classics Muscle cars and Industrial products. Sep 22 2006 Speedometer Problems. quot I 39 ve seen speedometers reading 65 mph at a true 58 mph quot he told me this week. When the odometer quit on the BN6 a while back i investigated and found that the small phenolic gear stripped. The first thing you ll need to do in order to accurately repair your speedometer system is to identify what the problem is exactly. The PURPLE wire is the 12 Vdc power source of the speedometer. Removal of Instrument Panel 1956 Chevy Column Shift Mar 07 2012 KTM 690 Speedometer Problems Did you have a problem and how did you fix it Discussion in 39 Thumpers 39 started by TripleDaddy Mar 7 2012. Oct 27 2017 Solution If it 39 s been determined that an electrical problem is at the root of a wonky speedometer the solution will depend on the exact point of failure. If you lose the speed signal on the scanner and the speedometer then the speed sensor or related parts or wiring may be at fault. Vehicles Covered We repair tachometers and restore tachometers for most cars and trucks 1920 through the early 1990 39 s. Getting it out is easy. The question posed was whether anyone knew what caused it. It can be easier than you think to get your F250 Gauge Repair. Re Troubleshoot speedometer problem The speedometer works using the air pressure in the black hollow tube that connects to the back of the gauge. If you have a 99 outback you more than likely you already do or will have the problem. 26 Jun 2012 Speedometer not working. For analogue dashboards these normally work hand in hand or they don 39 t altoget Typical motorcycle speedometers are not complex pieces of equipment. there can be several problems with a classic car speedometer. when i even tap the break the spedo shoots down past 0 mph but returns to my speed after a few seconds if anyone can help please do thanks. Some motorcycles have electronic speedometers that require calibration and repair by a trained technician. the info center went out when it quit working when you have 1 4 tank of fuel says you can go 0 miles on fuel you fill tank up you can go 14. CAUTION. everything on the dash panel works except the speedometer. There is a small trigger behind the device where you can adjust the shown speed. If yours is off your vehicle could be racking up more miles than you actually drive and there 39 s Speedometer calibration involves the right combination of tires wheels and speedometer drive gears. The right lamps can be bought at your local car parts store the Volvo dealer or any webshop. When you are done cleaning the tube attach the tube back to the speedometer. Hello all Car is a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS 2. Secure the speedometer to the dashboard using the provided bracket and hardware. All the rest of my gauges are working fine still its just my speedometer. V 2005 VIN xxx maintenance history all scheduled maintenance were performed by Honda of nanuet. What could the problem We can repair most any mechanical speedometer or tachometer whether it s from a vintage classic or late model car or truck. 2 Mar 2011 LS 1st and 2nd Gen 1990 2000 speedometer not working my and there are threads here that show you how to fix the problem yourself. at 40 500 miles the First generation minivan speedometer repair. gauge repair 35 85 most cases calibrate gauge 10 35 each working gauge. Jul 08 2006 Just a word of caution before you buy the sensor. In a recent forum post a photo of a 1993 speedometer showed what appeared to be burn damage to the printed wiring board and it was reported to be typical of many. Problems with H amp F Outdoors member Josh shows a simple and effective method to fixing a boat speedometer gauge. The standard Prius in the US comes with Goodyear Integrity 185 65SR15 tires that are rated 855 revolutions per mile. The odometer mileage is displayed but does not change. Sometimes lubrication of this bearing will settle things down for a little while but the problem will recur especially in cold weather. then totally dies. Think I would do that before a tear down. This is because the speedometer is electric yet the odometer is mechanical. IIRC there was an internal problem with the speedo gauge on the 03 and 04 models and people were taking them to speedo shops for repair and enduring long waits sometimes with no satisfaction. Today tried the quot ABS to speedometer rewire quot . The odometer is not working as well as the speedometer not working. I have a 1993 Sedan Deville with a digital dash. Now take it out and see if the cruise control still works. I read on other threads that sometime the connector a the back of the speedometer gets loose but it is not my problem. LIFETIME WARRANTY Fixes broken odometer gears Continuing problems. Removal of the speedometer sub assembly Disassembly and repair of the speedo sub assembly Re installation of the sub assembly . I bought and changed the speed transmission sensor and still no reading. IMPORTANT Do NOT replace the instrument cluster The problem is caused by faulty software. In my MA61 when i used to reach 70km h my speedo would jump from 66 to 72 to 69 to 75 while staying at a constant speed. The UK 39 s home for instrument cluster and speedometer repair calibration modification and spares More info Customisation. Was this. The wires your see are to light up the gauge at night when the dash light switch is turned on. Dec 08 2008 The speedometer and odometer in my 1998 V70 are malfunctioning. As soon as she walked in and told them what the problem was the technician new exactly what the problem was. Well I father got his van serviced a few months back and apparently they must have done something wrong and now the speedometer won 39 t tell you how fast your going. Because resetting the unit may just be a temporary fix replacing the ECU nbsp 11 Jul 2016 Driving safely is impossible if your speedometer stopped working. Oct 01 2009 Dave Searle editor in chief of Motorcycle Consumer News measures the speedometer accuracy of every bike they test. If it reads 22. Then off again. Audi A6 speedometer background light problems the BIG red LCD is completely dead The typical failure at this speedometer model is that the LCD seems to stop working. We are North Hollywood Speedometer your oldest VDO Warehouse Distributor in the U. For the last several weeks it has only worked intermittently but for the last couple of days it has stopped working altogether. Ken An easy way to test if the speedometer is the problem is with a portable drill. I have a revtech 6 speed tranny and it does have a speed sensor on it. view details aug 08 2003 salem sc electrical system the speedometer and the dash lights were inoperative. Changed the speedometer sensor along with the nylon gear that fits inside it. Jun 12 2017 Speedometer problems are as wide ranging as a simple loose wire to a massive electrical problem that requires the help of a professional. I got the power steering fluid filled with new ones but it didn 39 t fix the problem speedometer . So follow along with my pictorial and fix it yourself. Jul 10 2013 The speedo needle started going whack whack whack from side to side although it settled out when I got above 30 MPH. 00 Per Light Bulb. My guess it 39 s the little cable between the angle drive and gearbox. 3. tachometer repair 235 295 most cases or calibration 95 125. In the DIC the range and instant MPG are not working either. Part 12 163 MS. Ok I finally got around to fixing my speedometer problem. black99dakota Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 7 10 2003 02 52 51 RE speedometer If your speedometer makes a lot of noise or the needle bounces you can likely get away with lubricating your existing cable with white lithium grease and transmission fluid. Cars produced after 1990 are usually equipped with speed sensors which may crash and cease to transmit speed readings to the speedometer. OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer 39 s part numbers specified here. quot Really nbsp How to repair GM Instrument Cluster Speedometer Gauge Stepper. Fix for instrument cluster problems. If your speedometer is not working don t worry. Check out our repair how to 39 s for guidance on dealing with your Harley Davidson Dyna 39 s exterior. Removal of Instrument Panel 1956 Chevy Column Shift Speedometer Not Working Potential Causes and How to Fix Them. Nov 07 2011 hiii this is my first post here i own a activa . also there is no light at instrument panel. Sarnia Street Winona MN 55987 Most units will ship the same day that your Speedometer or Modules is received or in 24 hours. Thankfully after much searching I found the answer. If you see the speedometer needle resting below the zero stop nbsp 1 RV504 DUNLOP ENASAVE RV504 225 40R18 92W XL 225 40 18 Tire nbsp 2 Feb 2016 Jika angka atau jarum yang terdapat di speedometer motor anda tidak bergerak meskipun motor sedang melaju itu tandanya Berikut adalah 3 penyebab utama speedometer motor mati Filed Under Problem Motor nbsp . Otherwise even a used one would have to be reset by the dealer at about a 100. gt gt gt Commuter wrote gt gt gt gt Assuming that yours is the same as my W123 The problem is that the shaft Mar 29 2019 The answer depends on the make and year model of the vehicle however the most likely cause of the speedometer odometer not working subsequent to some unrelated repairs would be the inadvertent disconnecting of the speed sensor during the repair work. I pulled May 06 2020 The speedometer must now show a reading according to Tie engine speed. I also had the odometer stop working. dampen gauge g. If both your odometer and speedometer are not working then it 39 s likely your speed sensor needs to be replaced. Calgary Alberta. Unplug the speedometer and put test probes in the plug and check for restistance. Speedometer not working or not correct Atlanta Area Mercedes Instrument Cluster Repairs My Auto Solutions provides Mercedes instrument cluster repairs for Georgia customers in our Buford workshop and national customers through our mail in repair program If your Mercedes car model or your instrument cluster problem isn t listed contact our How to repair your broken odometer. Even in late model cars it 39 s an analog device that uses a needle to point to a specific speed which the driver reads as a number printed on a dial. Problem quot The speedometer in my 1993 Ranger fluctuates. Is there a proven fix for this work on circuit board perhaps . Ask my Auto Mechanic gives tips and real advice on how to deal with a common problem on 2007 2009 Toyota Camry 39 s. com How to Fix the Speedometer Hole on a Mercury Outboard Motor By Will Charpentier The most common type of boat speedometer has a tube called a pitot tube that runs to the back of the transom or through the lower unit of the outboard motor. problem is your speedo. i hopes its not dead as it dosen 39 t swing away as if honda activa speedometer not working Since 39 02 xBhp is different things to different people. Replacing it is very easy it is two mounting bolts and a electrical connector. 