timing chain rattle after oil change Jan 12 2016 However when the timing chain is loose it may cause a vibration inside the motor and will be indicated by a rattling noise as the engine idles. Not by mileage or time but my pulling the dipstick and seeing if it is dirty in comparison to new oil. after purchasing and driving the car around for a month i decided to change my oil. One of many sites nbsp 5 Jun 2018 I read as much as I could find about the timing chain tensioner guide issues Does the noise change when the oil cap is removed when running I will be doing timing chain tensioners on Her 2010 after it starts making nbsp 27 Feb 2017 The cam chain tensioner uses oil pressure. Waiting to order parts means that you will know the condition of several things before ordering. Improved fuel economy Changing the timing chain is also going to improve the gas mileage in your car. So for example I 39 ll start my car in the morning to head to work. But i think i shall just give it an oil change and see how it goes. Install the balance shaft chain. Was told it was bearings a lifter and oil pump. This is likely the loose timing chain vibrating inside the motor. A rattling timing chain is usually on the verge of breaking point and it should be replaced immediately. 3. Both of the engines in my two cars quiet a bit after an oil change even with just 5K miles on the oil. first I used a mix between magnatec and castrol 5w 30w synt and drove around with that for a month then did the oil change again and this time i used the whole 6 litres of castrol 5w 30w. Once the vehicle is started the tensioner is fed an amount of oil pressure to help the plunger press against the chain and overcome the forces pressing back on it caused by the momentum of the The first time my 07s had the rattle was 6 30 10 with 49 000 miles. Jul 16 2018 As retroman says Audi chain tensioners are usually oil pressure operated hence the rattle from cold. Anybody nbsp 16 Dec 2014 Not trying to start a thread on oil brands just an data point for those Did that no change in the start up rattle but definitely something you should do. The chain 39 s tension is maintained by a tensioner . The other dealer we took it to that diagnosed our timing chain issues stated that it burned the extra oil due to an internal leak the timing chain Astra 1. The slight rattle you get after an oil change or if your drain back valve was a bit leaky on your oil filter. Next remove the drive belt components before unbolting the timing chain cover. 2 5 seconds after engine start. 6 LGX ALL Cadillac ATS 2016 2018 ALL ALL 3. Looks like your at the mercy of your local garage and their knowledge of 1. Replace all camshaft seals and clean all oil passages under cams. Dec 28 2015 Dry start. 31 Aug 2019 overheating with plenty of coolant old oil Timing chain rattle know I need to change the oil I suspected the original owner an old man who had After 2 000 km running the Mobil it took some tapping on the chain cover to nbsp The timing chains on this engine get sloppy and rattle around. Possibly Important Note I did over fill the engine and ran it for about 2 minutes on idle and drained it to correct levels. Took it to the dealer and they replaced the VCT actuator and the timing chain. 1506660U00 but I cannot find a source of supply in the UK. This all in addition to the famous cold start rattle amp chain slap B6 S4 owners have been accustom to. I ran my car for 1000ks after doing this and the rattle has basically disappeared. I left it there for 2 weeks and they started it a couple times a day trying to replicate it and it never did it again. Oct 28 2018 It s a new used car for us and I haven t done a first oil change on it but the guy said it was just changed with 0 20 and it looks clean. It 39 s just had an oil change. Jul 25 2020 My 2015 5. After the timing chain has been replaced proceed to Step 2. Thanks in advance. If this would work it would be a very cheap 300 costs of simple installation fix to address a problem that costs 2000 up to 5000 to fix the traditional way by taking out the engine and changing the gears . He said that the timing chain Oct 09 2014 I 39 ve come across plenty of these ecotec engines with faulty timing sets. Timing gears were set up and bolts torqued with correct tools. If there is no wear or discoloration clean the oil passages and replace the head gasket. Timing chain tensioner is also reliant on oil pressure deposits can cause issues there also. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk May 30 2018 First oil change at dealer at 2k miles. If the timing chain requires replacement refer to appropriate timing chain replacement procedure in SI. It allows more oil to flow to the timing chain amp tensioner. reduce the oil pressure when running worth getting another one fitted if it happened after an oil change must be a revised OEM one nbsp 13 May 2013 First change I put in some valvoline 5w40 fully synthetic oil and changed the oil filter for an OEM one. Very minor and short. Most engines use oil pressure to actuate a tensioner that puts pressure on a guide. Rattling on cold start. Engines designed with timing gears or those equipped with a timing chain and sprockets can produce different noise. Normally it begins with a loud clatter when you start a cold engine. Mar 22 2007 The Tech Data chart in the Classic Service Manual p11. 4900 Now in 2019 need AGAIN engine work on rings pistons main seal gasket and timing chain. If out of phase far enough the camshaft position sensor will let you know. The bad oil can also damage the tensioner which makes the possibility of the engine Subaru also uses a temperature sensor after the evaporator. This causes It 39 s not usually a good idea to drive a long time after you discover the engine making noise for this reason. Maybe Rattle Clatter is a better way to describe. Your truck sounds EXACTLY like my 5. 4T version. It has always been serviced with dino 10w30 most of the time genuine Toyota 10w30 from the dealer. He had engine clean at oil change periods. Oil separtaor 99 on have a 2013 flhtk stock motor under start up has a tick after 5 seconds it goes away. Less than a month I reckon. This is usually an indication of a timing chain problem. I brought my car into a VW workshop and they tested the engine for almost two months. I don t think the VTC actuator will result in an engine failure but a worn or stretched timing chain very well could. a chain noise on start up. After having the timing case off the chain and tensioner was given a clean bill of health. 0 will have a noticible improvement by changing the timing set at 100k miles. I do want to start with another oil change and a Toyota filter but I doubt it will change anything. I have noticed a rattle or two with my 1 series but never anything in the engine and it 39 s sitting on around 80 39 000km now. The rattling noise means that something isn t right with the way your wheels are attached to the car. Slide the camshaft VTC actuator in at an angle so that the chain can slip over the actuator s teeth. This engine was fitted with the proper Motorcraft filter after the noise started. Sep 01 2010 Sounds like valve train or the as said loose timing chain and it 39 s hitting the timing chain cover. I immediately drove back home. now Changed the oil and no progress after driving for about 20 mins the damn rattle restrict the flow of the oil causing the timing chain to make noise. 16 Feb 2017 The sound is a rattle that is heard just after the engine is started. Easy job about 15 minutes and 40 Thanks for the reply. That would cause the brief rattle you hear. Sounds like the chain nbsp When I started it after the oil change I heard a very loud chain rattle. If you can hear rattles the timing chain may have become loose due to the blown out tensioner. does it every start up now sound to be in the center of engine compartment and not so much in the fromt timing chain area. They replaced the timing chain due to their smooth quiet running and lower cost. Stock or built babied or trashed any 5. 7l Boxster engine has over 315K miles the 996 Turbo had just short of 160K Speaking of oil. Reply Apr 16 2010 The Problem Unfortunately Honda 39 s internal tensioner spring doesn 39 t always work as you 39 d expect and excess tensioner piston travel more than 0. 4 3V engines is the dreaded 39 phaser rattle 39 This happens when the variable cam timing phasers can no longer be controlled by the ECU due to wear in the phaser or lack of oil pressure volume being delivered to them. 25 inch and timing chain slack when oil pressure 25 Aug 2016 Now my mechanic informed me of a timing chain rattle that happens right after an oil change presumably because the chain has no lubrication nbsp 9 Jun 2015 The car has been fine on 5w30 the oil change was on Saturday and has only ever made the noise since. 8 w 3. Dec 19 2018 Again I still have no check engine light. Mechanic had put 10w 30 in it at service so then changed it to 15w 40 on thursday as that 39 s what the oil companies say that age car should take and now the rattling is even worse got check oil light come on for 2 seconds at startup and then check engine light. Gear is suspected as faulty. 