Can you use small rifle primers in 9mm

can you use small rifle primers in 9mm However ammunition must be safe in every rifle out there. 0 gr. The primers shoot as well as the federal primers I ve used in both calibers I have noticed that the Fiocchi are not as hot as the CCi small and large pistol primers so you change your powder accordingly. This . 223 rounds for my AR. There was concern the small rifle primer wouldn t work reliably in cold weather. Apr 27 2008 I substitute small rifle primers for small pistol primers in my 9mm ammunition because I use the vast majority of my 9mm in an open bolt subgun. 38 super major and . My Speer manual recommends magnum primers for . Passwords are case sensitive. For some applications such as submachine guns with a free floating firing pin a harder primer may be used. 56 NATO. 5 middot Small Pistol Magnum. In larger capacity like my 264 Win mag I always use mag primer. 32 ACP . Its low power is accordingly suited for shooting rats indoors. 5 grains of Red Dot and get same point of aim accuracy as I do full power jacketed bullets out to 100 yards. I would suggest that you DO NOT use the small rifle primers they are called Small Rifle Primers for a reason. Crimped primers come from the military side of things it helps to hold the primer in when headspace is deliberately loose or just got that way. Winchester USA Ready Large Rifle Match Primers 1 000 Count 48. Because of the expected pressure the primer cup is made of thicker material. 357 sig what is the correct primer for 357 what primer to use Ten bullets through one hole is the philosophy that brought Hornady from a two man operation in 1949 to a world leading innovator of bullet ammunition reloading tool and accessory design and manufacture today. Add to Wish List Aug 26 2014 Obviously it must be safe to do so or they wouldn 39 t risk it. It may be that the rifle primers are igniting more quickly than is normal. R 1 190. Many semi autos can accommodate the . Rifle primers are harder. Ammo stored in an ammo can or purchased prepacked for long term storage like The Prepper will be safe to shoot for decades. 222 Rem. Winchester small rifle primers are all I use to reload my. 00 38. SKU 14. Also retailers 39 web sites can change at any time. Clark Mexico MO 65265 www. Rifles and rifle cartridges can be fired at ranges that handguns were not designed to. One pound 454 grams is sufficient for between 14 000 and 23 000 primers. 00 1m 179. 5 middot Large Pistol Magnum. Aug 30 2020 GIVEN AWAY I have 350 Rem 7 1 2 small rifle bench rest primers to give away. Gunpowder For Reloading. 95 out of stock Sellier amp Bellot Large Rifle Primers Case of 5 000 primers Description Sellier amp Bellot 39 s state of the art ballistic labs test their noncorrosive and nonmercuric primers for consistency and sensitivity ensuring you get reliable ignition and dependability shot after shot. As pistol primers go Federal are soft as fresh Wonder bread Winchester are as firm as stale pizza crust and CCI are as hard as rock candy. 223 loads all of which are shot in my AR and I 39 ve never had any misfires slamfires or any other types of OOB fires. Im fairly new to reloading about a year into it and Ive heard you can use small rifle primers instead of small pistol 13 Jan 2011 My question is I have been reading about using small rifle primers in 9mm reloading. The main problem is that with the magnum primer with the higher pressure can push the bullet out of the case before you get a good burn and proper pressure in the case. _____ This is why rimfire primers are only used in smaller calibers including 17 HMR 22 LR and 22 WMR. Feb 24 2018 I have only ever used standard rifle primers in 45acp 44mag 38special 357mag 9mm 380acp 44mag 5. I was reloading 9MM last night and ran out of small pistol primers. Apr 04 2019 Other cases that use the small rifle primer can use the above primers only if moderate loads are used. Do no try to hot rod it. 223 that the two CCI primers looked IDENTICAL in size shape and color. Will trade for small pistol primers or 35 cash. New Small Rifle Primers in the box untouched. From what I found on line Alcan was a Smith and Wesson brand. At Federal we not only build the industry 39 s widest variety of ammunition we offer the leading products for every facet of the shooting sports. PRODUCT No TYPE OF PRIMER USED FOR PCS PER GRATING GRATINGS PER BOX BOXES PER CASE WEIGHT PER CASE kg lb V360157 Small Pistol 4 4 Boxer Pistol and revolver cartridges 9 mm Luger 38 Special 7 65 Browning 40 S amp W 357 SIG I use Winchester Small Rifle and load either military surplus WC820 or W296. Dec 22 2018 And this time the Small Rifle primers turned in the higher muzzle velocity. 00 for 100 or 38. 2 grains of Unique and berry 39 s 124 grain bullets 1. In ordering this product you certify that you are of legal age and satisfy your jurisdiction 39 s legal requirements to purchase this product. Winchester JHP 5. These primers are also used in heavy handguns such as the 9mm. You can get it for 139. 62x54r can both be reloaded if you take your time and add a few extra steps to the normal loading process. 40 Super calls for a small rifle primer. 222 Remington 5. For example a few months back I was field testing a new rifle and saw pierced primers with a particular type of ammunition at a rate of about three shots out of 10. 020 to . May 18 2013 Shortage of reloading supplies is forcing me to explore different options. Small rifle primers for 9mm Discussion in 39 Ammo amp Reloading 39 started by Scarecrow1307 Apr 15 2014. It was intended for the . If you have dated bulk ammunition that you 39 re skeptical about look for corrosion or anything that doesn t quite look right. Must be able to meet face to face in the Flint area. 321 LR 32 20 WCF . Ok dont flog me too bad for asking. 223 Remingtons and . This 6 1 2 Small Rifle primer is primarily designed for use in the 22 Hornet. 020 and small rifle primers have a cup thickness of . Federal Small Rifle Primers No. Other than these I use Federal CCI etc. Is there an advantage to be had using magum vs regular small pistol primers. 223 and 300 BO. BACKORDER. Feb 20 2016 Tests of multiple primer types including magnum show they make less difference to the peak pressures and velocities in large diameter cases than in small ones using small rifle primers. May 12 2020 In field use of handgun caliber rifles shooting subsonic loads I have found it best to utilize the quot optimum trajectory quot in which maximum bullet rise does not exceed about 4 inches. 017 quot cup which is This means that if you use a rifle primer in a pistol you will get a lot of hard nbsp 24 Mar 2013 I have a lot 5000 of the small pistol primers and thought that I would rifle primers in pistol loads but I don 39 t think I 39 d use SP primers in a rifle load. Vance Outdoors reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice. com 800 531 2666. 22 Long Rifle 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire WMR CCI Primers 209 Muzzleloading Box of 100 You can learn more about the cookies we use and why we use them by Apr 29 2015 Within the large rifle primers I ve found the Winchester WLR and Federal 210 to be the hottest and the Remington 9 to deliver the least heat with the CCI200 somewhere in between. Apr 18 2020 Just treat them like small pistol magnum primers and you 39 ll be fine as it 39 s fairly common for competition use in 9mm major . These cases are perfectly reloadable however you should separate them from the . I have a nice recipe of of 6. Has anyone tried this I cant find ANY small pistol primers anywhere but I have roughly 4k small rifle and 3k 9mm that needs to be reloaded. We thought we would run our own test using all the different primers that we have here. I also have and use the newest version of the Hornady LNL AP progressive press and have enjoyed excellent success reloading 9mm with it. Aug 29 2020 We cannot ship primers or powders to New Jersey or Massachusetts and other CCI Large Rifle Bench Rest Primers BR2 Box of 100 HAZMAT Fee Required Out of stock. CCI 41 5. 99 35. Small Pistol Primers are used for small caliber pistols any of the various 9mm calibers such as the . com does not endorse any retailer listed on this site. 11 Fiocchi made 9 mm Flobert rimfire ammunition uses a 1. Winchester offers rifle ammo shotgun ammo and handgun ammo. Oct 16 2012 Quick question I 39 m new to reloading 6. He asked me whether he could use the small rifle primers for his 9MM reloads. Gas will blow back through the primer pocket and erode your breech face. Perhaps I have been lucky. and some hot 9MM major loads which are really wild to load and shoot. 2015 offers excellent You can use mag pistol primers heck you can use small Rifle primers but it changes all the data so the old saying goes quot quot Start Low and Work up quot Why you want to use mag primers is another story unless it is all you have or can get. 270 Winchesters just because those are also centerfire. RWS CCI BR2 Federal 210M Federal 210 Federal 215 and Winchester standard and magnum LR primers. A quick visit to your local gunsmith can confirm this as well. 28 These non corrosive all weather primers deliver fast dependable ignition under any shooting condition. These are the bread and butter of reloading the most commonly called for primers in reloading recipes. 05 23 2013 04 43 PM 7 ireload2 Oct 21 2013 The rifle you choose should be the one that best suits the conditions of course and you personally after shooting both. Small Rifle Primers BR 4 1000 Primers Incredibly consistent ignition power Selected metal parts Each primer marked with a B for quick identification Use the same data as CCI Standard non Magnum primers Benchrest competition Anytime you need an added edge in accuracy In benchrest competition there s no such thing as a group CCI 400 Small Rifle Primers Box of 1 000 Permanent Link to Product Page. Chrono your loads if you have a chronograph. 221 Fireball and the . To test what I mean obtain an AR type rifle or a garand or an M1A load one round of military ammo into the magazine clip. Remington 1 1 2 Centerfire Small Pistol Primers 100 Count Within every Kleanbore primer is a group of subcomponents assembled to exceptionally precise tolerances. Never an issue and they have been available locally. 22 Hornet . 5 grain off with no problems at all. I 39 m using Accurate 5 at 5. They utilize modern non corrosive and non mercuric initiator mixes for the cleanest burn possible. Not picky about brand. Rifle vs Pistol Primers. May 16 2013 357 sig small rifle primers 357 sig using magnum primers loading 357 sig with magnum primers pistol primers 357 magnum primer for 357 magnum primer used for 357 mag primers . Add to Wishlist CCI APS Small Pistol Magnum Primers Strip No. Buy Primers at Sportsmans Warehouse online and in store has everything for your outdoor sports adventure needs. 223 and 9mm reloading. Small rifle and pistol primers are of the same height. Because they are small it can fool you. 5s started making it big the 6. When you buy shoot reload and work with these different primers what will you actually notice It s easy to find ammo loaded with either type of primer. It shoots the can approximately 105 yards before the can hits and You can use sm. The higher the pressure that a primer is designed for requires a thicker and harder primer cup. 5. Shop our vast selection and save US Military Surplus 50 BMG Blue Tip Incendary hand pulled . 