4. If you re looking for premium quality replacement automotive parts to keep your vehicle performing reliably you can t go wrong with superior grade SKF products. Figure 3. History of Scott Speedometer Service Started in 1953 the shop was operated by Carl Scott Sr. Both these repair jobs are nbsp 9 Aug 2019 A trusted and quality repair shop that you can turn to if you have a speedometer not working instead of attempting the speedometer repairs nbsp A problem with your speedometer AND your power steering CAN be connected to ONE issue and that 39 s probably the Vehicle Speed Sensor or nbsp When this happens replacing the speed sensor will almost certainly remedy the problem. It did not fix the problem. How To Repair A Boat Speedometer. 6L Mustang Tech 0 Jul 6 2019 8 95 get speedometer and odometer not working 1994 1995 Specific Tech 0 Dec 24 2018 1994 mustang gt speedometer not working 1994 1995 Specific Tech 5 Aug 2 2018 S 84 Mustang Convertible Top Won 39 t Work Speedometer etc Fox 5. That is the death spiral for a speedometer. That is why I suspect I may have a wiring problem between the speedometer sensor and the console. I would appreciate the help my guess is a fuse or the sensor at the top of the trany but I 39 m not sure. 1998 1999 Nissan Frontier Instrument Cluster Symptoms Gauges not working or intermittent. These instrument clusters have a common problem with the LCD odometer screen productivity screen going Free help to mend fix or repair speedometer not working. By replacing the ABS module. not racking up miles while the truck is stopped then the problem is most likely the instrument cluster. I was driving through a construction zone slowed down to what felt like 25 MPH and looked down in horror to see that my speedometer was spun all the way around and stuck under the pin the the needle rests on when the car is off or not moving. Shepherd I think posted a picture showing exactly where the Did you sort your speedo problem out. Mar 07 2020 Car Radio Repair Nationwide and Most of the World quot We Fix It Right Or It 39 s Free quot CALL Toll Free 1 800 446 2880 Car Radio Repair Speedometer Repair and Instrument Cluster Repair Center Weekdays 8 00 5 30 Eastern Time Local and International 1 804 423 1100. How to replace speed sensor. Usually it s simply Speedometer Repair and Speedometer Restoration Auto Speedometer Repair. Get the job done with the right part at the right price. There are detailed instructions on a fix there. 00 Light Bulbs Out No Problem 10. Links Aug 06 2020 Speedometer Erractic Hanging Up Sticky Pointers Erratic Gauges Odometer not working Caused by bad x2151. For what you described to do you have to basically take the speedometer cable out anyways. look for rub thru 39 s pinched wire or a bad connection to the speed sensor. All Makes And Models Original Equipment GM Ford Chrysler amp Imports Ford Speedometer Problems It is also a must to change the speedometer 39 s internal conversion constant if you have changed tire sizes because this will enable your speedometer to calculate your speed accurately. The odometer and the speedometer are connected by a system called the speedometer gauge which exists underneath the dash of the car. Volvo 700 900 Speedometer Repair PDF Davide D. 2004 2008 Ram 3500. Oct 07 2013 Diagnose the Problem. Fault Shorted capacitors inside nbsp A speedometer repair or replacement can be done in your own garage. Trailblazer Instrument Cluster Recall Info on GM 39 s recall models Silverado Speedometer Related articles and info on the Silverado speedometer issues. TQ If the odometer is working correctly i. Or you can have us replace all the gauge motors while we re in there including the tachometer fuel gauge oil pressure gauge water temp gauge and battery volt gauge. helpful Yes. 211xxx I have the same problem my spedo and mileage have stop working. With the compressor take out any dirt or debris that may be stuck onto the tube. Similar to H1086 H1246 Speedometer Tachometer on eBay. Symptoms of Car Speedometer Not Working. May 09 2005 yes. Begin by cleaning and lubricating the cable but you probably have a combination of issues. AC Division of General Motors manufactured Corvette speedometers using a series W style frame. It was working fine until 2 years ago when I drove it from Philadelphia to Chicago. This includes the speedometer gauge tech gauge gas fuel gauge temperature gauge battery gauge oil gauge and transmission temperature gauge. A jiggling speedometer needle or one that won 39 t move Vehicles all isn 39 t just an irritation it 39 s a road hazard. Visitor in Marion MA on . 99 For Honda 85 up Crf80 Xr80 14 Complete Rear Rim Wheel Assembly Brakes. dealer notified will cost to fix 950. You would fix it by replacing the instrument cluster. It 39 s only 20 but It seems weird that the gear wouldn 39 t fasten to the cable in a different Trailblazer Instrument Cluster Repair article on repair options for the Trailblazer speedometers DIY Guide Tutorial on how to repair your Trailblazer gauges at home. Speedometer repair requires specialty equipment and expertise. I would like to get the speedometer problem fixed first then work on things from there. I know I can buy another insert complete piece 125. On average a speedometer rebuild runs 150. Problem solved. 7 Bought a used car and the speedometer and odometer don 39 t work. Infiniti Odometer Repair Only 2003 2007 G35 Dodge No LED Conversion 2004 2008 Ram 1500. Fix that speedo next go aroundTodd 03 31 2008 09 04 PM 8 rod_stewart New 2020 Ford F 150 4WD SuperCrew 5. calibrate working speedometer 45 60. Without a correctly functioning speedometer you 2005 Honda shadow speedometer and tail lights not working Hi Anonymous for this scenario you will need your service parts fiche and owners manual if you can 39 t find the best tool you ever bought for your Honda despair not for a mere zero 0 you can download another one. Check out our repair how to 39 s for guidance on dealing with your Harley Davidson Sportster 39 s exterior. Dec 11 2011 Delving into the speedometer head is likely going to be the fix but I do not suggest it. Automart Tire amp Automotive 57 Jonesboro Rd. I lost my speedometer cable for the second time in a year because I kinked my Oct 19 2006 ok more than likely you have a connection problem at the speed sensor on the tail housing for the speedometer. Take it to a reputable shop like Redline Gauge Works in Santa Clarita California for a repair. Optitron Needle Repair Only 2006 2008 Lexus IS250. It was the sensor on the transmission and is now fixed. 2004 2008 Ram 2500. A new problem this year is that the odometer light is not working. May 06 2019 Here are some scenarios and how to repair speedometer based on them. Some shops are reporting a high number of Kia speedometer problems. Speedometer Calibration Test. Im currently going through all the wiring to find any damage. Locate the lower end of the speedometer cable where it attaches at the front wheel hub. 0 Mustang Tech 20 Jun 15 2019 Speedometer gear Classic Mustang Specific Tech 2 Apr 18 2019 K Electrical Help 94 GT lost May 16 2010 I believe that the speedo is a cable driven item the most likely cause is that the cable is not lubed and has snapped try tracing the cable to the drive and the speedo do not remove it just yet examine it if you can turn one end and the other does not then the cable is snapped and can be replaced that does not necessarily address the problem as it might not be lack of lubrication. The speedo would go nuts all over the range die for a bit then if I had my foot on the accelerater and was in the 4000 rpm range it would come back alive. Common Speedometer Problems My speedometer is dead Step 8 Fix the Speedometer. S. m 15. iv had the same problem i changed the speedo scenser which is at the back of engine on the gearbox you wont see it but put your hand down below the 2 water pipes and feel around untill you find a plug with 2 wires remove the plug and feel againe untill you can feel the screw which is a star drive undo screw then twist the scencer and lift it out but be care full because the gearbox oil will It s pretty easy and a cheap fix. In the case of a problem with the ECU the mechanic will typically replace the entire ECU. Use TalkLocal to be put in contact with reliable local businesses almost immediately. Our range of services include Speedometer repair calibration Instrument cluster repair ECU Repair instrument backlight repair instrument cluster mileage reprogramming and instrument cluster pixel LCD repair. The repair book also talks about a ECU what is this And could this be the problem Need some help please. You have to remove the speedo cable from your car. Alot of old cars have jumpy speedo 39 s. Troubleshooting speedometer problems mostly call for a replacement of the speed sensor or cable depending upon the vehicle. The fix is to reprogram the cluster with the latest calibration. US Speedo repairs and services speedometers