5L Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection GTDI engine and built on or before 10 10 2014 may exhibit a malfunction indicator lamp MIL illuminated with diagnostic trouble code DTC P0016. The weak single row primary timing chain wears excessively. In the early Foresters they updated the tensioner with one that leaked down less when the engine shut down meaning when it started up oil pressure was built sooner and Try replacing the tensioner first. Just hit the gas pedal after a chain replacement. You change the timing chain when it 39 s starts rattling. revhigh. com Feb 25 2013 Timing chain tensioner can rattle too but that would be more constant especially at idle. If replacing tensioner make it worst than your timing chain is stretched far more than the new tensioner can handle. Expecially distinct when going up a slope in say second or third gear . My 2014 Camry I4 is not as bad as Accord but it sounds funny vacuum cleaner sound for a few seconds then everything goes back to normal. Seems to be coming from top end. All those mechanical warnings the clacking on start up the wandering timing mark under the timing light the misfires gradually getting worse told me it was time for a timing chain in the 2. pe PE Repair Information for NHTSA 10045560 Recommendable after repair to change engine oil and filter ECSTuning has many oil service kits available from Genuine MINI to aftermarket. The noise may be described as ticks taps knocks or thumps. Timing Chain and Gears. Jan 26 2017 I noticed a rattling noise like marbles coming from the engine upon startup in the morning only. 4 3V Cam Phaser Fix. G. It 39 s going to It 39 s a sign of oil starvation which means a simple rod bearing replacement would yield the same result in short order. The oil pressure light came on while I was driving and the timing chain was making a lot of noise like no oil was in the engine. Ive even used aditives for both the engine and radiator. 5L Turbo. I know many people do not like this engine but I 39 m seeking an objective answer please My car has had good quality oil and filter changes every 11k miles or so but in just the past few weeks I can hear the timing chain rattle when it is idling. i found mine got quieter after a fresh oil change. When trying to identify the noise it sounded like nbsp A more serious problem would be the timing chain and or chain tensioners these are known to make noise around 50 60k. I have a serious suspicion that I have a timing chain rattle. This time idk. Change the water at least twice. Cold oil doesn 39 t flow well. Then I drove lt 20km to the dealer gently. This cycle has been going on for about nbsp . Some people start noticing this rattling noise when the engine is warm it means that the oil doesn 39 t do his job correctly old oil low level it gives low oil pressure through the tct so the chain isn 39 t correctly quot tensioned quot . Will recommend replacing timing chain guides tensioner VTC actuator and solenoid. Sep 01 2014 As murphy 39 s law would have it I have now developed the timing chain rattle right ahead of my trade. You will be surprised at how powerful the car will feel. after hot rod install Im assuming it skipped a tooth or something. Aug 21 2019 1. They want 2000 for quot This quote is based off of the timing chain being stretched after the inspection. Nov 18 2015 The local GM dealer wants to put a new updated engine in it for 6 500 or do a timing chain replacement for 2 600 they won t tell me how they know this is the actual problem for sure they are only basing the timing chain is stretched of the P0017 code alone I took it in a small local shop and they said the same thing as the GMC Dealer. Harley Davidson LiveWire. Now every time I start it. Turbocharged engines are very aggressive to the engine oil and it is very important to not pass the recommendation of oil change intervals. I 39 m setting at 110 000 miles on my 2006 4. Broken Belt Tensioner or Chain Tensioner . Once the vehicle is started the tensioner is fed an amount of oil pressure to help the plunger press against the chain and overcome the forces pressing back on it caused by the momentum of the However I also noticed that when I started up immediately after changing the oil and filter I heard an additional and rather more pronounced rattle again only briefly for about a second but much more distinct and suspiciously timing chain like. After about 5 seconds it would disappear. The sound and timing would be Automatic cam chain tensioner for Polaris RZR 570 900 and 1000. I was initially worried about it but after reading lots of anecdotal reports of the same issue and 99. Sure you can drop the chain off the bottom sprocket no big deal that 39 s what the crankshaft set screw is for as long as the cam sprocket timing marks line up when you reassemble. 3400 out the door. 4 Triton engine one is old right and another one is new. Timing Chain Rattle Diagnosis amp Repair Colin Carpenter November 2001 Water Oil Pump Rebuild Jon Diaz Updated July 2002 Brakes Bleeding Brakes Using an Actron Vacuum Pump Brake Bleeder Kit Rick Korchak March 2002 Build a Pressure Bleeder September 2002 Change Brake Fluid Joe Senner August 1995 If you change oil regularly timing wear should be at a minimum. I had a new oil pump about 3 years ago so believe that is covered. I would have to initially propose a counter question Preferred by whom A timing belt would NEVER be preferred by a gear head or an enthusiast. An engine warning light or a fault code indicating a camshaft timing issue can also be caused by an elongated timing chain note chains do not stretch their pins and But if oil changes are neglected cheap quality oil is used or a filter that lacks an anti drainback valve is installed guide wear and or breakage can become a problem and the timing chain may fail. any help would be great I live A rattling noise coming from the engine may show a seriously worn timing chain. Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong or if I should maybe use some thicker oil. I just don 39 t understand how 3 quarts of oil needed through the life of an oil change at 3 months 3 000 miles is normal. A must have for any RZR. Like you I believe that if you can keep the oil in the VTC actuator you can eliminate the rattle. A timing belt timing chain or cambelt is a part of an internal combustion engine that synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft s so that the engine 39 s valves open and close at the proper times during each cylinder 39 s intake and exhaust strokes. Then started making a loud rattling noise timing chain . As long as you change the oil on time these Chains will last almost forever. The engineers have oil pressure keeping tension on the chains and these tensioners will relax shortly after your oil pump sucks air giving you a subtle and not so damaging reminder to fix your leaks and pay attention to your fluids. front and rear. Repairs are nbsp 7 Apr 2018 Hi guys I changed my oil today for the first time since I own the car. Nov 11 2012 Every Toyota 22R series engine with the single row timing chain and plastic timing guides 1983 ish 1995 that I have ever purchased with over 100000 miles on the engine has had a driver s side guide that was either partially broken or just totally gone. The technical background on this issue is that the timing chain tension has lost its ability to keep the tension and the slack causes the rattle in the engine. I remember hearing something about the timing chain rattle. After replacing the tensioner I started her up she rattled loudly for half a sec and then went into super quiet mode. I don 39 t keep oil again. When they introduced the YD25 engine that Duplex chain was replaced with a single row primary timing chain. Do you have a 1999 2010 ford f150 Excursion or Expedition with a 5. This sound will generally be the same in intensity whether the engine is idling operating at high speeds or under load. sounds like sOmething loose. The timing chain on GM ecotec engines has always been loud even this newer 1. Using a fully synthetic 5W30 oil can prevent this issue. Complaint Noise A rattling noise may be heard from the area of the chain drive for approx. Apr 02 2018 Buy the car and plan to get the timing chain replaced at some point. M. Primary Timing Chain Wear TSB 14 0194 FORD 2011 2014 F 150 ISSUE Some 2011 2014 F 150 vehicles equipped with a 3. Am not sure if that has to do with it. Dec 25 2012 I 39 ve just done an oil change on a c250 td. 2001 had weak guide design. no noise under acceleration or idle i changed the oil and also replaced the timing chain guide and hydraulic tensioner . My Ecotech would do it every 4th or 5th cold start. The ticking noise is most like the first one in the above video. 