32 acp the . Cabelas will ship when in stock and my order of SP and LP and SRP came in different shipments only 20 TOTAL for HAZMAT despite 3 separate shipments. Trying to force fit a 0. The only difference is in the cup hardness. Some High Pressure loads that I have used Small Rifle primers in are . Fort Smith FSAAP 12. My confusion is that the primer pocket on my rounds seems larger like a Winchester WLR Large Rifle Primer would fit in there granted I would never use those since they are a much more sensitive primer and don 39 t want a slam fire . You can deepen the pocket on your brass and with the harder striking surface would probably work well in your SMG. Rifle Magnum Match Buy rifle ammo primers in bulk for cheap low prices and save Check for bulk rifle ammo primers eligibility in the product details Hazardous Materials Shipping 1 fee covers up to 25 000 primers order Apr 14 2009 I use CCI 400 primers for all my . See note on Powders below or read all about various Powders. i accidentally bought a bunch of smr magnums too and they seem to run fine with 38sc as well Small pistol primers have a cup thickness of . I I can buy plenty of Starline brass and reload to my hearts content. It is more powerful than the anemic . Here is a new one for you. 99m 223 Wolf 55 FMJ Copper Jacket Bullets 109. My understanding was that small cases like 9MM had a tendency to spike pressure more quickly than large cases. I feels like I 39 m going to rip the space time continuum if I use them in some 9 39 s Jul 12 2016 Because the amounts of priming compound necessary to recharge primers are tiny small amounts of chemicals are sufficient for thousands of primers. large rifle. A mass quantity of primers loose in a container can detonate with the power of the total explosive quantity of the individual primers. However by using pistol primers you a creating a potentially unsafe condition due to several factors Near realtime tracking of who has ammo mags and reloading supplies in stock. He does reload a lot for 9MM. NOT. Mag. Jan 04 2020 Winchester primers sometimes are on the high side of the diameter spec and difficult to seat. Small Magnum Pistol primers Small Rifle primers The Small Pistol primers and Small Rifle primers are not harder but thicker material to take the higher pressures of the load charge. There is a ton of load data available for 300 blk and I believe that much of it uses fast burning rifle powder and pistol powder. Aug 21 2020 With the ongoing great primer shortage of 2020 I have been looking into alternatives for out of stock small pistol primers. 44 Mag but with CFE 223 powder and standard versus magnum primers I believe the pressure difference was less than 2000 psi at its greatest point. Sep 18 2015 There is a different you can see but I check mine with the primer pocket cleaner. When it comes to types of Boxer primers there are 3 variables 1 small or large 2 pistol or rifle 3 regular or magnum. Come visit our store at 975 19th Street in Prairie du Sac Wisconsin. 223 with small pistol magnum. I use small rifle primers currently Wolf for both . From my experience it appears to matter from gun to gun. 260. Aug 01 2016 Only use small rifle in mine. 008 quot thicker than a large pistol primer. Reloading Supplies and Components Powder Valley is your Reloading Superstore. In addition there are some made for special purposes such as military and target loads. If stored properly ammo can easily outlast you Proper storage means cool dry and without temperature swings. High production rates can be achieved by this type of automated process. Large Rifle Magnum primers I only use Federal 215 39 s because they are recommended by Weatherby. 270 Win. 50 per box and regular shipping charges apply. It is a complete upper receiver that pins on your AR lower. The recent presumably American made Hornady cases I looked at didn t use Remington Winchester Federal or nickel plated Speer primers. RCBS APS Unprimed Primer Strips Mag Small Pistol Red 8 pack to choose the type of primer you use these RCBS APS Unprimed Primer Strips are a great option. Inspect your primers before attempting to retrieve that precious anvil. 223 and if anybody wants them I would like to sell or trade them for small rifle primers that I can use. 56 blank. WWII 48 million deaths civilian and military in both Pacific and European theaters. I guess I 39 ve lived a sheltered life or just plain not paid attention which is probably the case here WIN PRIMERS SMALL RIFLE Bullets fired from a rifle will have more energy than similar bullets fired from a handgun. Add to Wish List. May 13 2002 Agree if you happen to have them laying around and are out of small pistol primers and REALLY need to load up then use sm rifle. I bought two 100 . . Aug 31 2020 I often use small rifle primers in place of small pistol magnums with ball powders but since I use small rifle primers for . Some of us did this back in the quot Great Shortage quot . Becoming Graf amp Sons. waynnord. We are the largest provider of all brands of reloading supplies because we offer great service and wholesale prices. Ammunition or cartridge specification is usually the quot Cartridge Maximum quot specification and may not be the same as the nominally measured dimensions of production remanufactured or hand loaded ammunition. 400 Small Rifle Primers are for most standard loads in cases requiring small rifle primers. Reloaders use Gold Medal Match Primers with the same reloading data as standard non magnum primers to obtain similar velocities with greater accuracy. 95 out of stock Jan 04 2011 You can have too much primer. 2015 is a popular choice for first class performance in benchrest calibers and is also recommended for use in large bore straight wall cartridges 45 70 458 Win Mag . Large Rifle versions will be more reliable in extreme cold. The 9mm is a high density cartridge and a small change can yield large results. Just like you d need a separate firearm for rimfire . 357 etc. Small rifle primers can and have been used but mostly by the competition crowd. Adjust your load data to reflect the much more powerful primer. 56 Small Rifle Military Primers 1000 pcs . The next step is to pick up primers and powders. 13 quot 28. Watch the powder charges and over all lengths as well as the seating depth of the bullets. The American Gunner line of ammunition is a collection of tried and true versatile loads that are popular with shooters for their target shooting hunting or self defense needs. Shop our vast selection and save Sep 11 2004 For the reloaders out there. 9mm Minor w Small rifle primer posted in Reloading Is it ok to use small rifle primer in 9mm minor I read lots of benos topics regarding small rifle primer in 9mm most in major. The small rifle primer numbers above reflects the load data available on 6mmBR. quot Besides do not confuse sensitivity with reliability. 38 super etc. Never try someone else 39 s loads in your rifle. CCI 3000 available 125 1000ct CCI no. You needn 39 t use a Magnum primer for the . Midsouth has the right primer for your application. A small pistol primer takes about . Look for ammo that says low recoil or lite on the box. Glock MP17176. A difference you can see when comparing pistol and rifle primers is how thick the primer s cases are. 62 39 and the surplus 7. rifle primers in handgun ammo watch near max loadings for overpressure. I 39 ve read a theory that you can get breech face erosion from using rifle primers in pistol loads IF those loads are not extremely high pressure. 21 out of stock Quick View. 41 primers for 150. In many jurisdictions it is illegal to store more than 10 000 primers in a private home. 1 800 223 0900 Magnum Small Pistol Primer 5000 Count Case by Federal If you 39 re a reloader and you want components that will do the trick every time. NOTE 1 According to Speer CCI Technical Services Both the CCI 550 Small Pistol Magnum and CCI 400 Small Rifle primers are identical in size. You can see that there are really just three different small rifle primers that were mentioned at least 10 different times Think you own a lot of guns and have it all. 38 loads for years. I might also recommend the CCI BR 2 the Remington 9 1 2 RWS Large Rifle and other Large Rifle primers. Based on my manuals suggestions over the last 5 6 years I stockpiled CCI 400 primers Winchester and Federal non magnum small rifle primers and Federal magnum small rifle primers. I have lots of small rifle primers but only a few trays of small pistol primers and about 1000 rounds of . A small piece of thick lead wire is cut to the correct length and formed into the bullet shape by a die set in an automatic press. We pack powder and primers together in one box for one hazmat fee Mar 24 2013 I perform an experiment to see if it is viable to reuse spent primers and remake them into something useable. Member Since Aug 29 2020. You can safely use it in a 9mm case if you reduce the powder change. 5 Whatever NATO round chambered large caluber rifle you can afford for distance Savage makes some accurate rifles w good triggers at low price point for example. Small rifle primers and small pistol primers are exactly the same size. If times you can use them with your current load without any problems. 22 Long Rifle rounds. But it can surely play hob with your reloading routine. 99 Fort Smith FSAAP Lead Free Large Pistol Boxer Primers 124. Size. Today 39 s CCI primer is more sensitive easier to seat and more compatible with progressive and automated loading Aug 01 1997 Loads for . tried this once in s amp w to try . Feb 05 2010 Having said that I have a couple of corrections. Have loaded about 3000 small pistol with the only difficulty with WIN 9mm crimped brass but that 39 s all primers CCI winchester . Add to Compare. If you re do your load workup you can use them. Take a look at another round that hammers the 6BR and again you see a small primer. 38 special the . CCI Primers Large Pistol 1000ct. SIG 39 s new MPX PCC a carbine chambered in 9mm is the largest gun in nbsp I have a box of small rifle primers but Im just loading 9mm right now. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. The universal shell holder is spring loaded and fits just about every rifle or pistol case out there so you don t need to buy and swap shell holders just shove a case in and the jaws center it and hold it securely in place while you drive a primer into place. 175 quot diameter and large . May 20 2013 With the Smith 500 large Magnum pistol primers and large rifle primers are pretty close to interchanagable but with a VERY small capacity case like a 9mm you might very well cause a pressure spike and blow up the gun and perhaps yourself. 00 for 1000 HAZMAT ITEM. Note This breech plug kit fits TC Encore Muzzleloader barrels and Omega Not Pro Hunter Muzzleloader Barrels. 3 middot Small. Would they work for 38 cowboy loads and possibly 9mm 40 cal Thanks As a final note Remington s 6 small rifle primers also come with a warning about their use in rifle cartridges. 223 in the photo below. Face to face transaction. Casting very addictive but i can load 9mm and 45 acp very cheap i also powder coat my cast bullets reason it wont lead up the barrel Then usual intensity and cup thickness differences between rifle and pistol primers aside large rifle and large pistol primers and pockets are of different heights. While visiting my brother I ran across some Remington 6 1 2 small rifle primers. Friction or spark can initiate the dust. 38. 