and instrument clusters worldwide Our expert techs can repair your speedometer or instrument cluster today We 39 ll talk about all the things that you need to know how to fix it and how to maintain it. It was working this morning on my way to work. Jun 03 2020 Re Speedometer Repair Problem I had a problem around 2003 where I 39 d had my speedo serviced by MOMA and ran it with a replacement cable from Moss. 8 Zetec engine registered in 2001. The most common cause of a speedometer not working on your Jeep is a bad vehicle speed sensor. We strive for 100 satisfaction. Fairburn GA 30213 678 606 5108 ST 107A Speedometer amp Tachometer Cable PART NO 39 s amp LENGTHS CF 140 30 Speedometer amp Tachometer Cable CHANGES care ST 108 Speedometer Cable ROUTING ST 109 Speedometer amp Tachometer LUBRICATION ST 110 SPEEDOMETER MODELS for MGA SMOMG SPEEDOMETER MODELS Other MG not MGA 334 KB pdf ST 200 DISASSEMBLING The SPEEDOMETER Jan 27 2011 2008 500ss speedometer not working posted in REV XP XS Chassis Performance Trail 120 129 Inch Models I 39 m new to sleds and just bought a 08 500ss and put about 100 miles on it its got about 1600 now i am kinda new to the site here but i am an 18 year old kid an spent a lot on this sled and have no idea why it would just stop working and was hoping someone could help i pretty much have no Solve most sunroof leak problems by clearing a clogged drain tube with your shop vacuum. If you continue to have problems with the speedometer in your Honda Civic malfunctioning you should seek professional help. This is damage to the Black Red wire circuit that outputs voltage from the speed sensor. They are notoriously inaccurate and troublesome. Nov 29 2008 Go for a drive and if both are not working then it is likely that the speed sensor on the gearbox or the analogue speedo are not working. It is manufactured using high quality materials to the same specifications as the original part. Free shipping for lower 48 states only Hawaiian Canadian and all other countries please call or email for shipping quote. I replaced the speed sensor 58 from the dealer. I turned the key on while holding the button on the back of the speedo and it gave me the code for the sensor. Corvette Speedometer Repair Rebuild and Restoration Corvette speedometer repair rebuild and restoration is a specialty here at Corvette Specialties of MD West. At My Auto Solutions we provide technically innovative repairs for VW instrument cluster issues. First one is if the speedometer is simply dead. The trip meter stays the same and does not change. 31 May 2017 Any advice why my speedometer is not working What can I do to fix it Sent from my iPad Any other ideas to resolve my inop speedometer Cluster Fix provides high quality speedometer repair gauge repair instrument cluster repair and other electronic dash repair services to new and used car nbsp How to mend anything. There are usually one of 3 reasons why they don 39 t work. Speed Sensor did not fix I have a 94 Toyota xcab 4X4. everything in the dashbored moves up and down the fuel gage the speedometer the odometer everything i need help finding where the sensor for the spedometer is in the car. Take a look Professional Tuned Performance at 4906 Red Pine Court was recently discovered under Jacksonville FL repair speedometer Auto Tech 8210 Green Parrot Rd Unit 307 Jacksonville FL 32256 904 226 0418 A speedometer or speed meter is a gauge that measures and displays the instantaneous speed of a vehicle. 1. RE speedometer problems IP Logged Message Hey Jamy how much did that ABS sensor cost you I should stop being lazy and fix mine also. 2004 chevy tahoe speedometer quit working. It turned out to be the speedometer itself. The standard speedometer gets calibrated at the factory however it may eventually become necessary to undertake speedometer repair if it doesn 39 t seem to be measuring speed and mileage accurately. May 22 2011 Many times the cause of K bike speedometer flakiness is poor connections inside of the instrument cluster. com Solution If it 39 s been determined that an electrical problem is at the root of a wonky speedometer the solution will depend on the exact point of failure. You can check the revs mile of your tires at Mar 16 2012 Today while driving around I noticed that my speedometer would either stop working or be off by about 50 MPH. . Over 1000 Smiths instrument cores for motorcycles in stock. At D amp M Restoration we specialize in complete speedometer repair and restoration. Repair. oo. 2 Answers. From here on the repair for both early and late model cars is the same. Vehicles Covered We repair and restore speedometers for most cars and trucks 1920 through early 1990 39 s. See all 10 photos May 04 2009 OT F 150 Speedometer problem Driving home from work the other day the speedometer falls to zero mph quits and the on off light on the shifter starts blinking. Other common problems of the Volvo 700 speedometer. Read on to learn more about the 2004 Ford F 150 Speedometer Failure Fin this truck trend garage article Hi all I diagnosed my Suzuki GSX R 750 39 s lack of MPH indicator and found a burnt component on the speedometer. If the speedometer needle does not move remove the tube from the speedometer. They are electronic components that read a series of electronic pulses that have been converted via the vehicle s computer into readable data such as the speed. The speedometer determines the vehicle s speed by drawing information from the transmission and driveshaft. Then stopped working again. 1 Sep 07 2015 If your speedometer is not working a good chance the intake hole is plugged up. See full list on honda tech. The PURPLE YELLOW wire is the pulse signal from the speed sensor. 4 stepper motors that drive each gauge. If the car is running and the speedometer is not working I can switch the ignition off for a few seconds while the car is running let say at 30 mph or higher and turn it back on and the speedometer and odometer will work again. The problem is the cluster. at the same time the abs and the tc light light up. that is why i drive a mk3 instead of a BMW. 2002 and Up Hummer H1 Digital Speedometer Programming . Apr 02 2020 For this we would suggest you get it checked at the nearest service center if it can be repaired and working fine then you don 39 t need to change it else you have to buy a new one. 18 Feb 2019 My Speedometer Stopped Working How Do I Fix It Depending on the type there is only one repair solution for a bad speedometer replacing nbsp 27 Oct 2017 The causes of an electrical failure could range from a short circuit to a blown fuse to a physically damaged control module. True technology enthusiasts our technicians are industry experts and take great pride in their work. My 03 05 08 06 50 PM Post 1381323 In response to powerband As a temporary fix you can get the speedo to reset itself. 2004 2009 Prius Gauge. Bought a gauge cluster out of a 92 Civic EX automatic. I will be measuring resistance between the 3 wires that go from the sensor connection to the speedometer odometer. Hello. Stabilize the motorcycle on the kickstand or a repair stand. Good luck and let us know how it turns out. try wiggle that connection or put a tie rap around the tail hosing to hold it tight and try it. Smiths Veglia and Stewart Warner. My mechanic said the odometer amp two trip meters is the problem burn out . Often covered under warranty the speed sensor is located near the front axle and calculates the speed of the vehicle. e. My speedometer needle gets sometimes stuck for exaple gets stuck at 40 mph and wont go down or up. There has never been an official recall from General Motors regarding widespread speedometer problems but a 2007 class action settlement qualifies certain owners for a special coverage adjustment Special Policy Adjustment 07187a to their standard warranty for allegedly defective speedometers. I bought a cluster for 40 bucks on Ebay bidding and I was lucky because the other dude was outbidding me. You can replace the cluster or try to repair it. told it would be about 800 to fix. Once you replace it to a real silver quot pixel fix cable quot it will work perfectly for years. If you put on a tire that has a lower revs mile the speedometer will read lower by the same percentage change. can someone point me in the right direction 92 015 Posted edited by AnonymousUser on 24 08 2020 Aug 09 2008 gt gt Last note. Speedometer Repair ABS Module Repair 1 507 429 4489 We accept Visa MC and American Express Checks amp Money Orders Must Be Make Out to David Ruberg Shipping Address Speedometer Repair Guy 123 W. Apr 08 2014 I had some problems with my 2000 sporty and found that if has diagnostic codes built in. Sep 09 2008 If you notice your speedometer is jumping around or not working at all chances are your speed sensor is wore out or more accurately the nut that drives the sensor wont make contact with the sprocket bolt anymore. In an older car the culprit may be the cable that is connected from the transmissions to the speedometer. A common problem for this malfunction is when the car owner recently replaced the battery or perhaps jump stared their vehicle which in both cases could Jul 20 2012 It works by air pressure to the speedometer head run through a thin plastic tube which connects to a pressure arm mounted on the stern of the boat. I 39 m looking for some help identifying the part so that I can make the repairs to the board. Jan 23 2011 Do a search for speedometer problems as I know that I read about this on this forum awhile back. If you can verify the signal that the cable spins you can isolate the problem to a specific area. Because the Ford speedometer is equipped in a full device module the only way to fix a broken speedometer is by complete. Basic Service We re calibrate the speedometer to original factory operating specifications and clean the internal works. Repairpal. 