2 article beginning of the diagnostic part 1 Beginning of the diagnostic procedure we put on the diagnostic computer and compare the actual reading of the cam adjusters to specification. Discussion Starter 1 Oct 24 2017 How to fix the timing chain tensioner noise with an external oil pressure supply and not a getto adjustment bolt. This can be verified by removing the valve cover and carefully shining a light down and in along the chain to visually make sure the chain guides appear unbroken. Symptoms of a loose timing chain. I studied TSB NTB92 056 for the 1991 92 SR20DE that mentioned quot a rattle in the timing chain area for short period when the engine is started after a one night soak or at low RPM caused by a leak down of oil in the chain tensioner. Tensioners make sure the chain is tightly wound to the pulleys and gears. and not so much in the fromt timing chain area. On start up I now have rattle from the chain I think on the rear of the engine I think it s for the fuel pump as the timing is belt driven. May 16 2015 We recommend an oil change every 6 months or 5 000 miles if you follow this maintenance schedule the timing chain can last the lifetime of the vehicle. bmw 6 cylinder td . Timing Chain Rattle after Oil Change. Over time 100 000 miles or 10 years or so these tensioners loose their ability to hold the timing chain tight. This is often due to a timing chain attached to the engine. When trouble code P0014 is set it means that the exhaust camshaft in Bank 1 is more advanced than the ECM has told it to be. Your Jan 01 2014 It only does it after a cold start and last s for less than 2 seconds. Pull the distributor cap and observe the rotor position. I have a 2001 BMW 540i with the same engine and it has no quot rattle quot of any kind. 4 Tritons. Maybe nbsp 20 Sep 2012 After changing oil for first time I have developed a slight rattle from If it was then I would check the timing chain and timing chain tensioner. Aug 07 2015 If you do the chain you might consider doing the oil pump as well. If parked for a long time they will drain. The 2007 Mazda CX 7 has 20 problems reported for engine timing chain stretched. It looked like fine gold glitter in the oil similar to liquid metallic black paint. Turns out Suzuki has a check valve in their oil filters that doesnt allow oil through the filter until its warmed up alot of dealers do this. This is a practical method to improve oil pressure in an older high mileage engine. Jun 29 2016 Another symptom some have reported is massive oil loss which is caused by the timing chain tensioner quot walking quot out of the head or the chain itself cracking the valve cover. Apr 10 2013 The other question I 39 ve asked but have not gotten an answer on is whether or not the oil change frequency recall has any direct impact on the failure of the timing chain. The noise goes away after a few seconds. I am assuming you are truly referring to quot rattle quot noise. A Quote Straight From the Audi TSB on This Issue The Camshaft Adjustment is hydraulically adjusted and controlled by the engine oil pressure. Production Solution Improved chain tensioner. H. Once it lasted nbsp 2 Dec 2019 The noise may go away once the car build oil pressure. The tensioners are nbsp Well guys I did change the oil to 20 50 W and added restore and it was quiet for a bit. I just installed the Andrews EV27 cam and I LOVE it. It 39 s the rattling of the tensioner pulley on the tensioner piston. The inability to see the timing chain directly makes it difficult to visually detect failing parts. The engine has done 105k with an average oil change interval of about 6 months since new. The motor was trashed all bearings wiped. May 16 2017 What 39 s up everyone I have a 2013 gti production date of 09 12 and I have what I believe to be the dreaded timing chain rattle but it only does it when the motor is warm. A timing chain will always make more noise than a belt but I prefer the noise to having expensive maintenance amp possible failure of a belt. Apr 02 2020 Hi as the title suggests i have a rattle at startup for about 3 4 seconds only use to do it when cold but now does it hot or cold if i turn off the engine and wait 30 secs 1 minute it starts normally. to change the rear chain and tensioner the engine has to come out and the common fix is an engine swap to a lower millage engine May 22 2020 Timmy2 if you rarely start the engine in this 1988 420SEL the timing chain tensioner likely loses oil pressure which results in a slightly slack timing chain at start up. Also double check your work by pressurizing the system and checking for leaks. 5L or 3. Cars need to be serviced for a reason. Yet after six years and 70 000 miles they have in effect written off what was a top of the I don 39 t know how much filings were in the engine oil. The most common noise is a high frequency light knocking sound. change of oils could affect the chain tensioner Oct 01 2019 It can be checked. Try to find honest shop replacing chain is about 5 8h job only one head cover has to be taken off. 4 Corsa Cs with timing chain make the constant tick tick tick tick tick in addition to the normal sound of the engine idling also can be heard on pretty much any car which has been allowed to run too low on oil I have Timing chain is adviced to replace after 200k kms. 2. The car has been fine on 5w30 the oil change was on Saturday and has only ever made the noise since. The engine rattles until the oil pressure comes up to normal. Started back up and same ticking sound. 4 TSI problems. The truck currently has 240k miles and runs and drives. If the POO16 wasn 39 t bad enough it was discovered during the oil change at another dealership the same day that the PTU was leaking. As we understand the problem as the 3. To me it sounds like bearings rattling due to low oil pressure but the dealer says that every Outback and Legacy does this. In my case I have an 07 cts with the early motor so basically an 06 motor and one of my cam gears failed. Allow the engine oil to drain from the VTC system by not starting the engine for at least six hours. After the last oil change with brand new oil filter the rattle did indeed go away for a time but it didn 39 t take all that long to start returning again. And it nearly shut off on me. One of the most common symptoms of worn timing chains is noise. The timing sprockets may need replacing as well if they are worn. The noise disappears after the car builds oil pressure. In the image above it s the chain link that runs the circumferance of the engine around all those gears. Irregular oil change service is one of the leading causes of Variable Valve Timing failure Variable Valve Timing is an extremely high tech category which is why premium quality is a must Standard and Intermotor s VVT line undergoes extensive design and testing to ensure performance and longevity Designed and Tested for Real World Conditions Feb 17 2010 right guys i have a vauxhall corsa 2004 1. Hello everyone. Also put an oil pressure gauge on it and see what idle pressure is at. After changing the oil on Saturday the engine is a bit rattly when ideling but ok as you drive. on what kind of car or truck is this. I chucked that in the trash once I found that Nissan had deemed the timing chain guides unneccessary and removed them from S14 KA 39 s. May 12 2014 The tensioner puts pressure on the chain all the time else the chain would Rattle all the time. 8 EVO Reason for change Amended step 3 instructions of quot Remedy quot field. 7 V6 engine gearbox and thought I would add my thoughts. When he fired up the engine oil spewed everywhere. As what you have read is right. Timing chain guide rail top T section Inlet Camshaft bolt x 1 Outlet Camshaft I drive the sport thp156 for 6 years now. It seems to be rear cylinder the bike has 18 000 miles. Look for bits of metal on the filter element. About a year ago along with some other parts I bought 3 51036 oil filters from Rock Auto I 39 ve been using these for a long time but have bought them from a local auto parts store. Sep 24 2017 The solution was 4 3 thrust washers after I replaced timing chain 300 . l also suspect that the timing chain issue is a separate but inter related issue. Below is a quick photo gallery of the job. 2 liter engines do not need their timing belt replaced until they hit 92 000 miles or after six years whichever comes first. They will loosen up as they age. Think this one is loud you should hear the old 2. 13 Jan 2015 Do they share the same chain tensioner between both generation I also could not find much on the net about timing chain issues for the 3rd nbsp 25 Jun 2017 Then I did another oil change with SAE and another lifter treatment made by Risoline and took a Noise is coming from the timing chain area. Let 39 s see if they get it right this time. Aug 27 2016 Timing chain bearing clearance noise at cold start up which diminishes after the first 3 to 4 seconds of running time Cold engine after sitting several hours NO REPAIR OR ACTION NECESSARY OR RECOMMENDED 2 Valve lash noise valve tap on one or several cylinders oR Timing chain noise lasting longer than the initial 3 to 4 seconds Jun 28 2020 2. and chain rattle free but I 39 m planning to pay the piper when the time comes. This proposed class action involves 2012 2014 Jaguar and Land Rover Re 4. Dec 13 2018 Acuras have one of the longest intervals for timing belt replacement. The timing chain rattle was in fact operator negligence. This job I have used synthetic oil Valvoline since the first oil change. 4 liter is available in the Ford F150 F250 and F350 pickups as well as the Expedition sports utility vehicle. Here are the symptoms of a timing chain that s jumped. At the end they replaced the instrument cluster the oil level sensor the oil pressure sensor the chain and the chain My 5 month old 4k mile car has started making a ticking rattling sound at idle possibly when driving but just can 39 t hear it imagine if you will the noise that all 1. If the tensioner fails and the chain becomes loose the timing of the engine is thrown off. The chain tensioner is driven by oil pressure so it extends as oil pressure Does it also go after a few minutes if as long as that If so then it could be nbsp 8 Feb 2010 But since the engine had been running i didn 39 t get a good read on the oil level. 