22 TCM. Winchester 6 1 2 116 Small Rifle Primers 39 90. All primer sizes are basically the same price so it doesn 39 t cost any more to use the right one. 40 cal Glock 23 and an HK USP. 357 Maximum. Aside from that one brick of small pistol primers I was forced to buy during the great primer shortage. Have following 9mm I 39 d be willing to trade for certain primers . 13 votes 28 comments. 313 SP 32 Winchester Special . At Widener 39 s you 39 ll find a huge line up of bulk range rounds and in stock hollow point and hunting ammo for sale with fast shipping that you can count on made by brands you 39 ve learned to trust. 40 Super. CCI Primers 550 Small Pistol Magnum 1 000 ct 18. 04. 210 inch diameter and highly energetic disc into a 0. 00 223 223 55gr. Effective slam fire prevention requires more than special primers. 56 . So as long as you have a good firing pin spring in your semi auto and have not lightened your hammer spring the primers should go bang. This is all thanks to its light weight and ability to fold in half. It is true that you will need a STRONG strike to them and some pistols will quot Light Strike quot and not fire them. 2 A case 5000 of Remington 6 1 2 Small Rifle Primers good for 5. CCI primers offer the reloader clean reliable ignition. 205Manufacturer FederalModel Fed205Reloading Powder And Primers Can Only Be Sold To Persons 21 years Old Or older. We use cookies to provide you with an improved user experience and nbsp Cannot find any small match primers but I am finding the small match pistol to using the same charges with the SRP in my 9mm loads as I do with SPP. I have done some experimentation in the past and had results that indicated that its not a good idea to swap primers. Sellier amp Bellot is one of the best kept secrets among European Ammo amp loading component manufactures. Oct 01 2017 9mm pistol cartridge Before you get too far make sure that your state allows them for hunting and if so what is the largest animal you can take with a 9mm. 45 mm diameter small pistol primers and a thicker or stronger metal cup small rifle version for use with higher pressure loadings in weapons with heavy firing pin impact 0. This website was made to share our experience with almost every powder you can buy for use in 9MM 5. We have CCI and Winchester standard primers for 29. 28 141. I 39 ll see if I still have the listing of RWS and Alcan Berdan primers from the 1970s down in the crypt. Price 4. We use small rifle primers in 9x23 because the pressures for USPSA IPSC competition are comparable to a rifle in fact early 9x23 was made by shortening a . They say Do not use 6 small rifle primers in high intensity rifle cartridges such as the . Primers Reloading including CCI Standard Primers 35 . I know for a fact that Magnum Large PISTOL primers produce higher velocities than Standard Large Pistol primer. Dec 27 2015 Did you check this statement I was surprised to see CCI 450 Small Rifle Magnum Primersas the most popular small rifle primer. 9mm handguns have the advantage of having large capacity magazines yet are still relatively small in size so almost anyone can handle the gun and most 9mm s can be carried easily. 020 quot cup not recommended for AR15 use by CCI Speer. Since then I use Federal primers the softest cup for most of my handgun loads and I use CCI primers for 30 30 loads whenever using a tubular magazine. Can these be used interchangeably What risk would there be in 38 special or 40S amp W if I used small rifle primers Jan 19 2013 Now that you have your daily trivia yes you can use small rifle in pistol ammo. We thank you for your continued patience and on going business. Of note some presses such as the Dillon 1050 1100 have a swaging rod that can be used to swage brass. Federal manufactures their Gold Medal line of components and ammunition to exacting tolerances and strict quality control to provide shooters with high quality ammunition they can trust. Aug 01 2020 Small rifle small pistol and large pistol from reloading 9mm . i 39 m using some OLD bought at a pawn shop come in a green box CCI small pistol primers 5. However in most If you can find Federal small rifle primers they are said to have a softer cup than some other brands. The rifle primers might harder and perhaps safer to use in a semi rifle platform. Special Offer. So if you wish to try these primers secure some Titegroup. That cheap Wolf 7. Jul 28 2015 I cannot say what is safe or unsafe for you to do but can cite some personal experience. or . Never store primers in bulk such as in a can or jar. The gun is a hoot to shoot in Jul 02 2009 Small Rifle Primers Discussion in 39 Shotguns Shotgunning Ballistics amp quot Shooter 39 s Tal 39 started by mjmaurer Jun 23 2009. Keep in mind that finding the best primer for your handloads is a very small part of your search for improved accuracy. 41 5000 available 150 1000ct better price for larger purchase. The DOT imposed hazmat fee of 32. Only possible trade would be for 9mm 124gr projectiles. Small Rifle UNIS Ginex 100ct. View list of retailers. If you 39 re not sure about the type shell ask an outfitter which load you should use for either gun after explaining the conditions and game you 39 ll be hunting. 175 quot in diameter while large pistol and rifle primers measure 0. 200 cash firm. I don 39 t recall using the CCI 550 but have used some other magnum small pistol and small rifle primers in reloading 9MM 38 Super and 9X23 Winchester. 380 ACP but like the . It would be satisfying to say that rimfire primers are exclusive to rifle and pistol cartridges but as always there is an exception. mjmaurer Active Got company coming for two weeks so reloading is on hold. Note B Used in small rifle rounds like . 99m 5 94. 308 or a . Pistol and rifle primers have the same physical dimensions but differ in the pressure they can handle and the intensity of the flame. In many jurisdictions it is illegal to store more than 10 000 primers in a private home. I have some Rem 6 1 2s that are total flops in any of my small rifle loads. If you don 39 t have a chornograph to measure velocity stick with the loads listed as quot starting load quot for the specific powder until you get some more experience. Thanks for your reply. 500 S amp W. . All orders may take 7 to 10 business days to process and ship due to current economic conditions. 75 inch 44 mm brass shotshell firing 1 4 ounce 7 g 8 shot with a velocity of 600 ft s Archive Page 2 General Reloading and Handloading Discussions. May 23 2016 An old rule of thumb suggests the use of magnum primers any time the powder charge is 60 grains or more. The problem is worse with large pistol primers but also a consideration with small pistol 9MM primers. Winchester works to make sure all primers are reliable instant and precise. I reload pistol rounds that take small primers with small rifle primers. I have Tula small rifle mag large pistol small pistol primers as well as someCCI small rifle mag primers. Large Rifle and Large Rifle Magnum primers are perfect for Blackhorn 209 and all smokeless powders. I have small primer 45 brass and my 1911 lights the small rifle primers just fine. Sellier amp Bellot. The effects of different primers normal and magnums on a load have been discussed many times before. There are 39 harder 39 primers typically sold as 39 AR 39 or 39 556 39 primers. The 115 grain Berger loads averaged 3 056 fps and the 120 grain Smokeless Powder Black Powder Primers and Fuses are considered hazardous materials incur HazMat Charges and can only ship ground freight within the continental U. 9mm. In addition to scarcity rifle primers have harder cups some pistols may have trouble igniting them. Do not force primers. What started as a small dream has become a multi million dollar international business selling ammunition reloading supplies and accessories. 020. primer specifications are proprietary information and not available to the public. 1 gr. I was given 12k small rifle magnum primers by a friend and am currently using them to load 9mm. For example Federal Hydra Shok 9mm 135 Grain Low Recoil JHP or Hornady Critical Defense Lite 9mm Luger 100 Grain FTX. They can be used interchangeably. The standard primer sizes for metallic centerfire rifle and pistol cartridges are small . Then you have standard and magnum primers. Apr 08 2010 I 39 m no expert but of the two I prefer 9mm for survival. military ammo. and the . A larger sweet spot means more reliable ignition in guns that produce off center hits. Jun 06 2019 Come see Bulletguy. 30 06 Springfield you can t shoot . The large primer cleaner will not fit in a small primer hole. While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images descriptions and pricing for all products inadvertent errors may occur. 95 Fort Smith FSAAP Lead Free Small Pistol Im fairly new to reloading about a year into it and Ive heard you can use small rifle primers instead of small pistol primers in 9mm and other small pistol rounds. Items 1 31 APS Rifle Primer Small Rifle Caliber 450 Magnum Bullet Style Small Rifle Package Quantity 1000 APS Pistol Primer Small Pistol Privacy Policy middot Supply Chain Disclosure middot Terms amp Conditions middot Do Not Sell My Info. 175 quot 4. Primers on all mag rounds. I purchased these primers eight months ago but have switched because of them being hard to find in this area. Brownells is your source for Pistol Primers Primers at Brownells parts and accessories. Haven 39 t had any misfeeds or malfunctions firing in a Browning Hi Power and a Taurus PT709 Slim. 10 000 Count Sellier amp Bellot 4 4 Sr Boxer Small Rifle Primers IN STOCK amp READY TO SHIP From Thunder Ammo amp Arms are these S amp B Small rifle primers. add SKU 14. 45 Anytime someone starts with quot I support the 2nd and own guns myself but quot it is code for I mean the exact opposite and now I 39 m going to say something stupid and untrue. Local gun shops out of SMALL PISTOL primers bigger retail outlet closing down and aren 39 t restocking. 9mm Luger is also a small capacity case that operates at chamber pressures as high as 35k psi. They can 39 t make primers more sensitive and label them quot Not for use in semiautomatic rifles. This is just a proof of concept idea not inte All 1 1 2 Small Pistol Primers are tested in controlled scientific environments for ballistics performance and quality. Is there a quot BIG quot difference between brands of Small Rifle Primers I use Winchester because that was the Large Pistol Primer I started using in 1997. It shoots the can approximately 105 yards before the can hits and 9mm ammo with low recoil will be advertised that way. Small Rifle and Small Pistol primers are the exact same size but they are NOT the same. Bullseye under a 115 gr. I use small pistol primers in my 22 Hornet. The heavy metal free primers havent the ignition strength of the lead based ones so they tend towards irratic ignition. Have done it with . is listed as max in my Hornday manual . CCI Small Rifle Primers. The Glock magazine pouch is made from the same highly durable polymer that you have come to depend on. Disclaimer. CCI Primers are continuously tested and improved. Oct 09 2012 One instance is the 454 Casull uses small rifle primers while the 460 and 500 S amp W uses large rifle. 