25 x 5. Your speed sensor reports to your module information that is used for signal cancellation based on distance speed. How to add a flush tail light to your bike WELCOME. There comes a time in the average car owner 39 s life where they make a repair only to have to make that repair less than a year later because it wasn 39 t done right the first time. I ended up putting in an instrument cluster from an F 600 and was back in business again. Re Digital Dash Repair Tips Ideas how to resolve speedometer and cluster problems I just started having some similar problems this morning. I replaced new sensor speedometer but not sensor speedometer issue. Honda is becoming one of the top brands in motorcycle manufacturing on the market. In the next step you need a gps so you are able to adjust the speedometer. 6L Mustang Tech 0 Jul 6 2019 D 01 Cobra Speedo off 1996 2004 SN95 Mustang General Talk 2 Jun 15 2019 Interior and Upholstery Jittery 88 GT Speedometer Fox 5. Learn how to read diagnostic trouble code to evaluate trouble indicators and fix broken sensors. I recently installed an amp with speakers that runs off of an ipod. Recently my Ezone This HAS to be done with a new one correct A dealer or anyone nbsp 24 Jan 2010 Having a problem with your speedo acting intermittently. Understanding our automatic transmission is easier by getting familiar with the tachometer. If your speedometer reads incorrectly due to a rear end gear swap and or non stock wheels and tires as mine does you can fix it by changing your speedometer s driven gear. Pull the bearing assembly out slightly until oil starts to drain from the set screw An inexpensive way to fix flasher problems after installing aftermarket turn signals. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest service center and selecting your city accordingly Service Center. Call Us Today Dec 27 2012 Since the early 70 s D amp M Restoration has rebuilt many speed warning clusters. Select Your Car Make. SIMPLY REMOVE IT FROM THE DASH AND SEND IT TO US FOR REPAIR OUR REPAIR CARRIES A LIFETIME WARRANTY Is your vehicle having speedometer cluster gauge problems We can offer you a solution Oct 19 2006 ok more than likely you have a connection problem at the speed sensor on the tail housing for the speedometer. SMITHS Speedometer Gauge Repair SMITHS Tachometer Gauge Repair SMITHS Chronometric Gauge Repair SMITHS Magnetic Gauge Repair. Remove the 2 bolts with an 8mm nut driver. But anyways I fixed my speedometer just unhooked the battery and then reconnected and it reset itself. Speedometer problems. Doing the calculations using the above equation Actual MPH 60 5. Once you have the stuff together don t install the speedometer with the holder. We have the necessary facilities for rebuilding and restoring all antique classic and vintage car speedometers including Stewart Warner King Seeley Waltham Autolite Northeast AC Delco Faria Jaeger etc. Jun 27 2012 The speedometer head comes apart by gently bending the metal brezel up then the needle pulls straight up note where you have it positioned there are 3 screws under the numbers you need to peel the plastic label up carefully. magnetic speedometer repair. Mar 11 2015 The new speedometer should now be functional. Speedometer will not be held responsible for mis diagnosis secondary problems or vehicle problems outside of the instrument cluster. The speedo remains dead and the ABS light is still on. Honda Civic odometer amp speedometer problems 1 Answers I have a 2002 Honda Civic Ex. any ideas on what the problem is and how to correct it. stays on 55 mph even when engine is off. Safety and security tips If your Speedometer Gauge or Gas Gauge or Tach gauge or any other gauge is in your Vehicle is not working correctly then this auction is what you need. Antique speedometer restorations are our specialty. 2003 2010 These Models Only We repair speedometer and restore speedometers and gauge clusters too. Our specialty is with German made instruments from Motor Meter Veigel and VDO. The following is a problem that I have with my veh which I hope you can resolve. Now universally fitted to motor vehicles they started to be available as options in the early 20th century and as standard equipment from about 1910 onwards. That didn 39 t fix the problem so I replaced the instrument cluster with a used one. Removing and replacing the speedometer cable old nbsp In general you are looking at three potential problems 1 broken or worn out cable 2 broken speedo drive and 3 broken speedometer. Find our best fitting speedometer cables for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you SPEEDOMETER INSTRUMENT GAUGE CLUSTER REPAIR SERVICE GMC Yukon up to year 2011 THIS IS A REPAIR REBUILD SERVICE FOR THE GAUGE CLUSTER FROM YOUR VEHICLE. I decided to take the time to document the repair. The problem could be anything from binding worn or broken gear teeth on the speedometer gear a worn out cable assembly or dirt contamination causing the needle to stick. No indication to the module that you have gone anywhere. Jan 06 2019 BMW E39 speedometer LCD display pixel problem is quite common at cars older than 10 years. Some cases could simply involve fixing a bad wire or it could require replacing the entire engine control module. Also the car stalls without warning. Jan 29 2010 Speedometer Not Working Fix SN95 4. Can get it at the parts place of the dealership for very cheap and takes about 10 minutes to do. answer. if it takes you 2 hours from the point of having the gauge cluster out to unscrew the cable from the transmission you are most likely handicapped. If the computer does not see a signal then the sensor is more than likely bad. speedometer is not working how to fix 2002 Jeep Liberty speedometer not working digital odometer not working. May 26 2016 How to fix the speedometer instrument cluster gauges A C from going crazy and not working on a 2009 Toyota Camry. If you have a trip meter on your speedometer be sure you undo that cable too. A year latter fogging again. This gauge can also help us to pinpoint automatic transmission problems before failure occurs. oil in engine is at proper level. Mar 22 2010 My speedometer on my 1999 custom fat boy has failed. Check to see if the speedometer needle will move again. I have a 1994 toyota pick up manuel trans. One of the parts you may have to repair on your Honda bike is the speedometer. The rootcause is the background light problem which is caused by the dead SGE2685 transformer. The PDF is for a model SIMILAR to the 2607 model that is on the Bandera and Judge. In the past most mechanics ended up having to replace the speedometer head when a vehicle came in with a broken speedometer. now oil gauge is not working properly. Replacing the ABS module will require bleeding the brakes. 32. All is fine with the brakes but the speedo now has a quot wiggle quot in it. In this particular case let s say that your speedometer was reading 55 mph. I could push in on the speedo and it would come to life every now and then but eventually it would start to do it again. Feb 27 2019 Types of Speedometer Problems . Aug 06 2020 We repair all makes of cable drive speedometers and clusters from about 1955 and up. Tail Light Mod. Sep 16 2009 I think that booth the speed and tach hos to be not working for it to be the speed sensor as my speedometer didn 39 t work. I know pretty much nothing about cars but I 39 m trying to take this opportunity to fix things myself and learn. Shop 1967 2015 Camaro Speedometers and Related parts at Rick 39 s Camaro. Call and find one that will answer your questions on the phone. I have a 2007 PT Cruiser that wouldn 39 t shift out of 1st gear. You can also try using the cruise control in your Volkswagen since it nbsp Symptoms and Problem 1991 1992 740 940 960 speedometer dead or erratic with or without odometer functioning or dead. I was told it may be the sensor but I don 39 t not where or what the piece looks like. We also provide instruments from A. The only way to know nbsp Typically these malfunctions are caused by a broken gear in the speedometer system a speed sensor issue or a faulty engine control unit ECU . Use a small nbsp Having trouble gauging your speed Hamp 39 s Speedometer is here to fix your problem. The problem is it started making a real bad noise amp then the needle BROKE. Be sure to subscribe for more videos Thank You for watching Chevrolet Colorado Speedometer Is Not Working Repair Symptoms Electrical System Diagnosis Due to the nature of electrical systems on modern vehicles the range of problems these can cause are nearly limitless. My first thought was that the speed sensor had failed. E. mine had 2 connections with several pins in it. Remove the four screws on the back of the instrument cluster directly behind the speedometer. If your speedometer does not indicate either it is probably a problem with the cable. Any suggestions A cable will run through your firewall into the rear of your dash it should connect to either the top or side of your gearbox it has a cog on the end that clicks over the speed and odometer id say its worn or broken you will need to replace it. These stepper motors are the original manufacturer equipment the latest version upgraded and improved While the speedometer is not working the odometer still runs fine which makes me think it does not have anything to do with the transmission cable or the gear that passes the rotation from the transmission to the cable. A speedometer head can also generate noise which also spins along at the same speed. What I have here is a Volvo semi truck speedometer. The first one is the one nbsp The speedometer has been a problem for a long time and I have tried everything and even the dealer cant fix it except temporarily. We are the leading direct supplier of odometer gears to consumers domestically and internationally. Trailblazer Instrument Cluster Repair article on repair options for the Trailblazer speedometers DIY Guide Tutorial on how to repair your Trailblazer gauges at home. One of the most annoying speedometer problems is squeaky operation. Do you think the ground would fix my problem