4L did when it blew a timing chain tensioner seal and starved the phasers and top end. A non return valve in the tensioner is designed to trap pressurized engine oil to maintain tension on the timing chain to prevent rattling. A timing chain will need replaced far less frequently than a timing belt resulting in a lower cost to maintain the car for the owner. As the engine gets older it starts to rattle more and more during cold starts and this is a sign that the timing chain is worn. We do stock the oil separators as well as all of the timing chain parts. Dealer said oil in car was slightly low and topped off the oil. Replace both secondary timing chains and both secondary timing chain tensioner shoes with the ones from the PARTS INFORMATION section of this bulletin on Page 2 . My cam belt tensioner from cold seems to be noisey making a rubbing sound but once the Timing Chain and Gears. Nov 07 2010 There is a very simple check for a loose timing chain due to a broken tensioner worn gears or a stretched chain. I have a rattle noise that is only audible once the engine has warmed up. Your I also believe it is some sort of oil drain back issue but exactly where seems difficult to say. 5mm. 1999 4Runner 3. Options are Replace chain tensioner could be pricey Cold start timing chain rattle Only 15 hrs on mine with Graves slip on and graves tune. At start up it makes the timing chain rattle which quiets pretty quickly. Mar 05 2003 Right after an oil change it goes away timing chain mechanism requires lubrication. Babied it home and let it cool down. Dec 28 2012 Engine oil NOTE Absolutely critical to run these engines with a good fully synthetic 10W 40 oil and not 0W or 5W oil otherwise there is a large risk of engine failure due Low pressure in timing chain tensioners and abnormal wear at hte entire timing chain construction And change the oil frequently with 10W oil every 10000 15000 km Aug 07 2015 If you do the chain you might consider doing the oil pump as well. The noises do not lead to damage. I 39 m also sending a sample to Blackstone because I want to make sure something isn 39 t happening other than just oil brand. 6L V8 4x4. I changed it or added new oil as needed followed the car 39 s oil notifications but apparently that was not enough because eventually the timing chain broke or became too damaged for the car to run. I have read that it 39 s a fairly common problem with these mine has had regular oil changes and been looked after. Worn out oil inside the 3. Check out our Amazon Store for the tools and nbsp 1 Jul 2018 When you replaced the timing set did you remove the tensioner and oil filter and clean out the oil passage with carb or brake cleaner and compressed air You shouldn 39 t need to change the oil viscosity 5W30 is nbsp 5 Jun 2018 I will be doing timing chain tensioners on Her 2010 after it starts making noise it currently shows no signs of First things first though will do the BG oil treatment oil change that was the plan anyway and it 39 s possible that the nbsp 24 Dec 2019 would only ever fit genuine timing chain tensioner on gen 1 cars had so many after market ones go faulty or just not open up on first start up also always change oil and filter before starting it again after fitting as they need oil nbsp 21 Nov 2017 Could it be that my oil level was low so that there wasn 39 t enough pressure to compress the chain tensioner properly Its not rattling now but I 39 m worried since it already has its bound to show up again. It is installed behind the cam gear. Oil filters that are mounted on the side or top of the engine incorporate an anti drainback valve that prevent oil in the filter from draining out when the engine is shut down. Our trucks have hydraulic timing chain tensioners so if one of the timing chain tensioners is for whatever reason not building up pressure like it should be that COULD explain why the noise goes away when it warms up. You can notice this noise on cold starts. Clean timing cover mating surfaces inner gasket grooves bolt access holes brake cleaner amp towels . If the spring breaks or the damper fails the tensioner may bounce causing an engine rattle. 5 EcoBoost can damage the timing chain guides and its tensioner. 9 of said reports indicating it 39 s just timing chain rattle I stopped paying attention to it. It can also result in some debris around the engine as it hits off the cover. For further assistance in ordering a complete kit with all of the guides chain and gaskets please call our avdisors at 800 535 2002. Timing chain kit Required There are many parts needed to do a MINI R56 timing chain replacement and fortunately all of them can be purchased in kit form. Figure 3. Remove the timing chain cover plate. M. It could be the phasers . If the rattling noise comes from the area of the timing chains back of the engine for 1 3 seconds after the first start of the day replace both upper chain tensioners of bank 1 and bank 2 with the optimized chain tensioners. Change the engine oil and filter and re evaluate the concern. No rattling Does the oil pump have to stay primed Is there a check valve in the Nov 22 2017 Rattling noises are heard from the timing chain drive for about 1 3 seconds after the first engine start of the day. With oil filter on top it 39 s one of the easier engines I 39 ve owned to change oil which I 39 ve done around 7k miles. Faulty timing chain tensioners are also a common problem and cause the chain to become loose which Sep 27 2010 I originally thought it was the timing chain death rattle but once I got the valve cover and crank case cover off I noticed the broken guide just sitting ontop of my timing chain and cam gears. 2 1. Took the car to a friend 39 s shop and he said the timing is ok so what would still be causing the chain rattle Replace the VTC actuator. For each chain tensioner perform following. Brief Engine Knock Rattle Noise at Cold Startup 1AR 2AR Repair Procedure Continued F. Consider getting an oil filter cutter to cut open the oil filter. He decided to change it thanks to a rattle in the engine caused PS Oil quality is important on this motor check levels and change it regularly. May just be poor oil circulation or bad batch of tensioners. Before i dig into this secondary timing chain tensioner resulting in temporary chain slack. 6L 3 valve or 5. Align the holes of the stopper plate and tensioner and insert a pin into the stopper plate hole to lock the tensioner. 5 diesel . It is a very thin nbsp 18 Aug 2017 Sometimes engine noise can be solved with oil and sometimes now We break it Change the oil or add additional oil to restore the oil volume to its proper level. The best way to describe it is a rattle or knocking noise. Does it have a cam chain Double check the oil level and remove refit the filter at least that way rules out the oil change parts. It has 87K miles and seemed to be running well. 2 engine timing chain problem step 1 3. 73LS axle swap. Apr 11 2020 In the end the POO16 was diagnosed requiring replacement of the timing chain to the tune of 4 500. Jan 11 2017 A worn timing chain can make its presence known by rattling at idle speed particularly immediately after a cold start or even causing an engine misfire in bad cases. In my whole life I never had a vehicle that was prone to this. Every start after if fine sounds great. There was a thread in the VE section some time ago where the OP had timing chain rattle replaced the chain but still had the rattle. I haven 39 t noticed any differences in the engine oil use since I began using Sea Foam but as I indicated earlier after my next oil change I probably won 39 t be adding Sea Foam in the oil for a while cause you can only clean so much varnish off the metal surfaces. I called Honda and they said there is nothing associated with my VIN. While the engine is one of the best Ford has ever engineered based on warranty repair numbers it does Timing chain rattle on start up is a common issue across all manufacturers. No change in sound after the oil change. View 11 Replies Mercedes benz C class 1995 Timing Chain Rattle Noise. I have the dreaded knock or rattle on my 2002 3. If the sound quot goes away quot after warm up then I think it is safe to assume that the problem is limited to a tensioner. Apr 09 2006 try changing the oil to mineral 20 40 change oil filter and get some trade strength nulon lifter free up from your mechanic and put it in with the oil. Some are worse than others. A timing chain runs inside the engine as it needs to be lubricated by the engine oil. May 31 2016 Symptoms of a loose timing chain. Lifters on the other hand needing adjustment or replacing are related to quot clicking quot noise. Dec 09 2011 quot Rattle quot as opposed to quot clicking quot is usually related to some timing chain adjustment device for tension . After 1 month I decided to change the oil and the problems started. A new timing chain tensioner or a rebuild if that 39 s even possible should resolve the problem. The tensioner should be removed and inspected at least once after 100K miles or any time the timing chain starts making noise. Jump to Latest Follow 1 6 of 6 Posts. Still one of my favorite vehicles to own and drive. Could it be my Timing chain or tensioner Plzz help guys I hope its nothing serious But since that 39 s not an option I 39 ll keep searching a bit every chance I get and let you know. I 39 d think for those having start up engine noise rattle the drain back valve in the bottom of the oil filter housing would more likely be the Oct 29 2017 It was pretty easy to tell it was the tensioner that time. The loosened timing chain will rattle like mad and damage plastic timing chain guides. Once the problem occurs it is typically the best course of action to replace the tensioner the timing chain and the timing chain guides as they all become stressed and damaged after the quot death rattle quot begins to occur. 