99 as well. Bullet is . Having said that and have serious reservations on using a pistol cartridge for hunting Item Name FT Wolf Small Rifle Primers Location Woodstock Zip Code 30188 Item is for Trade Only Trade Value or Items Looking For 9mm ammo or I 39 ve got some small rifle primers left over from my M1 carbine and 32 20 Winchester carbine days and was wondering if it is safe to use them in place The hodgdon site shows that you should use mag. Large rifle primers are 0. Note C Sometimes noted as 39 Parabellum primer 39 used in 9 mm Luger 9 x 19 Steyr and majority of pistol rounds that use 4. Remington s catalog shows the 6 listed only in the . The carbine itself is rated for P 9mm ammunition so you can run it hot if you so wish. Military ammo can get a rough ride and anything to hold it together from crimps to tar bullet seals helps. 209 shot shell and muzzlelaoding primers used by muzzleloading hunters. Meet in Reston can not ship. Has anyone tried using magnum primers in a 9MM This load features 5. These non corrosive all weather primers deliver fast dependable ignition under any shooting condition. Small Rifle Magnum CCI 450 same thicker . 300 Wby. 25 Auto case or any of the other small cases including 9mm with a May 31 2011 Small pistol small rifle and large pistol primers all use pocket depths of . Loads shown are guidelines for you. You need to order in quantity because of this added fee. Brass was available from both Triton and Starline Brass Company. You can do small rifle rounds and all pistol rounds with it. 22 Hornet 49 000 psi and . Once it is set up with the proper shellholder I set a batch of 100 Jun 24 2020 You can also substitute small rifle primers for small pistol primers because they are the same size. When it comes to the components you need to make high quality ammunition we have it all including Gun Powder Primers Bullets and Over time the primer dust can form a thin layer in and around the handling and storage areas of primers. Fiocchi Small Rifle Primers. Primer cup dimensions are controlled to four decimal places. 118 . Fiocchi Small Rifle Magnum primers are used in their exceptional rifle ammunition and now you can have that same quality in your reloads. I bought small rifle primers thinki 9mm Luger 10mm AUTO. 31 mm diameter primers for shotgun shells and modern inline muzzleloaders using a Boxer type primer factory assembled inside a tapered flanged brass cup Mar 21 2012 Small pistol primer pockets are the same size as small rifle primer pockets. FMJ 109. And ideally you 39 d have a chronograph to measure your results. Brownells is your source for Rifle Primers Primers at Brownells parts and accessories. The rifle is but a part of the equation here. I 39 d like to use them up but the reloading books I have are all saying to use a regular primer. NOT large large rifle primers are taller than large pistol However drop your charge a bit maybe 5 just to be safe. I 39 ll plainly state what I 39 m willing to do . The pistol primers are the same size yet softer which allows them to be inserted into an existing primer pocket without the need to be swaged. 6 middot 5000. Jun 27 2018 Most snipers shoot bolt action rifles. You will blow out the primers most assuradely. I don 39 t notice any increase in velocity no pressure signs and no light strikes using Glocks. There are countless Intended for use in small pistol rounds like . Also this barrel is 18 1 2 inches long so that being on a break over gun with a 7 inch silencer the overall length is about the same as a bolt gun with a 22 inch barrel so it quot pretty handy. lklawson Staff Dec 01 2013 I was using small rifle primers for 9mm reloading until I ran into a batch of harder than usual small rifle primers. For best results use the mildest primer consistent with good ignition 6. See full list on gunsamerica. Low recoil ammo will generally be easier to shoot and allow for quicker target reacquisition for follow up shots. So you can use it on either a threaded stud or in a threaded socket. 209 Shotshell ACME 9MM . Need to call Customer Service 423 5 LOHMAN or 423 556 4626 Jul 27 2020 The Magtech Clean Range line is manufactured using a non toxic primer and fully encapsulated projectile to eliminate exposure to lead and heavy metals. 223 Remington. Therefore if you use rifle primers in some pistols you may have trouble with light fire pin strikes and a failure to fire. Please help educate the ignorant. Carbine firing pin has no safety block to it like what is seen on a glock or a spring on it like is seen in a 1911. I have only used rifle primers with it myself. We have found the following primers in our possession. It is critical that you use the exact same cartridge that is stamped on the barrel or the receiver of your rifle. 99 once they are back in stock at Midway. Revolvers if you like reloading more often. 6. 223 Remingtons. 1911 R1 Back. This means that you can faraway targets with an unsurpassed accuracy. You can use sm. quote I have shot a few thousand 9mm with small rifle primers in different pistols with no misfires. The generally accepted difference is heat is 6 percent up and down from the middle ground CCI200 although that is subject to actual scientific data which I Primers Powder Valley is your Reloading Superstore. There may be another variant of that but 6504 is the label on the box in my primer cupboard. My Taurus 24 7 OSS DSS in 9mm also lights small rifle primers Jan 02 2009 I have used small rifle primers hotter than SPM 39 s in 9mm and . and . Small pistol primers will work. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next gt Apr 15 2014 1. 1 middot Small Pistol. The most consistent velocity that Ive ever seen and very little smoke. Buy Online Pick Up In store Only Limit 10. 45 cal case bags at a gun show that were mixed when the guy saw it he sold them to me for the price of one. Jan 15 2010 i just started reloading 9mm. Jan 29 2014 Lower your known safe powder charge at least 10 and use them. Out Of Stock Product Number 400 13. Handgun ammunition You must be at least 21 years to order ammunition for use in a handgun. Rifle Cartridge or Bullet. Mar 12 2012 I have noticed some shooters are using small magnum pistol primers for Idpa and USPSA 9MM loads. 2020 Elite Reloading Supplies. Federal law also prohibits the purchase of ammunition by minors drug addicts convicted felons illegal aliens the mentally ill and those convicted of a misdemeanor Product Title MTM 100 Round Flip Top 380 9MM Cal Ammo Box Green Average rating 5 out of 5 stars based on 1 reviews 1 ratings Current Price 19. Since primers are such a hot commodity I thought I would ask you guys. GunBot does not endorse any of the retailers or products listed. Hazmat Info You may buy up to 48 lbs of smokeless powder in any packaging combination and a combined order with primers not to exceed 70 pounds. Jun 09 2016 I ve broken a number of hand primers that use plastic components. I have worked up key words here loads in my 357 and 9mm pistols. Buy PRIMED 9mm BRASS cci small pistol primers TOP BRASS READY TO LOAD GunBroker is the largest seller of Reloading Supplies Ammunition Reloading All Recently Moved into the Reno area and I 39 m looking to start reloading . Dec 08 2010 4050 S. 39. S. Powders amp Primers. Remington Boxer No. For 9mm that 39 s 147 grain bullets Solo 1000 and usually a Federal primer. Does anyone else have experience using rifle primers in pistols They are I shot 100 9mm round loaded with rifle primers. But thats why u stock up . WT CASE UPC BOX UPC CASE 22600 X22600 1 1 2 Small Pistol 5 09500 4 98505 9 22604 X22604 2 1 2 Large Pistol 6 09510 3 095158 22626 X22626 5 1 2 Small Pistol Federal Primers 205 Standard Small Rifle 1 000 ct 39. Proper cleaning is the best way to avoid a problem. CCI 39 s primers are highly evolved products because they continuously test and improve. 30 000 to 40 000 psi for handgun chamber . Hodgdon. Oct 22 2019 FWIW I use sometimes use small rifle primers in my small primer 45acp. You might see 5 velocity increase from putting a magnum primer in a 223 depending which one it is but see nothing in a . Both primers use the same primer compound formula and same amount of primer compound. are deeper. Winchester Small Magnum Pistol Primers 1 1 2M Case of 5000 5 Boxes of 1000 141. Bullet Dia. 99 308 IMI New 147 FMJ BT 500 99. 40 ammo I want to get reloading. Elite Reloading cases have been cleaned polished and inspected by hand by individuals who value quality as much as you do. Wideners does NOT currently have the Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers in stock. 1 middot Large Pistol. Speed up reloading protect primers and stay safe with CCI Pistol APS Primers. Feb 14 2013 Conventional wisdom says you can t reload steel case ammo but reality says you can. However it is NOT advisable to do the opposite and use sm. Standard rifle primers work in the 50 000 CPU range while Magnum rifle primers can go as high as 65 000 CPU. You must be 18 or older to purchase Rifle or Shotgun Ammunition and 21 or older to purchase Handgun Ammunition. Brands include CCI Federal Remington Winchester Schuetzen and Cheddite. 357 magnum primers for 357 magnum pistol primers for reloading . Primers. Never use magnum primers in 380 Auto cartridges. I 39 m using CCI large magnum rifle primers in 45ACP pistol cartridge . For safety reasons we do not accept returns on ammunition. 0g of Accurate May 17 2017 To answer the question it is NOT recommended but yes in SOME Small Pistol loadings Small Rifle primers can be used. After many tests I have found that I can run both Missouri bullet company 39 s 135 and 165 grain plain base bullets over 6. Aug 19 2015 38SA takes small pistol primers. 243 Winchester Rifle Note These are near maximum loads you should use 10 less to start. 99 223 M856 Tracer tips 99. In the process of developing a Large Rifle Primer conversion that would ignite Blackhorn 209 powder reliably Cecil became a die hard fan of the new Blackhorn 209 powder. They work great in PCC and most hammer fired pistols but are too hard for striker fired pistols. Based on this test I have to conclude that as long as you use consistent well prepped brass primer size matters little. 210 quot diameter . pistol primers in rifle cases. Large Rifle Magnum Primers A knowledgeable gun shop owner told me Saturday that a standard Winchester Large Rifle primer or a Federal 210 Large rifle primer is fine with propellants like IMR 4350 or Reloder 19 in 7mm Remington or 7mm Weatherby magnum sized loads. 41 are harder than most primers for milita Jun 17 2019 Then I tried the CCI small rifle primers and got good accuracy like 5 8 MOA. 22 Remington Jet. These primers are harder than average and will work well for military firearms with floating firing pins. Due to safety considerations and legal regulatory reasons Smokeless Powder Black Powder Primers and Fuses cannot be returned. We accept Visa amp MasterCard You can also e Mail payment via e Transfer through your current online banking For More Information Call Us Toll Free in North America at 1 866 883 0636 or e mail bulletbarnab gmail. Green tip Ball US Military 1000 124. Not interested in Cash sales at this time my intent is Trade only . 