since I am have a bunch of problems Hi to all. Denso FB257H LED Flasher Mod. I replaced the speed sensor and it didn 39 t fix the problem so I need a new gauge witch is too expensive. People would disassemble the gauge cluster remove the clear plastic gauge cover and then get on the highway with some way to monitor speed one guy had a cop friend with a calibrated speedometer pace him others used GPS or 3. Could you please tell me what you think the problem would be Thank you. 2 days ago Planning on doing a better one in the future when the speedometer is fixed. One of the electrical connectors prongs was corroded and then broke off as I tried to clean it off. i cannot locate it and if anyone can help please do thank you Mar 07 2020 Car Radio Repair Nationwide and Most of the World quot We Fix It Right Or It 39 s Free quot CALL Toll Free 1 800 446 2880 Car Radio Repair Speedometer Repair and Instrument Cluster Repair Center Weekdays 8 00 5 30 Eastern Time Local and International 1 804 423 1100. What I did to fix the problem it remove the speedometer and look at the back of it. The speedometer hand and face were taken out to disassemble gt gt the gear. As far as Aug 29 2020 I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. See all 10 photos This repair service corrects Ford F150 instrument cluster problems on year models 2011 2012 2013 or 2014. For Honda 85 up 249. Cr. This is the one with the speedometer odometer and gas gauge HUD . Speedometer failure is likely to be caused by a fault in the cable that runs from the gearbox to the back of the speedometer gauge. By IM also having the same problem with my Toyota Yaris and I think I have more info now and will take it to the garage to fix that problem. However if I smacked the dash the speedometer would start working. Mar 16 2012 I have a Ford Focus estate with a 1. If you watch your odometer when the speedo is not working and it is counting up it is NOT the speed sensor. The truck is running fine but it is giving the P0500 code. Any ideas on how to fix the issue Some preliminary research seem to show that this cable should fix the problem. About a minute later the speeedo needle started to bounce all over the place and then died. Relate that to the teeth on your driven speedometer gear. Aug 20 2007 The speedometer has been a problem for a long time and I have tried everything and even the dealer cant fix it except temporarily. 8Cut a 3 quot dia. It is my belief that all owners of 55 56 57 Chevys should lubricate the speedometer as the grease is now over 50 years old and the speedometer WILL eventually seize up. When they took the vehicle out to test the quot fix quot the speedometer failed two more times. That new digital speedometer was part of the plan as well. I Gauge Cluster Repair ONLY 100 NOTE We replace all the gauges in your instrument cluster working or not. Is it a sensor problem or a speedometer problem Do I need to replace nbsp I. The job of the speedometer is to indicate the speed of your car in miles per hour kilometers per hour or both. This isn 39 t as scary as you think. If repairing I ve heard people have had success replacing a bad stepper motor but this would require some circuit testing and soldering skills. Is this just a matter on the speed pickup sensor going out and needing to be replaced Can So this particular speedometer exhibited some of the typical speedo problems that you see on old scooters. The problem lies with the ribbon cable that connects the LCD to the panel. Another common and easy to fix issue could be a broken gear on the speedometer unit itself. Speedometer Disassembly amp Repair Basic Tools Needed Padded work blanket 12mm amp 6mm wrench small amp medium blade screwdriver needle nose pliers light machine oil gear grease and silicone grease. Odometer reads 999999. I took it apart and found nbsp 21 May 2013 Anyone have any idea what 39 s going on and how to fix it On my 2002 I had a problem that my speedo wouldn 39 t work and my turn signals nbsp 9 Aug 2010 Did replacing the speedo fix the issue Click to expand Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Unable to find a new gear and not wanting to pay for a full rebuild I took it off and cleaned it up real good. I finally gave in and took the dash apart and removed the instrument cluster. Apr 22 2017 GTA V Missing Speedometer solution in replace Car modes Whit this Mode You Can Replace Any Car Mod With Any Car What You like in the Game And Speedometer of the car will works correctly. No corrosion. Also some suggestions and advice would be helpful in deciding how to fix it. It 39 s only 20 but It seems weird that the gear wouldn 39 t fasten to the cable in a different Aug 22 2008 Some info on the wires. The dash board disassembly is the same also for the VDO model. However despite how well manufactured these type of motorcycles are they are still susceptible to damage. Vintage speedometer and gauges repair and restoration Tachometer repair Modern instrument clusters repaired Speedometer solutions for mismatch applications Speedometer cables custom built for any application Cruise Control Transducers Ratio Adapters Transmission Gears Speed Sensors Rebuilding Odometer Mileage Setting Recalibration. A quick online search will reveal that speedometer failure is a very common problem but it s also very easy to fix in most cases. If it does that s a pretty good indication that the vehicle speed sensor is just fine. All Makes And Models Original Equipment GM Ford Chrysler amp Imports Funny you should ask I just reinstalled my speedometer today. Feb 21 2019 If your Speedometer Gauge or Gas Gauge or Tach gauge or any other gauge is in your Vehicle is not working correctly then this auction is what you need. We are frequently asked questions from customers who try to install a 67 speed warning speedometer and encounter several problems. Using tire circumference as well as height engineers are able to ensure the speedometer operates properly. The Hypertech Recalibration tool can also read and clear DTC codes and can accept firmware and software updates from your home PC. Sounds like your problem was at the tranny end of things though. Oct 09 2011 i have a 1995 bmw 318i with a bouncing spedometer. The speedometer backlights. TOYOTA TECH Procedure Speedometer problems are as wide ranging as a simple loose wire to a massive electrical problem that requires the help of a professional. I tested the speedometer cable and I determined I needed a new ve Aug 05 2019 Dakota Speedometer Not Working Diagnosis. Gauge Cluster Repair L. I have a 2004 envoy and just the other day it started to give me some problems and I hope some one can help me out. Is this correct if so I think I just bought a speedometer cable that I didn 39 t need and only needed to tighten the old one. My speedometer and odometer would stop working intermittently. Jul 20 2020 In general you are looking at three potential problems 1 broken or worn out cable 2 broken speedo drive and 3 broken speedometer. Put in new speed sensor amp it still didn 39 t fix problem. Corvette Speedometer amp Tachometer Repair Installation. very frustrating problem. How to fix nbsp 3 May 2017 How To Correct A Speedometer Honda S2000 Speedo Corrector RaceLogic The speed sensor for the speedometer is on the transmission for the How to repair GM Instrument Cluster Speedometer Gauge Stepper. How To use 1. I called Kenworth to see about ordering a now one and was told that kenworth no longer offers them. joe Dec 31 2015 Posts Tagged Kia speedometer not working Kia speedometer not working December 31 2015. 2 by 10 which equals . but when i put the truck in 4 wheel drive it starts to work again but not correctly. Let me guess your Digital Hummer H1 Speedometer Cluster stop working nobody can fix it and you have no choice but to buy a new one. They consist of a speedometer gauge and a speedometer cable that connects between the gauge and a fitting on the front wheel hub. This is a real big problem for me because I just got my license and I need this fixed so I don 39 t have to risk getting pulled over for speeding. com As is the case with any car Chevy owners can encounter various speedometer problems over time. When the speedo went out I replaced the speed sensor. Aug 09 2008 gt gt Last note. Test drive the car to ensure it is working. 125. Apr 11 2020 According to the experts at Seva Call a faulty speed sensor is the most likely culprit in the case of a malfunctioning speedometer. I noticed the plug from the assembly has sat in the bottom of the boat in water all winter. I had the same problem with mine. Serving drivers near St. its really easy to fix. When not moving our speedometer reads zero miles per hour and the tachometer shows the engine idle speed. This makes the speedometer read only slightly high. Will need to drive more to see if speedometer continues to work. after reading about it on bimmerfest. Our mail in Gauge Repair service lets you send your broken gauge cluster to us and we make the repair. My new 300SE suffered from a common problem with Mercedes of that era a non functional odometer. Free repair help Vehicles Cars speedometer peugeot 206. 2006 2008 Lexus IS350. How to repair VOLVO SEMI TRUCK TRACTOR speedometer gauges cluster. p. The speedometer is accurate but the needle has fallen to 20 mph below where it should be so when the car isn 39 t moving the needle sits pointing almost straight down. Replacing the gauge cluster is an easy fix when your speedometer odometer stops working. 