30 Apr 2015 When I asked the mechanic his reply was that I need to change the cam chain in about 20000km. After that no more engine noise. The longer it sits the longer it lasts. Just keep changing the oil on time as the engine oil lubricates the timing chain. As the timing chain wears this can change the timing of the camshaft and crankshaft. Since the lifter is self adjusting this causes a ticking sound. After the engine has been run the oil pressure comes up within a second the rest of the day. I was then asked to order an intake vanos valve. Overnight or while I 39 m at work. Sometimes i have seen a new corolla just 5 10k kms driven having rattling sound at startup because of using 20W50 toyota oil. Dec 06 2016 Look at it this way oil is for a car like water is for humans. 5 sec timing chain rattle. Just use what the manufacturer recommends especially since the noise in the above video has NOTHING to do with the engine oil and is not even an internal engine noise. Is this normal. Speaking of which my old Avensis had a timing belt and that was changed 60 000 miles or every 5 years whichever came first usually the 5 years. The simple act of an oil change service may cause this defect to appear. Dec 18 2014 Oil type and timing chain rattle on start up I have run Mobile1 Synthetic in many of my Eurasion vehicles over the years with good results my 220 000 GS400 still displays minimal oil consumption between 10K changes . Mar 25 2014 Page 1 of 2 Noisy after oil change posted in 900 ACE 4 Stroke Models I did the 2nd oil chnage on my wifes GSX. This job is not that time consuming as on oil cooler job. Dec 01 2010 Original Author Alan Richer OVLR Well it finally happened. 2000 In Jun 2016 I had the transmission rebuilt. Most of the time they will last the life of the vehicle. See redi sleeve. Vehicle started and drove well then after oil change valve train noise returned. Nov 25 2011 I have a theory a rattle is also be caused by the valve timing adjusters which wear quicker due to dirty oil long life and this is the reason some people have reported the rattle after replacing the chains tensioners the VVT adjusters are still rattling The 05 amp up they did not have any problem with the timing chain. I 39 m thinking this is mainly due to the new clean filter and its reduced pressure drop resulting in faster oil delivery and therefore faster pressure rise at the oil fed primary timing chain tensioner. On the subsequent engine start the noise is gone until the next oil change. It ll typically be a rough rattling sound. This keeps the crankshaft oil pump and camshafts all in sync and I don t mean these guys What usually happens is a timing chain tensioner fails. Did great. I just got an oil change in the last 2 weeks. This is something that will only be noticed when you have an oil change. A settlement has been reached with BMW over allegations that the following Mini Cooper models suffer from a defect within their timing chain tensioners that can cause extensive engine damage Hardtop R56 model years 2007 through 2010 Clubman R55 model years 2008 through 2010 Convertible R57 model years 2009 through 2010 The plaintiffs alleged that BMW knew about the defective part May 23 2013 A Yes. Nov 04 2011 The rattle stops when oil pressure comes up. My wife 39 s Toyota Rav4 has always had a slight timing chain rattle on start up. The noise is caused by excessive stretching of the timing chain. Would it be nbsp I change my own oil but i gots me a different motor. I 39 m going to be starting this job myself on my 2000 GT. 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis with 85K miles. Jan 21 2019 The side with the timing chain. The 02 amp 03 some models have problem with the timing chain stretching. now i know this model of corsa has a problem with faulty timing chain and tensioners. A new timing chain will ensure that the crankshaft and the camshaft are working perfectly in unison. Nov 13 2012 Replacing the passenger side timing chain tensioner on a 4. My W202 C200 has done more than double this mileage. But still have 2 second voice on startup once oil pressure lights off everything fine. Also rep aced the timing chain amp tensioner again. In the past month the noise had started to return with 63K. Seems to speed up when revving engine. Aug 05 2020 It 39 s likely a timing chain tensioner failure. My incidence happened 3 days after my oil change at 44000 mile service and without any warning . Nov 06 2017 Certain brands of oil would also cause problems always sticking with recommended weight just simply switching brands. That has roughly 36k on it. Even so it sounds like they have the same cause and that s a timing chain tensioner rattle. At about 5800 miles engine starts making a small rattle at start up from front of engine bay that only lasts a few seconds. start from cold ran fine till 2500 rpm then an anoying rattle comes from what sounds like top of the engine and increased with engine speed . pe PE Repair Information for NHTSA 10045560 Symptoms of a damaged timing chain tensioner might include a rattle that appears after the motor warms up and that vacillates according to the acceleration of the engine. com. After having a motor fail because of this same problem I now routinely cut open the oil The first cold start of the morning some Toyota and Lexus V6 owners especially those who have the 2. Ford tried to say it was the direct injection making the noise. Now there is more oil then it should be. 1 if im not accelerating the oil pressure falls and the oil light glows 2 there is a knocking rattling sound in the engine the timing rails Therefore at start up there is a lock pin in Lock Position inside the actuator as well as engine oil to prevent any future wear and damage to the lock pin. The dealer said it was the timing chain tensioner and that it would go away when the run in oil was removed however after the oil change it is worse. Oct 26 2016 sludge build up in oil or low oil will worsen timing change issues so the fact you have not had it serviced is an issue and there is no reason why any goodwill gesture should be offered. quot start up rattle. DT40 has been a continual development since it 39 s conception as quot JD nbsp 27 Mar 2012 Im using Castrol edge syntec oil 5w 30 amp a fram oil filter. I had an issue with other filters causing a rattle on start up from front timing chain tensioner. Churchill. It has to do with deposits formed and their effect on the tensioners. If you just happen to shut the engine off where it is in just the right position the valve springs will rotate the cams backward and compress the tensioner leaking oil out. the 1st time i changed the oil and filter I noticed the engine was noisy for 3 4 seconds on initial start up then back to normal. Symptoms of a broken timing chain guide can range from a rattle noise on startup not always to rough idle to a check engine light. Aug 18 2016 After putting it all back together I still have what sounds like chain Rattle on the right side still and I cannot figure out why. We bought the vehicle new and I do routine service myself. we scan the ecu for dtc 39 s and if we find a cam position code and a correlation problem between The engine on the DS3 has known timing chain issues. Hey all Bike has 20 hours on it. When this occurs slack in the chain tends to jerk and the plastic timing chain guides can break. 0 liter V6. Usually this isn 39 t an issue until higher mileage 150k . Slack in the chain allows it to strike the timing cover. Jan 01 2014 It only does it after a cold start and last s for less than 2 seconds. Eliminates start up noise and tensioner failure. Nov 29 2019 To change a timing chain remove the radiator cap drain the coolant out and remove the radiator hoses. . Now with the MINIs and newer method of building engines I change oil every 6 7. The timing chain itself may never require replacement however the other components of the timing system are the weak points. replaced lifters and the problem still persists. Dec 05 2011 There 39 s not scheduled replacement time table for timing chains. On 02 16 2019 4 546 miles after the first oil change it began making a knocking like noise. Yes the oil level is correct and all done properly as I m a ex mechanic. inside and this sounds like a rattling noise when the engine is idling. A typical symptom of a stretched timing chain is chain rattle that lasts a couple of seconds after a cold start. My cam belt tensioner from cold seems to be noisey making a rubbing sound but once the It does sound exactly like the initial start up rattle following an oil change when there is a momentary delay in pumping up the lifters. heard of VVT complaints could also be a chain tensioner issue causing chain to have some slack under light load. I 39 m a very sad 355 man today as I 39 m unfortunately now hearing alot of the timing chain rattle in the idling on my truck shortly after it got 150k on it recently. I will then start my car anywhere from Nope I just dropped it off and told them it sounded like it had a timing chain rattle a couple times during startup. Frankly a better oil selection for the 3. How many miles between oil change It shouldn 39 t be nbsp 28 Jun 2010 does it rattle just at idle then stop after a few seconds It would be alot cheeper to do oil change first to try it and will deffinately benifit engine nbsp 26 Aug 2009 I just completed a VacExtractor oil change on my baby and noticed a very Well I preordered the part and the timing chain tensioner arrived in the mail After replacing the tensioner I started her up she rattled loudly for half nbsp 24 Dec 2014 Can timing chain rattle on start up magically resolve itself after a mere tune up Yes after changing plugs fuel filter PCV valve and a very necessary But it 39 s still running the same oil and the outside temperature weather nbsp The stage 3 upgrade thread says Harley 39 s rattle after they get hot Synthetic oil shouldn 39 t make any difference in your clearances assuming you 39 re running the same weight oil . In this case the domino effect is more than likely. 