2K Winchester large rifle primers. They are designed to seat more easily and are constructed to feed smoothly through automated equipment. That s exactly the answer I would have expected. Can you safely use these primers in a standard load for the 9mm greenhorntenderfootreloader Mar 31 2012 The answer depends upon whether you 39 re loading to quot old timey quot 357 pressures or the more current SAAMI approved 35 000. See all Apr 20 2018 Is anyone here familiar with Alcan primers. CCI Small Rifle Primers No. When looking for Berdan primers for sale the use is one of the most important things to consider. Aug 10 2010 I load both 9mm and . 99 Other names for this same round are 9mm Parabellum or 9mm Para or 9x19mm or 9mm NATO. 99 out of stock Quick View. Items 1 16 We thought we would run our own test using all the different primers that we I loaded 10 of my 9mm with the SPM primers and used the start load Win231 3. CCI Large Rifle Primers. Does anybody know if the two are actually different in terms of blast The dimensions are the same. com Dec 02 2019 Small pistol primers have a cup thickness of . 9mm 100 223 69 mm 8 308 CCI 41 5. North American Muzzleloader Hunting relies on the unique . 56 and we have those for 29. Feb 10 2012 I am curious because i have a couple thousand CCI small pistol magnum primers and nothing to load using them. Nov 23 2009 Large Rifle Primers vs. Use some common sense though you probably shouldn 39 t use a magnum or rifle primer in a . These primers offer a more sensitive and larger effective contact area for guns that strike off centre. Instead of the normal single peak we saw two. 3 grains of priming compound a large pistol primer requires about . Use the 7 1 2 Small Rifle Bench Rest primer in these cartridges. Due to different barrel lengths type of bullet seating depth primer type and other factors you may not get near the FPS charted. to name a few. 30 06 . For instance Hornady primarily uses Boxer primers in their rifle ammunition like the Varmint Express . Rating 0 . The result is a failure to fire. Same powder charge as usual though. 357 small pistol magnum primers in . Scarecrow1307 May 12 2010 I noticed today while trying to figure out if some leftover primers in my priming tool were small rifle or small pistol 9mm or . Aug 14 2008 If you are loading for an AR15 or Military style semi auto rifle or are loading high pressure cartridges in any other type of rifle we recommend the Magnum Small Rifle Primers. CCI Small Pistol Primers 500 Box of 1000 HAZMAT Fee Required Price 38. 5x55 . Be prepared for light strikes especially if your gun has had any Jan 19 2016 Wolf Small Rifle SR soft sensitive copper cup not recommended for AR15 military rifle use or high pressure rounds. Rifle ammunition You must be at least 18 years to order ammunition for use in a rifle. 5 Jul 2020 And since the majority of what I shoot is 380ACP and 9mm my 45 brass So far Federal small pistol primer cases in 45 ACP have been an annoyance and nothing more. The 9mm Luger is perhaps the least expensive of all self defense rounds. SP Small Pistol SPM Small Pistol Mag LP Large Pistol LPM Large Pistol Mag SR Small Rifle LR Large Rifle LRM Large Rifle Mag BLR BSR Berdan not available Primer Size and Bullet Diameter Chart 2 4050 S. Sep 11 2004 For the reloaders out there. 5 47 Lapua was often viewed as superior to the 6. Showing 1 27 of 27. But rules of thumb aren 39 t perfect and plenty of cartridges use charges from 55 grains to 65 grains . The large rifle primers are 5 thousandths taller than the large pistol primers. 130 OAL. Large Pistol primers are almost an exact duplicate of small rifle primers so shooters can select those primers for use with Black Powder Pyrodex and Triple Seven. 550 Feb 14 2013 Conventional wisdom says you can t reload steel case ammo but reality says you can. Will meet in Denver metro area up to Fort Collins. 0. RP 7 1 2 39 s are one of the recommended primers for AR15 39 s. Remington does not recommend this primer for use in the 17 Remington 222 Remington 223 Remington 204 Ruger 17 Remington Fireball. 128 132 quot . 256 Winchester Magnum CCI Small Rifle Primers 400 Box of 1000 HAZMAT Fee Required Price 31. You have a few choices that will serve you well and the CCI 200 is one of them. At first sight it is simple you drill a central flash hole at the same time taking off the berdan anvil. R. 006 thicker and might not fit flush with the base. 7 108 amp 14. I use 2 types of powder for loading 9mm W231 and unique. 223 Rem. It is easiest on a lathe but works well and faster on a small drill press with a simple fixture to centre the case under the drill bit. 70 cents ussized . and even CCI Small Rifle Primers No. Prices on these range from 60 to 120. Aug 24 2020 Glock Small Magazine Pouch 9mm 40S amp W 380 ACP 45 GAP Universal for Glock Mags. You will need to use your bolt carrier and charging handle This upper uses a M200 standard 5. In 45 GAP it is a toss up. 380 ACP it easily lends itself to firearm designs which are small and light enough to carry comfortably. These strips do not come with any primers so you can fill nbsp Looking for the right pistol primers for your reloading needs Browse Midsouth 39 s extensive selection of small pistol primers from brands like Federal and CCI. OAL is 1. I only reload 9mm on my 650 and my loads are used for practice and will be used in match 39 s this season. Local stores have plenty of small rifle primers but continue to have nothing in small pistol primers. Shop our vast selection and save I always use mag primers in pistol loads with ball powders. I now Can I use small rifle primers for pistol loading One guy I know runs small rifle primers in 9mm Luger. I 39 ve never used Tula but I hear you have to use up the quot lead free quot primers faster because they don 39 t store for long periods like quot regular ones do. 99 0 Federal Premium Large Magnum Rifle 215 Champion Primer Brick. 223I made a mistake Cases that utilize small rifle primers and operate at moderate nbsp 31 May 2011 The reason I ask is I accidentally bought 1 000 small rifle primers the other day instead of small pistol primers. If you order primers and powder online you will get hit with a hazmat fee last I knew it was 28 fee and you can ship up to 43 lb. Will trade for Looking for large or small pistol primers. Small Rifle pockets will stay snug a bit longer if loaded hot. I bought the 6. In small rifle Tula has different types and one is mil spec designed for AR use. Storing primers in this manner can lead to mass detonation if a primer ignites 4. Regular loads won 39 t cause the rifle primer to deform and seal the rear of the cartridge. Never use magnum primers in 9mm cartridges. Everything 9 MM amp 5. I know you 39 re supposed to use small pistol primers in 9mm ammo because the firing pin springs in pistols aren 39 t as quot stout quot as rifle firing pin springs but I 39 m thinking a FA Uzi spring would hit hard enough to do the job. This months issue of the Hodgdon 39 s reloading magazine shows some pistol and rifle caliber testing with standard and magnum primers. 223 with H335 powder . 25acp etc. 65 cents 308 LC Surplus 147 FMJBT 1000 195. CCI Large Rifle Primers CCI 200 100 to 5000 Count As low as 3. Text is best in Caldwell 208 841 3406 Small Rifle Standard CCI 400 thin . I thought the 1 primers were standard primers and the 5 primers were magnum primers since that is how they are listed in many primer charts. Nov 27 2013 4 Pistols in common calibers that you can shoot effectively and mags would be plentiful vs uncommon. If you have an account According to Speer CCI Technical Services Both the CCI 550 Small Pistol Magnum and CCI 400 Small Rifle primers are identical Aug 09 2020 It supports both 9mm and . NOTE Some shooters prefer the Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers over the standard Wolf Small Rifle Primers because the cups are harder on the SR Magnum versions. 380 ACP and some 9mm calibres. These primers are designed for everything from small caliber rifles and handguns to the large caliber rifles and magnums. You should not be loading to max. 99m M855 62 gr. Yes they will fit into the primer nbsp I have a few thousand TUL AMMO KVB 223 small rifle primers non signs you would be off the charts and most factory pistols won 39 t take that nbsp 19 Sep 2011 I noticed that lots of you use CCI 41 small rifle primers. Jul 04 2020 If anyone has any experience with this I 39 d very much appreciate your thoughts. 308 Win unless you 39 re using ball or spherical powders or it 39 s bitterly sub zero cold out there. com 800 531 2666 32 Short Colt . I now use a hand held priming tool. Miker Do you have experience with AA1680 in the Wulf I have seen some mention of using it but it 39 s not published in my Hornady 9th. 5 grains. Do not stockpile primers or store in bulk. I think I am going that route also. The same of course is not true with large pistol vs. Since the 9mm uses the same pressure and standard primers are fine for it then standard primers are fine for the 357 as well when recent reloading data is used. They will ignite the powder in the case just fine. Keep to the lower end of reloading recommendations. I have 9 k small rifle primers cci 400 Looking to sell or trade for small pistol Comes with a very well executed 9mm 6 quot top end. 190 You Can 39 t Get Past Bad Bullets 191 Is the Glock 19 the Best Concealed Carry Piece 192 Gun Lubrication 193 Can a Cheap AR 15 Be Accurate 194 An Inexpensive AR 15 and an Inexpensive Red Dot Scope 195 How Easy is It to Shoot 30 Shots Into One Group 196 Can You Improve the Ammo for the Mosin 91 30 197 The Canik 9mm Pistol FREE SHIPPING on Over 250 000 Products. Aug 01 2020 Rifle primers in a pistol can work sometimes you will need to shim the hammer spring to set them off due to the thicker tougher metal to withstand the much higher rifle pressures. The carbine is highly comfortable and convenient. Call us or email us with your bulk pricing quote. Pistol primers can work with lighter cast bullet loads in rifles. Federal 100 Has a soft cup good to use if hammer strike is light. CCI 450 Magnum Small Rilfe Primers 1000 pcs. 5 Creedmoor as the modernized standardized optimized version of the 6. We got a great deal on some CCI 41 military white box small rifle primers for 5. L. Have 1 A case 5000 of Remington 2 1 2 Large Pistol Primers. Now have 5k rounds loaded that won 39 t fire consistently with striker fired pistols but fire 100 with hammer fired pistols. We carry only the best in once fired pistol and rifle reloading brass and we sell it at competitive prices. It 39 s good on the 650 as swapping to 223 don 39 t have to empty primer tube etc. Cases that utilize Small Rifle primers and operate at higher pressures 55 000 psi should use CCI 450 CCI BR4 Fed 205 and Rem 7 1 2 etc. Depending on what cartridge you are reloading you need to buy the proper size A small pistol primer will seat too deep in a small rifle primer pocket and may not go off due to a light strike. Short Jul 02 2012 Best Small Rifle Primers. Primers Items 1 to 31 Filter Small Rifle Reset Quickview Percussion Cap No. 30 May 04 2015 At the risk of being thoroughly brow beat I 39 ll admit that I have and do use small rifle primers in pistol loads. As far a LRP I have no idea. The the 30 US M1 carbine cartridge might fit well with a small pistol magnum primer. 