24 hour turnaround time does not include weekends or shipping time. No. purchased a new speedo from KTM problem still there. Hello all I contacted Thunder Heart concerning the functions of the Speedometer they made for the 2007 Bandera and Judge. These Clusters made after 2000 have Stepper Motors to drive ALL the gauges including the SPEEDOMETER The Tachometer and Speedometer are the Most prone to failure as they are used the most It is best to have the Instrument Cluster Removed and Repaired or Replaced. If your problem is not a bad speed sensor it may be a bad TSSM turn signal security module . you may not know how to make the repair yourself or remove your gauge cluster just ask us how. 7 Mar 2012 Replaced under warranty. You can follow the instructions in this video to troubleshoot your boat speedometer and get it working right again. Volvo Semi Buses . This repair service corrects Ford F150 instrument cluster problems on year models 2011 2012 2013 or 2014. A faulty speedometer can cause major driving issues which can lead to speed related accidents or an unnecessary speeding ticket from the police. I know my way around the sled really well but I 39 ve never encountered this before. Okay. you will need a reversible drill 0 2800 r. Quite often I either hear about or see another broken odometer on an old Mercedes. I 39 ve noticed about 10 times in the past 5 years of driving this car that the speedometer instantly drops about 10 mph and then resumes normal operation. Speed sensor pulls right out I have a 2008 Taurus and have had this problem with it for years and have just dealt with it but I wonder if there might be a fix. Buy Chevy Camaro Speedometers and Related parts in our huge selection of Camaro restoration parts. Repair Cost 229 Apr 21 2020 If so chances are you have a very common problem with VW odometers. Mar 08 2017 A more serious problem could be a faulty speedometer head which needs expert diagnosis. If your Dodge Dakota s speedometer is not working the first place to go would be to check the service engine soon light if applicable . I took my Santa Fe back to the dealer and told them to keep it until they found and fixed the problem. Then everything clicked back on. John Gower is an automotive Mar 07 2012 KTM 690 Speedometer Problems Did you have a problem and how did you fix it Discussion in 39 Thumpers 39 started by TripleDaddy Mar 7 2012. hole in the firewall for the speedometer wires. I was pointing out that your figure of 5 hours or whatever is ridiculous. Mar 31 2008 GPS with a transducer will give you that plus a whole lot more. And now it is not working at all. Perhaps your speedometer is not working or your frame is squeaking. At first correct the Dashboard Type of the Car that you want replace For Example The owner of the mod design a Mercedes Benz and he asked you replace just with Tailgater But you want replace it Mar 08 1995 Let them attempt to fix what must then be a failed speedo module inside or more likely an internal connection problem at a strip connector on the back of the speedo module. We re warning you Put down the caulk gun and step away from the vehicle. no problems with transmission shifting . If your odometer and tripmeter doesn t work but your speedometer does work fine the problem is in almost every case a broken cogwheel. The following is an easy inexpensive way to fix this problem. This will allow you to remove the speedometer from the gauge cluster chassis. i noticed that one writer had wrote that its the left rear wheel speed ABS sensor and he was so wright about it. I never saw it even come off the needle and I don 39 t have my ABS light on and the speedometer is the ONLY thing that is not working. The speedometer doesn 39 t even quot pop quot up into a speed anymore The needle just stays at 0 and the odometer still does not work. I cleaned the sensor as it is magnetic and collects any metal from wear it did have very little metal on it but it still did not Feb 17 2010 Just bought a 95 Civic DX 5 speed from my mechanic. 2 May 03 2017 This particular fix should work for any car with an electronic speedometer so not your 39 67 Camaro with a gauge driven by a cable coming off the transmission. Fix that and get back to us. Seems to work OK for now. First things first. The owner told me that is because have dirt inside of a little hole in the motor. Used to repair speedometer tachometer fuel temp oil or any other gauges If any of your gauge needles are sticking shuttering giving false readings or pegging out defective factory steppers are the epidemic cause and this is your fix. With a computer scan tool a mechanic would monitor the speed signal to the computer. 00 2005 2006 FORD Freestyle Mercury Montego Ford Five Hundred speedometer Instrument Gauge Cluster Repair Are you having problems with your instrument c luster where the cluster will reset its self and the gauges sweep reset when it wants to multiple warning lights illuminate and or the reverse light stays on or any other weird things going on with it. I cleaned as he told me and nothing. Its reading a constant 0 MPH. Speedometer Vehicle Speed Sensor location for all engines Access our Audi Cars 1999 05Vehicle Speed Sensor VSS Repair Guide by creating an account or signing into your AutoZone Rewards account. Also not only was the odometer not working the speedometer was off by a good 7 to 8 mph. Dec 18 2012 Hello you tube Colin here I am going to walk you through fixing your speedometer in your Dodge Chrysler or ram Van. The speedometer was not working but would occassionally start working about 20 minutes after driving it. I have a 2007 Gen II Prius and the upper front display quit working. A. Sometimes it starts to move again and shoves 60mph when I am doing 30mph. speedometer not working in my 04 moomba mobius lsv. You can replace just the speedometer portion of the cluster assembly. 33 8 quot Models 21 8 quot 311 32 Audi A6 speedometer background light problems the BIG red LCD is completely dead The typical failure at this speedometer model is that the LCD seems to stop working. Below you will find a range of services including services specific to car makes found in New Zealand. That said the first thing to check is whether or not the tube came off the back of the speedometer. Related Discussions and Sites. Speedometer worked fine for maybe 2 months. The speedometer is no longer reading speeds. I tried not to bother it when taking on off the right caliper but the tube wiring to it is tied to the brake line so I probably moved it a little in the process. Divide . car was working perfectly and all of a sudden the speedometer starts to go in and out. This is something you should keep an eye on. Palo Alto Speedometer specializes in the complete repair restoration and sales of automobile gauges. My 85 has the same problem where the speedometer works although sometimes seems to stick at 0 mph but pushing 0 button always wakes it up but the odometer does not work. The paddle wheel assembly is an airmar shorty ST300. Perhaps you want to replace your grips or convert your stock Dyna to a retro bobber side. Sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. view details May 05 2014 Get this INSTANT DOWNLOAD 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Yamaha Waverunner XLT800 repair manual delivered straight to your computer in seconds and fix your problem now Disconnect the speedometer cable and remove the right angle adapter from the transmission. As the vehicle starts to roll the miles per hour Tacoma Speedometer has been providing Auto Repair Speedometer Repair Dash Panel Repair Instrument Clusters and Ford Odometer Repair services to the 98499 8743 area Tacoma and the 98499 area Lakewood since 1980. The speedometer cable for Muncie equipped cars exits the firewall on the right side of the steering column above and behind the driver 39 s side valve cover just above the throttle rod pivot and it uses three clips to secure it to the firewall and tunnel. After a new computer being installed it still wouldn 39 t and now the speedometer and odometer don 39 t work. speedometer gasoline oil pressure gauge not working at all. joined the business. 2003 2010 These Models Only OdometerWizard. It is always worth a try. Delicate work my friend so be REAL careful. Simply input your problem location and availability and TalkLocal will do the rest. A local dealer had the part and it was about 30. Some cases could simply involve fixing a bad wire or it could require replacing the entire engine control module . If speed is being indicated but the odometer does not move there is definitely something wrong with the speedometer itself. Hold the speedometer facing away from you and look at the left side for a worm gear. a bad speed sensor within six months just doesn 39 t sound right. just from 2 days the speedometers is not working . Nov 12 2004 You need a replacement speedometer Kerry or else take it to a speedometer repair place and have them go through it. Remove the cable from the back of the speedo and you will see the cable is not spinning. Also I don t know about repair this speedometer situation by cold solder. New Gauge Cluster Speedometer Odometer Gear Repair Kit. if that works get a new pigtail connecter. No problem Any questions just call us. My speedometer is not accurate to the speed I am going. Thats where i would start. any suggestions to what might be wrong or where to buy a new paddle wheel assembly if needed Dr. May 05 2011 I just purchased a used pathfinder with a yamaha 150 and during the sea trials everything work fine but now the speedometer is not working properly. How do I quot undo quot this Vintage speedometer and gauges repair and restoration Tachometer repair Modern instrument clusters repaired Speedometer solutions for mismatch applications Speedometer cables custom built for any application Cruise Control Transducers Ratio Adapters Transmission Gears Speed Sensors Rebuilding Odometer Mileage Setting Recalibration. 2003 to 2006 Gm Speedometer Gauge Repair 10 Minute Local Fix One Coffee and your done 200. Found nothing burnt amp replugged in wiring amp took it for a drive. Speedometer Insert for many Arctic Cat Polaris amp Ski Doo Snowmobiles. Here are some of the more common problems with speedometers. The mechanical odometer is driven by a small electric motor instead of a traditional speedometer cable and associated gears. 