2 petrol on 62 000miles. Others can go as long as 105 000 miles before the belt has to be replaced. the tick comes back at 1950 2050 rpm and is more of a rattle but then goes away when not in that rpm range. in some cases the noise may be a normal characteristic of these engines. Jul 17 2016 2. 5K intervals with the better oils and keep engine in tune and don 39 t worry about it. I bought it about 5 years ago with 72 000 miles and have always performed routine maintenance oil change every 3 000 miles spark plugs air filters etc etc . I change the oil at 4000 miles out of choice and the engine is smooth sweet and has never been touched except for a few ancillaries. 50 a quart. Sep 28 2016 Jason from Engineering Explained is here to show us exactly how to replace the timing chain tensioner on his personal Honda S2000. I 39 ve always done my vehicles at 75k miles or any time the gears are exposed kinda like installing a new clutch every time the tranny is out . The oil level ran low before he discovered it and shut off the engine. Drive belts timing belts and timing chains need to have a certain degree of tension to work properly. I don t know anything about the car or pump and I m sure you ve checked the following Do you change the oil yourself My engine sounds precisely like it I can definitively say the problem is that the oil used to keep the hydraulic lifters or a timing chain tensioner adjusted is bleeding out when The first cold start of the morning some Toyota and Lexus V6 owners especially those who have the 2. 8 EVO Reason for change Note on guided test inserted Reason for block Complaint Noise A rattling noise may be heard from the area of the chain drive for approx. and they can start rattling as soon as 60k miles. Oct 03 2019 1. All OEM parts had every piece I needed to change out my worn timing chains. May 29 2015 Timing chain rattle or is it just me 04 08 2015 07 29 PM 1 I recently purchased the car 2. That loss of initial pressure was starving the tensioner of oil on startup causing the rattle. Thoroughly flush a contaminated system before replacing a timing chain driven water pump. About nbsp 9 Jul 2019 its as if the cam chain tensioner isnt pressurising quickly enough this happens after a week of no riding or after as little as 4hrs of sitting was just wondering if I did my fist oil change a few weeks ago and noticed that funky nbsp Timing Chain Stretch It Could Be Neglected Oil Changes And The Wrong Oil The bad oil can also damage the tensioner which makes the possibility of the engine The EJ series 4 cylinder boxer engine family has been in service since the nbsp 7 Jan 2019 The tensioner and guide rails can wear out which causes the timing chain A timing chain can last a long time with regular oil changes using nbsp 6 Apr 2015 After the oil and filter change I still had the same noise at cold start but the valve train noise when warmed up had been decreased to a small nbsp Its only done it since first cold start after oil change had no issues at all Hoping its not a timing chain this is the first holden I 39 ve ever owned nbsp 22 Apr 2015 Doesn 39 t sound like the timing chain then. 0tsi experience the timing chain slipping rattling noises of the engine after starting and engine fails to start. Varaiable timing is controled by oil pressure so giving the engine a minut to warm could help as mentined. Your vehicle s timing chain should last anywhere between 80 000 to 100 000 miles. 7l with 80k miles will get the timing chain slap occasionally when its cold out less than 40 degrees F. Nov 26 2016 I recently bought a 2006 corsa c 1. Sep 19 2015 I can definitively say the problem is that the oil used to keep the hydraulic lifters or a timing chain tensioner adjusted is bleeding out when it sits parked for long enough. 3 diesel Timing chain rattle. After reassembly must change oil amp filter after 5 minutes of running then change again after 10 minutes of running. Anytime you hear a rattle it means that something Hi I have been getting this rattling noise something like when a ring is loose and it vibrates only when the car is moving. will have to pull timing chain cover to check. If you skip the change oil interval this makes the oil thicker amp will starve the chain amp thus stretching it. 75. Feb 25 2019 Thanks for the write up I have a P0012 cam timing bank 1 over retarded code. One way you can tell if your Mini Cooper s timing chain is about to come loose is if you hear a rattling noise when start the car. 0 SOHC engine to resolve a rattle on cold starts and cold idle. My rattle lasts just for a few seconds and then it stops . The pump runs off the timing chain. The timing chain rattles for the first few seconds of any cold start and then runs fine after oil pressure is built up. Now I can barely hear the engine running at all because it 39 s soooo Jun 03 2020 So listen carefully for any unusual rattles after a cold start. Some OHC Engines are inherent to oil drain back. Nov 18 2014 Step 5 Replace timing chain tensioner. I used to changed timing chains and gears in sets at 100K in my domestic V 8s. Nov 02 2013 3. The noise is usually heard at idle on a cold start and it is often referred to as the death rattle . Oct 29 2017 It was pretty easy to tell it was the tensioner that time. The procedure to fix would basically be a timing chain replacement process just not changing the chain out. First visit they ended up changing the serpentine Question Why is a timing belt preferred to a chain OK. 2 quot eco tick quot when the oil was cold sounded like a diesel engine. Apply engine oil to the journals and caps for both camshafts. My 2006 Cadillac SRX. The RCZ was a 2010 model with a good service history so the customer decided to get a second opinion from the local Peugeot Dealer as they thought a five year The first timing weak point of the S62 are the chain tensioners. There seems to be a noise coming from the front of the engine that sounds like timing chain rattle. The engine now has 64 000 miles on it and is running very well. 0L engine swap into a 1st gen Tracker. If an engine will not run but then starts after advancing the ignition timing A LOT then the timing chain has probably skipped a tooth and is about to fail altogether. If a timing chain is failing you 39 ll get plenty of warning it 39 ll start rattling and making noise it 39 s pretty noticeable. This is caused by a chain which is stretched out of spec. 2008 13 all models. Nov 24 2011 Valve rattle at startup is also pretty common across the board on all cars. Took it to a mechanic who also happens to own a Frontier. There are a few hydraulic chain tensioners inside the engine. The timing chain is sensitive to the oil condition. The person who sold me the truck said the dealers diagnosed it with a timing chain failure. If the oil has leaked out the chain will rattle until the oil pressure has filled them up again. Out on an easy ride today and noticed significantly louder ticking coming from engine. In severe cases the engine may be difficult to start as well. The rattling is the noise a loose chain makes before oil pressure can come up and quiet it down via lubrication and the chain tensioner. Is the noise normal or is there excessive wear 2. has a new oil orfice for the 2. After about a week I got the truck back and let it run with standard oil. You may also want to switch to a thicker oil. 7 rattle Just been looking at this thread regarding the quot Jeep knock quot on the 3. Sep 01 2015 description volkswagen all models 2. The timing chain extension is a measurable indication of the amount of wear on the timing chain and chain guides. Hiring a mechanic to replace a timing chain typically costs 300 1 000 depending on the make and model of the vehicle its age and whether the work is performed at a dealership or an independent shop. Only first start cold very quick 0. Now in the height of winter cold it is quite bad and noticeable. it 39 s definitely coming from the front of the engine right where the chain is I have heard and read pretty well about the timing chain issues with the Atlas engines so I know what to The engine makes a noise like a loose timing chain slapping against the timing cover only at start up when oil pressure is low for 2 seconds and goes away. If after an oil change the noise persists take the car to an old school mechanic who can listen to the noise to identify potential cause and can then inspect to confirm. quot This is a rattling sound usually heard for only a few seconds during a cold start up. 3 Plastic chunks in the oil It 39 s a good idea to watch your oil drain out and to pour it through a screen to see what kind of chunks come out when you change the oil. Installed new tensioner and no further worries. Kit includes Timing chain tensioner updated 551 newest version Timing chain guide rails both sides which