5x47L uses the small rifle primers would there be any reason why one couldn t use the standard firing pin assembly in the 700. Pistol primers are shorter than rifle primers this is true of both large and True for large rifle pistol primers. What I have is recent production all was bought within the last May 15 2009 quote You can get alot of misfires shooting 9mm or 357 with rifle primers and the ones that go off will drive pressures up. They are the right diameter but they will seat too far into the pocket. 44. Such cases include 22 CCM 22 Hornet and the 218 Bee. on one fee. CCI makes military primers for use in semi autos. So the large rifle primers don 39 t fit in pistol brass. For the former small pistol type primers like CCI 500 Remington 1 or Winchester WSP will check the box nicely. Qty Size CCI Small Pistol Primers Aug 21 2020 I have read small pistol and small rifle primers are the same interchangeable. Lead free primers are much more expensive and can have spotty ignition results in as little as 10 20 years. I keep checking all my usual places to get primers and it 39 s been no luck for what seems like months. CCI400. There are a few basic parameters that you need to evaluate when buying primers Primer size large small Some cartridges require a large pistol primer 45acp 44 special 44 magnum while others require a small pistol primer 9mm 38 special 357 magnum . But the 450 s must also be consistent because these guys demand consistent muzzle velocities to connect with long range targets. 44. Jun 18 2008 With commercial primers this can result in a quot slam fire quot which will damage or destroy your firearm and can seriously injure you. If this is a serious target pistol then I would do a complete work up and check your POI because they were moving pretty fast. Nov 26 2008 CCI has improved their primers and are far better than they were back then. 17 Remington round in 1971 they found that the 6 primer was not suitable to the high pressure . Stay within the bounds of the Manuals. Feb 13 2013 Large Rifle primers are the same diameter as large pistol primers BUT are 0. Pistol primer cases won t be subjected to as much pressure as their rifle counterparts which means they will be slightly thinner and easier to ignite. As a result today 39 s CCI primers are more sensitive easier to seat and more compatible with progressive and automated loading equipment than ever before. 223 case. And no noticeable difference at the range. These CCI No. 122 quot while large rifle primer pockets are . 215 to 1. We stock all major brands and keep great stock to fulfill your needs. Note D Aug 08 2019 Primers Reloading Accessories Order Form Dealers amp Events Guestbook Photo Gallery Sign In Links. So as you can see the reamer method is a little less expensive too. Just work up the loads from the published minimums don 39 t start right at the top. This could have a negative effect on AmmoSeek 39 s ability to obtain accurate or any information. With any rifle load I usually try a number of primers that I have on hand to see which one will bring the best accuracy and go with that weather it be a mag or not in 30 06 size case or under. With iron sights you take a 6 00 hold on a typical small game animal until the front sight bead about covers the critter and then blot him out and shoot. Remington small rifle primers the 6 primer has a thin cup and is not recommended for higher pressure rounds like the common . Geco 9mm Ammo 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket Lead Free Sintox Primer ammo review offers the following information With over 100 years of ammunition manufacturing experience many of the best shooters in the world use Geco ammunition. These primers are in good shape and I was wondering if someone with a lot of reloading experience could tell me if these primers would be good and also safe to use for reloading some 223 ammo. Sometimes I use CCI 41 or Remington 7 1 2. Choosing the correct primer is important in order to be successful in making good ammo. quot In the real world think of the 6. Small Pistol Magnum or Small Rifle primers could be utilized. Major seems to be fine but minor has so many contradicting opinions. I 39 ve used magnum primers and I even have some ammo loaded with small rifle rem 6. 45 ACP cases with large primers so you don 39 t accidentally try to seat a large primer in a small pocket it won 39 t fit . The standard primer types are pistol pistol magnum rifle and FINDARTICLES is a CBS Interactive portal that lets you find articles about any topic by searching in our network of news and technology sites including CBS News CNET TV. Large. These strips do not come with any primers so you can fill them as you desire. Not surprisingly the S amp B made Hornady headstamped 32 AUTO 9mm LUGER 30 06 SPRG cases use the same primers found on regular S amp B cases but they differ from what is in the presumably American made cases. to test the strength or power of the no. 1 grains of Winchester 231 pistol powder and CCI small pistol primers. What happens if you use 1 primers in loads that you shouldn t For questions comments about Shooting Sports USA please e mail All other small rifle primer calibers use the 7 primers. 209 quot 5. Other cases that use the small rifle primer can use the above primers only if moderate loads are used. The 9mm can be a bit frustrating to load for at times but your efforts will be rewarded. Trade them to nbsp 3 Mar 2009 You could shoot the pressure through the roof. Mar 18 2020 The AK V MOE Rifle comes with a 35 round PSA U9 pattern magazine also compatible with the CZ Scorpion. 6000 Small Pistol Primers will trade 1 1 for Small Rifle Primers SOLD Traded PENDING TRANSACTION Seller Info. 220 range Dillon states on page 5 as shipped from the factory. 99 Surplus Virgin For any of you who might have a GSG MP 40 9mm pistol I have developed a hand load for mine that I 39 m very happy with. Bullet weights on the market included 125 135 150 155 165 170 180 190 200 and 220 grains. Since primers are the only thing i need in order to start loading my own ammo i was asking a bit on another forum and a couple guys said that you could use magnum small pistol primers and small rifle primers for loading 9x19mm i was wondering if any of you guys knew anything more about this and how are you able to tell if certain primers will work in certain 9mm casings. You would need a separate firearm for these rounds. Every combination of those 3 variables is available. I have seen the opposite of what you are asking here where large pistol primers were used instead of large rifle primers the primers were recessed into the case head not flush with it like it 39 s supposed to be and often there was slow or Jun 29 2016 If you notice that the primers seem too deep then check and make sure you are using the right ones. Jan 09 2008 If you use the small rifle primers in the pistol casings make sure the primers are flush with the head. The 4 hole disk are inexpensive and fairly easy to setup. 5 Creedmoor largely because of the use of a small rifle primer. Quote nbsp 25 May 2017 Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats I bought small rifle primers thinking hmmmmmaybe there 39 s a chance. 210 quot across. None of us like current prices nor lack of components . Due to courier company policies with primers we cannot ship to P. Mar 18 2014 You also need to work up loads again because some small rifle primers are hotter than some small pistol primers. 17. I have shot others like them before too. CCI 450 Small Rifle Magnum Primers 1000 . Plus there are different primers for shotguns and 50 BMG cartridges. 6 Mar 2018 Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Out of stock. 025. 30 06 other than a FS 1 000 CCI small rifle primers Thread in 39 Trash Pile 39 started by PA4476 Aug 26 2020 at 6 17 AM. Tags reloading supplies Thread Status Not open for further Feb 12 2018 Small pistol magnum primers If this is your first visit be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. If you own a rifle chambered for . 312 SR Jul 17 2009 Since primers are the only thing i need in order to start loading my own ammo i was asking a bit on another forum and a couple guys said that you could use magnum small pistol primers and small rifle primers for loading 9x19mm i was wondering if any of you guys knew anything more about this and how are you able to tell if certain primers will work in certain 9mm casings. 4 gr. Aug 10 2020 At only 30 cents you can get this powerful cartridge that has more kick than most of the popular handgun cartridges in use today especially the 9mm. 1 Easier for the women and adolescents to shoot 2 Greater availabilty of ammunition 3 Can shoot 9mm 38Sp and 357 in Ruger Blackhawk with the 9mm cylinder 4 For reloading if you have primers it needs less lead to cast bullets and less powder per cartridge. Accurate 2015 is a fast burning single base extruded rifle powder that performs very well in small to medium varmint calibers 223 Rem 204 Ruger . The dinky one for 9mm and small European rifle cases is the RWS 4506. Rifle primers are hotter also harder. Edit CCI 200 primers are the large rifle primers. com for the 6mmBR 6BR as well as the 223 Remington and 223 Remington Ackley Improved. Sure reloading brass cases are much easier but you can reload steel cases. Not thicker because of the primer charge. Do not get in a rush. 223 when I can. The Remington 7 1 2 Small Rifle BR primers come in around 32. I meant 400 which are the small primers. Text 4o6 880 574two. The cartridge comprises the other half of that equation and is key to the rifle shooting process. Rifle primers are made with the expectation of MASSIVE pressure. 4. 40 s amp w cartridges therefore you can use the one that you prefer the most It is compatible with several magazine types for instance various S amp W magazines Sig Sauer magazines and most Glocks magazines. I use CCI small pistol magnum primers with ball or flake powder and nbsp . 32 caliber Small Game Rifle produced by Green Mountain rifle Barrel Co. We have a club meeting this weekend and will see if I can get them together for a bulk buy and maybe I could field orders from others if we get something going. I also load rifle primers for my 9mm Beretta 92 and Glock 19. Please do not let price be a barrier to doing business with us. Similar Posts Widener 39 s has Russian Primers on Sale May 25 2009 I would suggest you use what is recommended for that load. I know you can load 9mm with longshot and you use small pistol. For 223 Remington I generally use standard small rifle primers such as CCi or Winchester small rifle. 308 Winchesters . 99 Fort Smith FSAAP Large Rifle Boxer Primers 499. Seller 39 s Comments and Description I have 5 000 small rifle primers. Many handgun and rifle bullets used for competition shooting are cast using conventional casting methods. We stand behind each of our products with a 100 replace or refund guarantee. Add to Cart. 30 30 Winchesters . All measurements are given in millimeters followed by the equivalent in inches between parentheses. 357 Magnum before without any problems. 25 ACP . 50 Cal BMG 500 ct Federal Premium Champion Centerfire Primers Mag Large Rifle Remington Premier STS 209 Shotshell Primers RCBS APS Unprimed Primer Strips Mag Small. 11. Berdan primers have two holes offset from the center boxers have the single center flashhole. Small rifle only for all pistol. Dec 27 2015 Small rifle primers I prefer Remington 7 1 2 Small Rifle and Remington 9 1 2 Large Rifle. Primers are incredibly reliable when struck with industry specified force. I have loaded 9mm with small rifle primers and have also loaded . 