00 but I would prefer to repair mine. Mar 05 2009 Re Speedometer not working. It is pretty easy if you look in the TSRM it will show the process. Jun 14 2011 I have a 2004 Ford F 150 and the speedometer quit working but the odometer still works. The speedometer is either driven by a cable and gear in the transmission or an AC or DC signal from a sensor on the transmission. Gotfrieds Mobile Auto Repairs at 4168 N Henry Boulevard was recently discovered under repair speedometer. jamyphillips Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 7 10 2003 02 17 04 RE speedometer problems IP Logged Message It was 35 bucks from Dodge. The pointer stays on 0. I knew I had a bad abs wheel sensor so I replaced the abs sensor. Mine has the same problem. Apr 12 2011 The Problem lies in the Speedometer Cluster. 0 Mustang Tech 3 Jun 18 2018 Aug 19 2010 I have a 2001 ford ranger that the speedometer quit working last night going home from work. Connect the speedometer wires as shown in the wiring sections. At first they said it was the speedometer gear in the speedometer and they replaced it. New speedometer. The speedometer is an important part of the car engine as it indicates the speed of your vehicle while on the road. If it does not count chances are good it is the speed sensor. I read that many times but unfortunately I could not easily find a Boat Talk post that showed EXACTLY where the intake hole was on my 236 SSX. I did not caliber the hand did not know so the speed now gt gt shows like 10 mph faster than actual. now let 39 s trouble shoot your speedometer. Mini passing lights. The problem was I didn t have a spot on my dashboard within clear eyesight to insert another gauge. Guess I finally have speedometer fixed. We strive to provide the best Odometer Gauge Cluster GM Instrument and Speedometer Repair in New Haven Massachusetts Ansonia and Cherry Hill area. gt gt gt Commuter wrote gt gt gt gt Assuming that yours is the same as my W123 The problem is that the shaft It turned out to be the speedometer itself. Howeve lets for the sake of this discuussion assume that the problem is with the main spur gear that is driven by the worm gear that is cracked. I have a 1995 740i with 290 000 miles on it have done much of the upkeep myself. The first one is the one you are hoping for since testing and replacing a cable is very easy. This is especially true for 88 and earlier model years. Normally after doing that for awhile the needle stops working entirely. 13 Dec 2016 Not sure if your car is manual or electronic speedo but in order of probability it 39 s either the cogs in the speedo a broken wiring connection or nbsp 16 Oct 2009 Anyhow like I said anyone got instructions on how to get to the back of the dash or has anyone had this problem and knows what the fix is 12 Jan 2016 When the speedometer cable is broken the needle on the speedometer will not move at all. The problems I am having are with the instrument panel. Our repair services can be performed onsite at home or at your business location. speedometer repair 75 195 free evaluation. Find and fix the speedo problem cable or drive unit and your turns will work fine. All of the lights went off. Jun 28 2013 After perusing the internet I saw several people describing the same problem. EXPERT. Well we 39 re looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Feb 13 2007 speedometer problems. Try this out and get back to me with the results. My speedometer was working intermittently. Speedometer not working Instrument cluster won t start Instrument cluster with no power or intermittent power Ignition lights flicker or don t work Gauges incorrect or not working Atlanta Area Volkswagen Instrument Cluster Repair. it does not drop to zero. Both these repair jobs are simple to perform and can be done at home. With the engine off and the transmission in R turn the key to start. Any help with a way to repair this problem would be greatly appreciated. I assume sensor on the right side of the front wheel is a magnetic pickup for the speedo. The shifting problem was fixed with another part being installed. What needs to be done to fix the speedometer and odometer. Speedometer Gauge Repair for your Ford F250. How to troubleshoot and replace pickup coil. Still looks good. See how to repair common GM Chevy GMC Buick Hummer Speedo fuel nbsp If the odometer or the speedometer systems in your vehicle break down for one reason or another you 39 ll need to repair the speedometer before you can conti. The directionals don 39 t self cancel any more. After driving only about a mile this afternoon the ABS dash light came on. But there 39 s more to it if you want pinpoint accuracy. Don 39 t lose heart The repair can be done by you. Shorty Clutch The fix seems more backyard mechanic than engineer as it requires securing a grommet on the harness by wrapping tape on each side of it so it is built up enough to prevent it from sliding down We have the largest selection of Subaru Impreza Speedometer parts at discount prices. If your car is suffering from a speedometer that keeps dropping to zero the first thing you should do is to follow the steps above. . The dead instrument cluster symptoms appear and the cluster goes blank intermittently. No cable like the old days its electronic. The Ford Mustang instrument clusters have common problems with the speedometer tachometer fuel gauge voltmeter oil pressure gauge and coolant temperature gauges sticking giving incorrect readings or not working at all. m drill is the best because speedometers turn counter clockwise. Same situation randomly the speedometer stopped working in winter time. At this point I 39 m thinking it either has to be the Speedometer itself the speed sensor or possibly the gear in the transmission. until 1985 when Carl Scott Jr. instrument panel doesn 39 t work properly. I can send you a new speedo to that will fix your problem. Sep 21 2012 Usually these can be done at the same time in the space of one visit and unlike a faulty speed sensor you shouldn t need any extra parts to fix the problem. This may fix the problem. If your speedometer and odometer is not working your turn signals are not going to autocancel. Apr 28 2017 In this episode of PowerNation Extra LT from Truck Tech explains how to fix electronic issues in the instrument cluster which is common in 2003 2007 GM truc Common problems include a faulty sensor bad wiring or dial malfunctions. The idea Nov 14 2012 Your car 39 s odometer can help determine your car 39 s value lease fees or even affect your warranty. Dealer said they wouldn 39 t replace until KTM had a permanent fix. Check your speedo head for stored diagnostic trouble codes. If the gauge needle does not move at all the inner cable or drive may be broken or the cable 39 s square ends may have become rounded with wear and fail to engage in the sockets. A high pitched sound is generated by the metal core rubbing inside of the cable sheath. If you notice this issue it 39 s important to contact a nbsp 11 Jan 2006 Next came the vehicle speed sensor 40 cnd at the stealership and the fix to my problem. Id like to fix this problem. After a year on a trip it gave out after being jerky for a while. The speedometer itself may not be faulty it is more likely to be a problem with the speed sensor. view details sep 26 2006 portsmouth va electrical system i have a 2004 chevrolet tahoe z71. In 1967 the Corvette offered an optional speed warning speedometer. 2007 and up Chevy Digital Display Fix 10 Minutes of your time Local Fix 100. No abs light no trac light and no brake light on the cluster. Jun 21 2010 Speedometer Problem and fix Well I had this problem start up and go away for a bit and then come back. Whatever the problem may be it is critical that a Feb 18 2019 Know the symptoms and reasons for a defective speedometer. From dial rings to custom bezels custom needle colours one off dial faces and part to full LED lighting conversion. Call us. The speedo now works but is off by 12 MPH. Mar 25 2010 Seatbelt thing has happened several times through the years Compass has quit several times through the years and disconnecting the battery has fixed both of these problems in the past but I would really like to figure all these probelems out. It only took one day for them to see the problem. Putting back in is the nightmare. It was sort of working but was making a loud screeching noise and sometimes the needle would bounce around wildly. 02 or 2 . It is showing a much slower speed than the gps. 00 Cash Complete Rebuilt. Volvo Buses B10M MK2 MK3 MK4 amp B10L Speedometer OK but Odometer not working International Buses International School Buses 3800 and 4700 Series Jan 02 2015 Hello Tri Fivers I 39 m hopeful that one of you can point me in the right direction for speedometer parts My ride is a 56 Bel Air still has OEM speedo. Thanks. Loading If your Ford s speedometer is not working it could be anything from a bad sensor to a malfunction in the dial. 5. In those cases the customer reports the Kia speedometer not working or the speedometer works intermittently. com offer speedometer service and repair to customers. I repair most Magnetic and Governor Speedometers Specialising in instruments dating from 1900 until 1970 also repair car clocks and other car gauges please contact me for details www. Louis Ballwin Chesterfield MO amp Fenton MO. The plastic speedo gear that goes into the transmission looks like new. How do you know if your nbsp Here 39 s how to get into your Chevy and really check things out according to the advice on the problem above. Problem approximately 2 years after purchase the led lights of the instrument panel starting from the left side begin to go out. Nov 14 2014 When you have a stuck speedometer fixed you have a couple choices you can replace just the single speedometer motor and that will fix the speedometer problem. Are you having problems with the Gauges Speedometer Tach Gas Temp in your vehicle where they are fluttering sticking reading incorrectly 120 MPH or just refusing to work. These instrument clusters have a common problem with the LCD odometer screen productivity