make a V. Apr 29 2016 Ok I know you have seen this picture before of a N20 engine well here another N20 with a internal engine noise this time the noise was coming from the front of the engine not like the lower end like the last one I did this time we took off the valve cover and checked out the timing chain Apr 24 2020 okay thank you the reason i ask is that with the oil change being done i agree with the second mechanic that this may be an oil pump we would need to test oil pressure while hot and expect it to be over 30 psi or higher when at 1500 rpms if not we would need to look into replacing that oil pump keep in mind that with these two codes a timing chain issue is also possible so if oil pressure Jan 12 2016 Due to the fact that the timing chain and belt are housed inside the engine the timing cover even helps to keep the timing belt or timing chain solid and secure for smooth operation. I was considering an oil additive to see if there was a way to slow drain down and keep a protective coating up on all engine internals. Dec 12 2017 A properly tensioned chain is critical to maintaining the timing between the pistons and the valves. Dirty oil Ran sea foam in the oil for 100 mi changed previous full synth out 3k mi came out like midnight replaced with full synthetic Valvoline Maxlife 10w 30 subbing 1 qt with Marvel Mystery Oil though I always used Castrol GTX high mileage before this and the last change . 6 direct injected engine would be one with very low NOACK. The service life of the timing belt is estimated at 60 000 to 100 000 miles or 5 to 7 years depending on the vehicle model. How much replacing a timing chain should cost. Change the engine oil and filter. is that a engine pre lube kit such as this one. I got home and I wanted to change the engine air cabin air engine oil engine oil filter. Procedure. Repair Procedure 1. Failures have ranged from damaged plastic chain guides failed chain tensioners to faulty camshaft adjusters. Aug 09 2013 You would not want to go back and do this job over again due to a failed timing chain guide. What causes the timing chain tensioner to fail is poor oil change schedules the tensioner is oil feed and the orfice gets plugged with oil sludge from the lack of oil changes. What interval do you change your oil at I am picking up my first LR this week 2011 LR4 with 62k miles and the timing chain issue is for sure my biggest worry going into the purchase. 0L and have recently developed a very brief rattle sound from the engine on startup. 7 KJ. Whether the timing chain itself has stretched or a tensioner isn t doing its job the result is the same. Performing an oil change is far cheaper than timing chain replacement or engine repairs. Then line the bright links on the timing chain up with the marks on your camshaft and crankshaft gears to get your engine to top dead center. 1. Prices paid and comments from CostHelper 39 s team of professional journalists and community of users. It 39 s a few hundred dollar repair. after a few miles all was fine . Nov 02 2013 A loose timing chain. I m told there s a timing chain in there that has a hydraulic tensioner that needs to come up to pressure. Verify that proper oil change intervals have been performed. the primary and check the chain and adjuster mine sounded exactly nbsp Discovery II ticking sound caused by loose timing chain Have had a ticking sound for some time. It costs a lot more to change the chain than a rubber timing belt. i also experience the exact problem that you did. The belt tensioner is typically spring loaded with some sort of hydraulic or elastomer damper. some people have reported the rattle after replacing the chains tensioners the nbsp 6 Nov 2018 Inspect the left bank timing chain tensioner gasket for not sealing correctly. I started watching youtube videos on timing chain tensioner replacements etc. But without a manual I can 39 t seem to find one I just want to know if there are any hints tips or pointers that you could offer in doing The Ford Ranger engine uses a chain. T You hear a rattling noise made by the chain or belt whipping around untensioned inside the timing chain cover. This can be a major costly repair and it is recommended not to ignore this noise if you hear it. Usually right at startup or twice this past winter maybe 5 minutes later during a low rpm situation guessing because the low oil pressure isn 39 t enough for the weak failing chain tensioner. It 39 s a sharp ticking noise that gets louder upon acceleration. This causes it to stretch and rattle against the guides and timing cover. The dealer replaced the timing chain tensioner and the noise went away. quot The quot countermeasure quot part is a re designed chain tensioner superior to the original factory one. The engine is going to make a metallic sound as the timing chain beats the innards. He said his Oct 25 2011 2004 Acura TSX manual 75k miles So starting last week when starting my car I was hearing a slight rattle that lasted a good half a second. In my case the motor is right at 150k miles. Shut the car off waited a few mins and started up nice quiet engine. You may also notice a loss of revs at high speeds or engine hesitancy when taking off. Camry 2012 Timing Chain Rattle After Changing Oil Experiencing a really bad rattle after changing the oil It sounds like the chain tensioners are losing pressure during the oil change. If the chain tensioner is based on oil pressure and if the tensioner mechanism has internal wear that leaks down the oil pressure it had built up then I m assuming anytime the oil warms up enough to be thinner and less viscous then given a chance to drain out of the tensioner you ll hear The cam sensors are different and so are the gears and the timing chain set up. When I change my oil I try and minimize the quot rattle quot on initial start up by intentionally trying to minimize the time the engine has no oil in critical areas short quick cranks to try an build pressure up before actually running the engine . If you take a chance and continue to drive with the rattle problem then the timing chain will become Stretched Plastic Chain Guides will crack and tensioner will give out. So my 2008 Ls with 73k still rattles on startup for about 2 seconds. After I changed the oil and filter with 5w 30 same as before I can now hear the timing chain during idle kind of like a rattle almost scratching to be honest . From new to first oil change less than 1 8 quart gone. And When I start the car up after being stood overnight I get ametalic rattle that sounds like the timing chain till the oil light goes outThis also happens when I switch the car off for say 10 15 mins and I start the engine back up. 2. Anyone experience this t chain rattle or is it normal Aug 05 2018 A Jaguar Land Rover timing chain lawsuit alleges multiple models have timing chain systems that cause failures of the engines. If oil cleanliness is the culprit or even a legitimate concern then our Traverse shouldn 39 t have any foreseeable problems. See full list on 2carpros. after changing with castrol 5 30 engine started a kinda loud rattle while its cold and last about 3 to 5 minutes then quiets down. that would store oil pressure and release it prior to ignition might eliminate the rattle. One idea the oil flush has has flushed some gunk that 39 s ended up in the chain tensioner that is nbsp 16 Oct 2018 IS F 2008 2014 Ticking noise after oil change Bought my ISF at When I first heard one I thought it had valvetrain or timing chain issues. Jan 04 2007 Install the timing chain tensioner tool in place of oil tensioner Install the Cam Sprocket Holding tool 303 564 T97T 6256 B Tighten enough that chain will turn cam after a few crank turns ensure correct timing and then fully tighten. I plan on Changing my oil every 7500mi with Mobil 1 and seafoam. 3 XLT Reg cab steppy DJM 4 5 Expo 8. It comes up instantly not slowly. HOW TO Fix Your Timing Chain Rattle Nissan Articles 18 Jul 2005 After that it is smooth and quiet as ever. When it starts up there is a slight rattle ticking from somewhere near the back of the engine. I 39 ve seen a few videos etc online of how to set the timing with the new chain which seems simple enough. If you have to replace the chain don 39 t replace the sprockets. A tell tale sign for this is if your knocking is accompanied by a fluctuating oil pressure. A well known problem with the Ford 5. Instead report all Misfires which make the engine shake uncontrollably or run unevenly at idle Rattling or scraping sounds coming from the front of the engine Noticeably poor gas mileage I have a 420 rancher 4x4 manual shift. any advice or clues to source of noise. Took the car into the dealer and complained of a diesel noise on startup. Mar 05 2017 Not wastegate rattle nor the common cam phaser startup issue. 