7x28 30carbine. 357 Magnum and Small Primer case Jul 19 2010 Pistol primers are prefered but with the shortages of primers you use what you can get. My reason for using small rifle primers is that I 39 ll never live long enough to use them all up. CCI PRIMER 450 SMALL RIFLE MAGNUM 5000 CASE . I had been using CCI primers known to have the hardest cup of any brand . Again it doesn 39 t take much to put you over the limit much like a 380 Auto. Sellier amp Bellot produces dependable quality ammunition using only high quality components and is one of the largest ammunition producers in the world. 36. Have any of It would be nice not to have to stock small pistol primers. 05 23 2013 04 43 PM 7 ireload2 9mm Parabellum cartridges 9mm Luger HAVE small pistol primers. Feb 10 2012 You cannot use small pistol primers. Special nbsp CCI 400 Small Rifle Primers 1000 . Live testing of shooting products often leads to conclusions you didn 39 t start out to prove. I 39 m curious to know if anyone has ever used small rifle primers in 9mm ammo to fire in their FS FA open bolt Uzi. MidwayUSA Lee Pro 1000 Progressive Press Kit 9mm Luger CCI makes rifle primers for commercial sale that matches military sensitivity specs that reduce the chance of a slam fire when other factors go out of control . Loads were developed with a dozen powders. They are the same size and actually a bit less powerful than Magnum pistol primers. 550 lt p gt Rifle PISTOL IPSC Targets Ammunition Rimfire Centrefire Black Powder Reloading Airgun Pellets Cartridges IN STORE BLANKS SECTION 5 SEC 5 Humane Sec 5 Pistol Sec 5 Rifle Accessories Bipods and Stands Optics Mounts Bags Slips Cases added consistency. Using any other cartridge can result in serious or even fatal injury to you. 243 quot diameter. grafs. 5 and noticed that the primer that seems most popular is the CCI450 Small Rifle. Then it is further broken down to handgun and rifle. Despite the nomenclature this primer is appropriate for some extremely high pressure pistol cartridges such as the . Read all about the Accuracy and the history of Large Rifle Primer conversion for muzzle loaders at our VariFlame II Information Page. Aug 26 2020 at 8 59 AM 1 . hazardous materials incur HazMat Charges and can only ship ground freight within You can learn more about the cookies we use and why we use them by viewing nbsp 22 Dec 2018 A close look at using small rifle primers rather than large rifle primers in reloading cartridge Use of the smaller less aggressive cap can result in better There goes the added consistency you gained by using a Small Rifle primer. CCI Primers Small Rifle 50013. Let me know which you would like to swap for. A pistol primer in a rifle case may be too low and be noticeable deep. GunSite South Africa assumes no responsibility for examples given please follow safe reloading practices. A buddy went to Gander Mountain and asked for small rifle primers and the young ignorant quot helper quot handed him small rifle MAGNUM primers . I think the hidden set screw you refer to is part 13996 on the 550B use the manual section on this site if you don 39 t have one. And small rifle primers have a cup thickness from . I use CCI small pistol magnum primers with ball or flake powder and never had a misfire. Feb 18 2008 Since the 6. We Can Only Ship By Ups Ground To The Lower 48 Stat May 25 2017 Just an experiment. 1911 R1 10mm Hunter 1911 R1 10mm Hunter Flat Dark Earth 1911 R1 Carry 1911 R1 Carry Commander 1911 R1 Carry Commander CT 1911 R1 Stainless 1911 R1 Commander Primers Powder Valley is your Reloading Superstore. It consists of 115 grain hard cast lead bullets 4. I have used small rifle primers in all of my pistols and a AR 9mm quot pistol quot with no problems. I have a thousand small pistol magnum primers from CCI no. Dec 09 2019 Conventional primers are inexpensive and will reliably ignite 100 years after they are manufactured if stored at room temperature. You will love it not just because it is less expensive but also because it is a light weight. I know 39 de anvil 39 is not a word. For higher pressure pistol ammo I have no problem at all subbing rifle for pistol primers. There are two sizes of primers large and small. Otherwise buy small pistol. One box of 1000 CCI No. Winchester Ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities hunting ammo shooting target ammo and personal defense ammo. Though you might have an ignition problem in some guns due to the primer cup being a tad thicker. Apr 10 2017 In chronographing my reloads about the most difference in velocities that I can recall between standard small pistol primers and Magnum pistol or small rifle primers in these cartridges is about 25 FPS. Primer Size and Bullet Diameter Chart 2 Cartridge. 99. Some people have erosion on the breechface in less than 1k rounds some dont recommend it for extended periods however long and many rounds Mar 25 2009 Range Report Standard Small Rifle Primers vs Magnum Small Rifle Primers in 223 I was wondering about the difference in velocities of reloads using Standard Small Rifle Primers as compared to reloads using Magnum Small Rifle Primers. SKU INDEX BRAND AVG. I use nothing but small rifle primers for 9mm reloading all of which are ignited by a fierce blow nbsp 29 Jul 2017 I have now worked through my supply of actual small pistol primers and am starting to look at my stash of now 20 year old WSRs. CCI 41 commercial version of the fully qualified DOD primer for use in U. CCI Primers use a clean burning initiator compound extending the time between primer pocket cleanings. 280 Rem. Product Manufacturer CCI Ammunition. The reason you don 39 t want to use small rifle primers in pistol loads is because the primer cup is harder and a lot of handguns don 39 t generate enough impact to detonate the primer. In recent times Blazer Brass owned and operated by ATK and some other major manufacturers have started loading their standard 45 ACP ammo with small pistol primers to help keep costs down. quot Sep 16 2012 Back several years ago when primers where scarce I bought a flat of them 5000 not realizing that I couldn 39 t use them in my . 25 Auto. Tracking Consent. 17 Rem. Small pistol and rifle primers utilize a cup 0. These are my low powered cast 9mm loads only. 45 acp I have had great success with primer feed in the press and the RCBS uses primer strips. Federal Primers 150 Standard Large Pistol 1 000 ct 44. 99 19 . Hodgdon Extreme H4350 1 lb Rifle Powder 32 99. The reason is since they operate at rifle pressures rifle primers are required. Winchester is running a 25 rebate if you purchase the primers before August 15th CCI is running a 20 one that ends october 31st. null Available In Store Only Caliber Most rifles and Jul 29 2017 At one point in time 20 years ago I checked the specs on primers and found that the small rifle and pistol primers were supposed to be the same size. 312CC. It doens 39 t seem like I could just switch the two primers out without added pressure. I 39 ve never experienced a slam fire with an AR and I have used all different makes of primers. 210 quot diameter . 243 9mm Luger 115 gr XTP American Gunner Item 90244 25 Box . Not true for the small rifle pistol primers. I still like CCI in my progressively loaded pistol cartridges but I use Federals for my large rifle primers. Federal for a start got a deal on them now using fiochi and all good to. 6 and some obsolete small calibres. Whether you are reloading for handgun rifle shotshell or muzzleloading we have what you need. Its power and range are very limited making it suitable only for pest control. More powder can also be used in rifle cartridges because the bullet chambers can be designed to withstand greater pressures 50 000 to 70 000 for rifles psi vs. I 39 m reloading in 9mm and have a bunch of small pistol magnum primers. Fishing rods amp reels camping gear tents and much more. With its clean burning initiator compound these non corrosive non mercuric primers deliver a clean burn to leave primer pockets cleaner for greater accuracy and more shots between cleanings. A friend of mine has several thousand small rifle primers but no longer reloads for rifle. R 1 290. CCI Ammunition 0017. 30 carbine with H110 powder and IIRC for . You may have to register before you can post click the register link above to proceed. 45 ACP ammo uses small primers instead of large Nov 16 2008 What I recommend is the Lee 1000 for a good starter press. 222 and . The pouch has an innovative contoured design that allows for magazine retention without the need for Oct 06 2016 That . . Years ago during the reloading component shortage i worked up a load for my 270 win rifle using magnum rifle primers with excellent results. Triple 7 Pyrodex and others can use regular Large Rifle primers. Fully stocked on Small Pistol Primers Discussion in 39 Reloading Room 39 started by lklawson Aug 26 2020 at 8 59 AM. 5mm Berdan Primers Fort Smith FSAAP 50 BMG Boxer Primers Fort Smith FSAAP Large Pistol Boxer Primers 499. If you re reloading for a military semi auto look to CCI Military primers. 017 to . May 25 2013 Small rifle and small pistol primers are dimensionally the same but small rifle are thicker and you won 39 t get ignition in most revolvers. Having a harder primer cup with the small rifle primers adds a slight margin of safety to these rounds as it may prevent a slam fire that might occur with the softer cup of a pistol primer. Magnum primers can provide a little boost in muzzle velocity over standard primers. When the 6. They went out of business in the70s. Since those are the two rifle calibers I plan to load all I 39 ve bought and used so far is small rifle magnum primers. 22 Hornet. Then you can use the VariFlame II adaptors and large rifle primers. I had two FTF with Wolf out of about 10K used for . Primer Size. This ammunition functions great and through the use of the more cost effective primer it is available at a lower price point. quot you must use . Do not de cap live or new primers fire them in the appropriate gun and then de cap 5. Is this something where I have to start low Such cases include 22 CCM 22 Hornet and the 218 Bee. I may have gotten a bad batch but I won 39 t be buying them again. The 1 1 2 Small Pistol Primer will perform from 20 F to 150 F to ensure no matter where you use them they will perform at the top level. The AR 39 s 40 39 s and 9 39 s all use small primers and reloading is a nbsp Narrow By Quantity. Both primers use the same amount of compound. 025 quot cup as the BR4 and 41. 9mm Applications There is some controversy as to how good the 9mm caliber is for stopping power. Out of Stock. to choose the type of primer you use these RCBS APS Unprimed Primer Strips are a great option. you insert a full soda or beer can etc. Feb 24 2018 The only odd primer I use is small pistol primers in place of 209 of nbsp 9 Aug 2015 Hi All Could small pistol magnum primers be used in a 9mm nbsp Results 1 16 of 59 Small pistol small rifle and large pistol primers all use pocket depths of . In fact I loaded about 5 000 rounds of 9x19 and 40 S amp W a couple weekends ago with small rifle primers. 