7 Attachments your KitchenAid stand mixer is incomplete without

There are a lot of stand mixer attachments available in the market but that doesn’t mean that you can buy them all in one go. It might be due to space constraints or budget constraints, but sometimes you would need to choose that which stand mixer is the right investment for you and which stand mixer you can definitely skip on. There are a few stand mixer attachments which are the best and you should definitely consider these for your kitchen.

So, which are the best kitchenaid stand mixer attachments that you could buy?  Here’s all that you need to know in detail.


One of the best stand mixer attachments for all those people who like to make a lot of pizzas, cakes, and cookies, this stand mixer comes handy in preparing the batter for your baked items and mixing dough for your pizza.

You just have to put the ingredients in the bowl and the stand mixer will provide you with a consistent mixture in just a few minutes.

Wire Whip

Another great attachment to have is a wire whip which can be used to whisk ingredients together and prepare a great and fluffy mixture for yourself. You can use this attachment a lot for whisking eggs together and making your own omelets, French toast, cakes, etc. You don’t have to put in any manual effort anymore, just put in your ingredients together and attach your wire whip, and your mixture will be ready in just a few minutes.

Dough Hook

This great attachment comes really handy in kneading dough for your rolls and baked goods, this attachment provides you with a mixture which is not over mixed and can hold its shape when being cooked.


One of the best attachment to have, this provides you with an option of fresh fruit juices every day now. It is extremely easy to use and minimizes the mess too. Just pop in your fruit and switch on the mixer and your delicious and healthy freshly made juice will be ready in no time at all.

Food Grinder

Another great stand mixer attachment which you should definitely consider for your home is the food grinder. This attachment can be used for vegetables, meat, fruits, etc. and can provide you with perfectly ground meat and vegetables in no time at all. Just fill it with your desired food item and it will provide you with a perfectly ground food item in just a matter of minutes.

Blade Spiralizer

This stand mixer attachment is the best investment ever, not only it can be used to peel all your vegetables and fruits quickly and efficiently but it can also be used to spiralizer zucchinis, and other vegetables and make you a healthy pasta alternative.

This stand mixer comes handy in spiraling apples for apple pie, potato mashes and works on a variety of vegetables which includes but is not limited to carrots, beets, summer squashes, etc.