screen going Jun 28 2013 After perusing the internet I saw several people describing the same problem. I had one of those repairs. Fits the following Cars 1994 Ford Mustang 1995 Ford Mustang 1996 Ford Mustang 1997 Ford Mustang 1998 Ford Mustang 1999 Ford Mustang. A speedometer repair or replacement can be done in your own garage. Find Out Your True Speed. Motorhome Workhorse Chassis Only 2003 2007 Any Model. It can always be a gauge or wiring issue but those are not as common. Service includes maintenance repair and general help across a wide variety of systems. Listed below are some common questions on Chevy speedometer problems answered by the Experts. Has anyone had one repaired at a shop before I think the problem is in the speedometer head because everything reads off the same sensor. Welcome to the VDO catalog for auto enthusiast gauges and accessories. Retrofit Add On Tachometers such as Moon Sun Stewart Warner Jones and Auto Meter. This wasn 39 t a problem at first most of the earliest cars topped out at relatively stopped working have your car checked to determine the cause and fix it. Problem is with speedometer main harness unplugged atv starts up and runs awesome but if you plug in speedometer atv shuts off immediately but all lights and functions of speedo works fine engine will crank just no fire. What could cause a speedometer in a 1993 Chevrolet Silverado to suddenly stop working Such Chevy speedometer problems can be due to various reasons. Dont start the car when turning key on off. Trailblazer Speedometer Problems There 39 s several problems that arise on 03 06 Trailblazer instrument clusters when they begin to go out and it can be a bit difficult to tell which problem you are suffering from at first. Just stick it in the belonging hole at the panel. Im leaving for a road trip in about an hour and dont have time to take it to the shop or tear apart the dash right now. It is a very slow task to accrue mileage like this so I would image stories of odometer rolling back via going past 100 000 miles with a drill are a little exaggerated. Jul 05 2012 just brief backup from the speedometer repair. 00 in most cases. by Rick Cintron. Still have not been able to find a repair shop for the two gauges not working at all This is a service to repair your instrument cluster fixing any and all gauges related issues. I compared it with my GPS and when I m going 90 my GPS is saying I m going 55. It s low mileage and it would be repaired. Nowadays there 39 s a possible reset procedure that can be used and it can be done by most car owners right at home. I m having a very frustrating problem with the speedometer on my 1997 Toyota RAV 4 4WD 45000 miles. I have written this guide based on the repair of a speedometer from my 1991 940se Wagon with a 140mph Yazaki speedometer. Thanks to all input to solve my speedometer cable problem took cable of both ends removed inner cable and lubricated thouroughly with white lithium grease two brands on the market 3 amp 1 and liquid wrench used liquid wrench was more easily available at auto parts houses. In cars produced after 1990 the speed sensor may have crashed or have a fault speedometer head. stevee wrote Hi Rillman75 I was searching for some answers as to how to fix my failed speedometer and ran across your postings hilarious My problem may be the same as what you experienced . Big groan on my part thought the transmission was going south again. Without an accurate and functional speedometer any classic car restoration project would not be complete. Speedometer Diagnostic Codes The following is taken from the HD Factory manual 2000 edition 2002 gmc yukon denali AWD speedometer not working Had new stepper motors put in cluster new speed sensor in transfer case new abs wheel speed sensors put in both fronts. Glad you fixed it Joseph 92 015 Recently my speedometer on my 1987 XJ6 Jaguar stopped working. 2. Place a rubber grommet in the hole and route the wires through the grommet to the engine compartment. The speedometer has similar symptoms The needle fluctuates sticks in one position will not return to zero will not register past a certain speed reads slow or fast the odometer does not register or it also just does not work. from there the back has 2 large black electrolitic capacitors and a 3 legged SRC transistor next to them. There are several variations through the years in appearance. Mar 24 2011 The problem is the Speedometer stay in 0MPH all the time. Hi Dan here from karmanauto. My fix is below but first you need to remove the instrument panel. YES WE SUPPORT THE 2002 AND UP DIGITAL HUMMER H1 SPEEDOMETER. It seemed to skip dropping to 0mph then popping back up to speed and did this for another mile or so. By Werner Schwiering Canuckwheels Pickup Coil. All parts are defective recalled and will eventually fail. As with any brand of vehicle Ford vehicles are susceptible to speedometer problems. Some one have any idea what i can do befor go to a repair shop Jan 22 2020 The speedometer drive was on the passenger side of the transmission. Take your lead from Ford 39 s old Master Oct 13 2017 Instrument cluster problems appear as intermittently blank screen. A faulty speed sensor is the most likely culprit in the case of a malfunctioning speedometer. its because of the high heat from the muffler that damages the sensor wring. Jun 18 2009 Speedometer Not Working Fix SN95 4. I believe the main differences are that the one on the Bandera and Judge does not show the tachometer function. I got stuck in the middle of the road when I re started the engine the speedometer didn 39 t work anymore. March 04 2020. You can check the revs mile of your tires at Jul 24 2009 wheel speed abs light on i noticed that my speedometer stop working on my 98 39 528i as well as my ABS amp tract control came on too . They changed the sensors on the outside of the tranny but within Kia Spectra Speedometer not working 92 015 On my 2006 Kia Spectra 5 door my speedometer and my odometer aren 39 t working. GM was the only company that actually had a repair program for speedometer rebuilding. Stick around Symptoms of a faulty speedometer. Locate the Speed Sensor it is right over the front sprocket. Here are some common causes of speedometer failure and ways to troubleshoot the problem like a pro. Look for a detailed writeup on this fix on quot Jan 39 s VW page quot . May 15 2012 Hello all I have an issue and havent been able to find the problem. It will apply to many other models equipped with the Japanese YAZAKI speedo. cruise control works just no speedometer. Perhaps you want to replace your grips or convert your stock Sportster to a retro bobberside. If you are hitting 18 and 19 on your current for a long period of time on a long hill or straight away there is a chance you will overload and overheat the motor. All codes clear. You know in the above case that you have to slow down the rotation of your speedometer cable so that means you increase the teeth on the driven gear. Symptoms Speedometer and other gauges not working properly. There s a common problem on these that the tech or speedometer or any of the gauges not working or sticking working improperly. Speedometer and Mileage Don 39 t Work Honda Tech. Here 39 s how to correct the problem 1 Remove the instrument cluster from the bike. com. You ve got water on your seats right below the sunroof and you re about to take matters into your own hands. Nov 10 2012 So I bought a new speedometer cable and installed it and it still has the same problem. Aug 08 2016 The good news is that this is an easy fix as demonstrated by YouTuber Chris Fix. If they repair yours if it even needs repair it will retain the same mileage. In this video I will show you how I fixed my speedometer problem on my 1992 Dodge Dakota. Feb 22 2013 How to unstick speedometer gauge that does not return to zero turn key on then off WITHOUT starting engine untill indicator needle reads below zero. the cable the speedometer and the gear in the transmission whether an automatic or manual. Or YOU open up the back of the pod and repair the probable bad connection on the back of the speedo. On the 2nd day of the drive the speedometer seemed like it would only go up to about 50mph on the highway even when I could feel and tell by how many cars I was passing that I was really going If the speedometer reading is higher than the actual speed the speedometer is fast. May 31 2007 To my chagrin the speedo still did not work. Speedometer Odometer failure is a common problem on high mileage 91 92 MR2s and is often due to a failure of either the gear insert or the quot key quot between the right angle adapter and the cruise Nov 23 2007 Below is the problems I am having. How to fix a speedometer gauge in your car DIY with Scotty Kilmer. Jun 26 2015 How to FIX For Scooter Speedometer and odometer Stopped Not Working. Still no luck. joe Jan 23 2011 Go to E bay or Google instrument cluster repair. From Brian Mee Apr 16 2015 You will find that your turn signal problem is linked to your speedo issue. BTW that DTC i think should be a P0501. Therefore if for any reason you are not happy with the function of the parts we will gladly refund your cost of our parts minus shipping. I found the speedometer connector would chuck right up in the drill. 9 that means your odometer is off 2 tenths in ten miles. The speedometer gets it signal from the speed sensor on the top of the rear differential. On another car forum people were discussing how to 39 correct 39 the speedometer for a variety of reasons. May 27 2010 speedometer not working in my 04 moomba mobius lsv. So getting it out is the easy part. If your speedometer is stuck replacing the unit is not the best solution because many of the replacement units often In this automotive repair video you will learn how to fix the ABS and speed sensor in a Dodge Dakota truck. The pictures of my mileage is light up and it not moving. C. how to fix speedometer problem

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