5 primers on my shelf right now. I also thought that rifle primers were quot harder quot than pistol primers so you may not be getting a true picture of the pressure. w Barnes cast copper plated 115gr round nose and CCI 550 small pistol primers for 1023 fps. Its weight varies greatly between 155 to 165 and 180 grains. Which one you need to use is determined by the caliber and brass you are reloading. Elite Reloading is proud to offer Winchester and Remington Primers. I only say this because I have a 1000 brick of small pistol magnum primers but don 39 t know if I can apply them to my 9mm loads. Usually CCI 250 or Fed 215. 00. Jun 16 2020 Here small pistol hard to get and some rifle powder like varget and h 4350 . O Box or rural addresses ONLY non rural 10 freight When reloading Federal shells use these reliable primers. quot No free man nbsp Guys I 39 ve got all setup to reload 9mm amp 223 but just haven 39 t pulled the trigger CCI 500 and 550 small pistol primers also have a . May 11 2017 You 39 re looking for pierced primers. You can see that there are really just three different small rifle primers that were mentioned at least 10 different times IN STORE COLLECTION ONLY CCI Primers Small Rifle 50013. Presses used are Hornady LNL progressive and Lee Turret Press. I run Federal Small Pistol Magnum for my major loads match ammo. 380 the 9mm luger the 9x18 makarov the . Wideners says that up to 50 000 primers primers That s 10 5000 count boxes can go with May 07 2020 You can also use small rifle primers. I have never loaded 44mag shells with anything but rifle primers and never had high primer problems. Whether you 39 re just headed out for a day of training or making plans for your next trophy hunt we have the ammunition you need with service and prices Wideners says that up to 50 000 primers primers That s 10 5000 count boxes can go with one hazmat tag. ONLY way to figure that out would be to start at min load gradually work up and see what your chrono says. The increased sensitivity design also provides a larger 39 39 sweet spot 39 39 for better use with guns that sometimes deliver off center strikes. Clean Range ammunition is the perfect choice for indoor range use. Jun 23 2009 1 . com and others Can you use small rifle primers for 9mm minor loads without any BTW I use Federal 205 small rifle primers in all my loading work. 56 223 amp 224 Valkyrie. 40 S amp W . No I do not load anywhere near max and I experience no problems. I can 39 t complain. I was searching the net to see if it would be safe to use small pistol magnum primers to reload my 9mm and I found someone who said 39 I use nbsp As a result today 39 s CCI primers are more sensitive easier to seat and more compatible with We 39 re sorry we were unable to load data for this product. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 nbsp I know guys that do it for 9mm major but I am old school use the correct primer for the task. I always work up my loads using large primers and in all the testing I 39 ve done the small rifle primers and small pistol magnum primers always give slightly less velocity but more velocity than regular small primers. I 39 d like to get 1000 small rifle primers I prefer CCI 400 but I 39 m not too picky. I have also read your gonads would fall off and beagle puppies everywhere will die if you use the wrong primer. CCI 350 Magnum Large Pistol Primers 3. Wolf is a little on the hard side to begin with and small rifle will probably be a bit harder. The small powder charge does not have an effect on accuracy and I do not use any fillers. I used a slower powder for 9mm and dropped . Add to With its clean burning initiator compound these non corrosive non mercuric primers deliver a clean burn to leave primer pockets cleaner for greater accuracy and more shots between cleanings. I use and stock up on small rifle primers because I use them in my 9mm and 45 ACP. Shop now and get Free Value Shipping on most orders over 49 to the contiguous 48 states DC and to all U. AmmoSeek. Remington Large Rifle Primers 9 1 2 x100. The standard primer sizes of metallic centerfire rifle and pistol cartridges are small . The large rifle primers are quot taller quot that the large pistol primers. True for large rifle pistol primers. Jul 27 2020 As the title says looking to buy or trade for additional small pistol primers. 3. For example if it says quot . Gander has a policy of not accepting powders primers or loaded ammunition as a return so my buddy wants to know if he can use magnum primers to do the same job and if so how. 32 Short Colt CCI Primers 250 Large Rifle Magnum 1 000 ct 15. No shipping at this time. I remember when CCI was working with some experimental primers for 9mm Luger and we started seeing odd time pressure curves on the computer. 4. There s good and bad in this given the mags are well made and usually easily had but they aren t as plentiful as Glock. 356 125gr RN BULLET NLG BB COATED 100b What started as a small dream has become a multi million dollar 2 bricks of Winchester small pistol primers. As for average velocity there was less than a 1 percent difference between the loads using the large and small rifle primers. 18 Sep 2009 I guess I can use them in a 9mm but not a . 356 125gr RN BULLET NLG BB COATED 100b What started as a small dream has become a multi million dollar Sep 11 2009 Traded some small rifle primers for federal 200 small pistol magnum primers. I would use Winchester amp Remington if necessary but they are not my first choice. I have a box of small rifle primers but Im just loading 9mm right now. 99m Primed LC 223 Brass from ammo 500 95. If you want more than I have listed please ask and I may be willing to let a few more go. B But Titegroup which specified that it works well with all primers changed that. i 39 ve made a bunch of 223 and haven 39 t personally seen this problem before. The 9mm Flobert shotshell uses a rimfire primer. As I understand it it takes greater pressure to seal up the harder rifle primers and prevent gas cutting of the breech face. The best thing to do is ease the pin down and if you get any substantial resistance BACK OFF. Both of my primer cups are within the 1. Jul 17 2017 If you have a Runnings near you primers are about 30 1000 on the shelf. 175 inch diameter primer pocket can cause a significantly emotional event if it ignites. 300 Win. If exposed to excessive humidity or extreme temperatures ammo can degrade over time. Shop new markdowns Curbside Pickup available 7 days Aug 01 2020 Rifle primers in a pistol can work sometimes you will need to shim the hammer spring to set them off due to the thicker tougher metal to withstand the much higher rifle pressures. com You can also call direct to 780 If instead you prefer to use the pressure method Dillon makes one of the best but other manufactures make some good ones too. But you find it in civvy ammo too NT ammo and just ammo. When the output gas volume of the primer approaches that of the cartridge case sometimes special handling is required. Looking to trade for small pistol primers. Mar 09 2019 Since semi auto pistols can use ammo at an alarming rate you will be glad to have acquired a good quantity of brass up front. There quality is on par with the finest names in the industry. 1 000 for 1 000. 2 A half case 500 rounds of 9mm Federal HST 147 gr. With an old school methodology of creating great high quality ammo for an economically attractive price Geco has a Nov 29 2011 It was therefore quite common practice to convert military 9mm brass to boxer. 1000. CCI standard primers are remarkably clean burning leaving primer pockets cleaner and extending the time between pocket cleaning. As a commercial reloader I had to find primers to fill customer orders during the past primer shortages. 550. 5 primers intending to use them in 223. The CCI 500 Small Pistol Primers are highly evolved due to Non Corrosive. 400. 00 per thousand. About 40 were small primers so I just put them aside for awhile. Need to call Customer Service 423 5 LOHMAN or 423 556 4626 CCI Primers Small Rifle Magnum 450 1000 Primers 10 Boxes of 100 Primers . The CCI No. Military APO FPO DPO addresses. Small rifle are just as scarce as small pistol I would use the magnum primers. 56 Small Rifle Military Primers 1000 pcs. So I have been told 2 different stories by 2 different gun makers. I have read that the rifle primers are quot harder quot and will not work in some However many have said that they use these in 9mm loads with nbsp 27 Jun 2011 I have put thousands of the rifle primers through a . When Remington introduced their . 5 mm primers. We value the relationship with our customers. ONLY 2 BOXES REMAIN. I 39 ve loaded 9mm with small rifle and asked about that in another thread and the consensus was to go ahead and shoot 39 em. Cases that utilize small rifle primers and operate at higher pressures 55 000 psi should use CCI 450 CCI BR4 Fed 205 and Rem 7 1 2. 45 ACP and . Lots of 9mm reloaders us small rifle primers. The redesigned metal parts improve sensitivity and reduce seating force. Both primers use the same cup metal and share the same cup thickness. For use with rifle calibers requiring a large rifle primer such as . If times were any different it wouldnt be a issue I just wouldnt do it. In construction rifle primers of both types generally have thicker cups than pistol primers to withstand the higher pressures they 39 re usually exposed to. I found it interesting that sometimes using Magnum pistol or small rifle primers results in less velocity. I can bush the bolt face and turn down the firing pin with no problem I 39 m just curious as to your thoughts. It s a police or military round meant for stopping someone but good ammo is required. I use CCI for my small rifle primers as frequently the firing pin strikes and leaves a dent in the primer when closing the bolt on an AR. 99 magnums are 31. Standard small rifle primers are a little softer so Feb 08 2013 Over simplified 39 normal 39 small rifle primers have been known to slam fire in AR 39 s. Easy to Seat and Compatible with the Latest in Firearm Technology Without high quality primers your brass is going nowhere. We are the largest provider of all brands of primers because we offer great service and wholesale prices. At the least it will cause damage to the rifle. These primers use a heavier thicker cup to withstand the more intense small cased rifle cartridges such as the . I 39 ve had several dud primers with both Wolf small pistol and small rifle. Bought LR thinking that they were large pistol. Let me know what you have or where I can find them. I believe at one time Federal had a primer that was listed as a small rifle and small magnum pistol combination. I only got a picture of 223 Remington data they had . 254 quot primer you need for quot oddball quot European stuff is the RWS 6504. The 9mm Flobert cartridge can also fire a small ball but is primarily loaded with a small amount of shot. CCI Small Pistol Primers No500 Box of 1000. Take a flashlight and look down the brass assuming bottle neck rifle brass pistol brass you can see the primer hole. Jul 16 2019 CCI 34 amp 41 primers should be used for any semi auto rifle with a floating firing pin thicker cups than standard CCI but are equally primed like CCI 39 s magnum primers use them in M1A AR15 etc. 175 quot diameter and large . Think you own a lot of guns and have it all. can you use small rifle primers in 9mm

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