61Nm with tool extension or 85Nm without G. noise still present do you guys have any ideas Feb 04 2017 The timing chain and ancillary parts are non service items expected to last the life of the car. I just bought a 1997 LX450 and the engine has a rattling noise coming from the front. Aug 03 2017 Watch for timing cover noise if the chain stretches that far. My 17 Impala with the 3. You hear a rattling noise made by the chain or belt whipping around untensioned inside the timing chain cover. These parts must be flushed cleaned Timing chain tensioner oil pump turbo oil lines and turbo oil passage oil pan water pumps possibly the turbo air pipes. I hear the chain noise on my 2013 I4 Honda Accord for 3 4 seconds immediately after an oil change. Some modern engines naturally rattle very strongly during a cold start. they said never sold Mar 28 2016 The GM 3. Replaced the oil pump chain as well all rattle is now gone. He said his Feb 12 2012 My 2010 had timing chain rattle at 11k miles right before an oil change. Second Generation XM 2011 2020 Kia Sorento XM 2011 2020 Service Manual Engine Mechanical System Timing System Timing Chain Installation 1. I 39 d think for those having start up engine noise rattle the drain back valve in the bottom of the oil filter housing would more likely be the I have not heard the rattle since. GM also made up their own oil spec called DexosI in an attempt to curb the chain issue it hasn 39 t worked yet. So I did an oil change nbsp 17 May 2020 Shouldn 39 t actually be that fast. Apr 26 2020 Timing belts have been around since the 1960s. This usually means that an o ring is shot on the timing chain tensioner which works off oil pressure. Timing belts do require periodic replacement though but your van does indeed have a timing chain. Noise A good indication that a timing chain has jumped is going be noise. I would pull the valve cover and have a look. Aug 11 2018 My last oil change was approx 5k miles ago. It 39 s coming from the timing chain area. My engine sounds precisely like it I can definitively say the problem is that the oil used to keep the hydraulic lifters or a timing chain tensioner adjusted is bleeding out when it sits parked for long enough. Ive changed the oil the sending unit both the cam bearings and rod bearings. The car was at the dealership on Monday for fixing oil leak and today I returned the car as the oil leak only increased after the quot fix quot on Monday. Jan 09 2018 Modern overhead cam engines have very long chains and belts which use hydraulic tensioners to keep the chain taut. Still i have low oil pressure. Oct 06 2008 AMG was at the scammers today to have a suspected timing chain rattle looked into. For repair procedure refer to the SERVICE PROCEDURE section of this bulletin starting on Page 3 . Cause The noise can have various root causes. noise goes away with slight throttle input. 10 Timing chain drive toothed belt drive Date 06 23 2014 Validity ENGINE 271. In winter OR when the oil would reach about 3500 4000 miles between changing the engine would become noticeably louder for the first 2 3 minutes. Mercedes parts It usually lasts 300 400k km on a B class. The mechanic said it changed the car varaiable timing. Any thoughts or ideas nbsp Ive Googled it and lots of posts have come up saying it could be the timing chain etc etc. One engine the 2. The 5. However poor maintenance and oil contamination can cause the chain to stretch and wear out faster. 2005 Ranger 2. Always when you replace the timing chain Buy the OEM raplacment set. My question is does the fact that it only rattles when WARM indicate anything I really don 39 t want to have to drop the oil pan to do the timing chain Truck has 210K on it cylinder head was replaced 5K miles ago. still sounds like it did that first time I noticed it and the engine runs smooth as 1. . After first oil change with Valvoline full synthetic 2k in and already a half quart down. After this I found the It might improve over time say a few weeks. 2 TSI CBZB Manual gearbox 53 39 301 km This is mine Fabia the I did yesterday oil change service for him and we took readings. The most important thing you can do is to find out if your car is prone to this problem. I bought new gears from the bone yard and didn 39 t realize the difference until I was putting on the timing chain. We are running a timing special on 5. position misfire codes as the ECU can 39 t control valve timing to its satisfaction. I think I might change the chain tensioner also since it s easy enough. The slightly thicker oil film from the heavier base weight oil 10W can help protect worn engine Aug 31 2020 A noisy oil pump can be changed by removing the oil pan but first you have to remove a brace and dust cover from the transaxle. Removing the oil pan will allow you to change the front timing cover. And you will know if there are any broken pieces in the oil pan. I once had this problem with a motorcycle Honda lived with it for a year or so. Feb 05 2015 Folks changing the oil at 5000 miles are not seeing the issue. Entire engine replaced. Take a breaker bar and a appropriate socket and put it on the crankshaft damper pulley. What would be my next step to diagnose the It only happens on the first start up after the truck has been off for a while. Feb 17 2012 Changing the oil amp filter did somewhat reduce the intensity and duration of the timing chain rattle. Design group 05. The rattling noise coming from the engine known as the Death Rattle Noise is caused by the timing chain. 29 Jan 2018 It 39 s come up on a year since it 39 s last oil change using 5w 30 Pennzoil Platinum probably less than 3k miles lots of short trips . 1 2 Aug 16 2012 For engines it said oil should be changed every 4000 miles and timing chains every 60 000 miles or they could snap and wreck the engine. Oct 12 2012 Unfortunately for me the fix did not go OK but the car started leaking oil after the chain change. If you can hear a loud rattling noise from the engine when it is running and when it is in a stationery position. Mar 08 2016 Hi guy s I own a genuine 23 000 miles k11. I have replaced engine oil and oil filters every 10 000kms using Castrol Magnatec 10w 40. For example a lug nut may have come loose and started rattling as the wheel turned around. we watch to see how far the ecu adjust the timing retard and advance. Then found out that oil pump can be the problem replaced the oil pump all good. Don 39 t change the engine oil viscosity. I will change the timing and all belts water pump radiator plugs distributor and rotor wires all seals all water hoses all O2 sensors. This sound is timing chain rattling. Mar 09 2017 Apparently Ford has it figured out too as they supply new engines with 5W 30 oil viscosity recommendation as I found it to be shown on the oil cap of the brand new engine Here are two timing chain tensioners for a 5. Ford 5. Start the engine and listen for a loud rattle on start up. The following timing chain repair kit includes everything you need to do a complete MINI R56 timing chain replacement on your N12 4 cylinder engine. A slapping timing chain. I have seen some youtubers with the same noise and it suggests the dreaded timing chain In Nov 2014 using excessive oil had engine rings pistons gaskets and timing chain replaced. 6 V6 had been awesome. I added 1l of oil even if the oil level proved to be ok. Determine if the ECM was reprogrammed by searching the warranty transactions for labor code V2385 or T5900. 4L V6. No sound at all. All normal. Engine replacement can run between 5000 8000 depending on what repairs are done. With incorrect tension applied to the chain the noise increases along with the damage to the guides and the gears. Outside of this tools you will definitely need will the the plate to lock the camshafts and blind hole plug for the crank. Verify condition by observing engine sound during cold A more serious problem would be the timing chain and or chain tensionersthese are known to make noise around 50 60k. Do some search on timing chain rattle and also for quot il_signore67 quot lt I believe thats his screen name he can explain the whole timing tensioner going astray. Lots off cogs and pulleys on your engine hence the cost of replacement. If the oil has been changed regularly then this will be at 200 300k km or even more. I m using Mobil 1 0w 20 full synthetic but thinking about going with Amsoil for better oil flow in cold weather. Nov 14 2019 Excess slack in the timing chain can cause a rattling sound or even a clanking sound if the slack is severe enough to cause the chain to contact the timing chain cover. A symptom of chain guide wear would be chain rattle following a cold start. Definitely not the mains or rod bearings. I pulled valve cover off and found slack in passenger side timing chain only when crank was rotated counter clockwise. It 39 s not a real chain clatter but just a noticeable chain noise. The problem seem to be worse after running it on the highway and letting the car sit then start it up and it makes the noise. If the rattle is excessive this may be a sign that the timing chain shoes have worn through. It 39 s been running fine I got in it two days ago. Timing chain rattle. Any issues with the timing chain and or tensioner are IMO most likely due to the lack of care than the Mobil 1 evn if it 39 s the Mobil 1 that 39 s brought any issues to light. 2002 amp onwards have Timing Chain instead of the Belt. 9 170k mi. Could this be as simple as an oil change and new cam crankshaft sensors 2 cam shaft and the 1 crankshaft throwing codes or is it timing chain stretch I appreciate the help and thanks in advance Not sure when or if the OP has done an oil change but on the Foresters there have been issues with the chain tensioners leaking down which rely on oil pressure to do their job. The tappets on my track car rattle after an oil change 5W 40 but it settles back to normal during the first track day. If the oil bleeds past the piston in the tensioner the tension on the upper timing chain is temporarily lost. The noise never really goes away but you really have to put your ear close to the front of the engine to hear it after it 39 s been running for a little while. Sometimes it was louder than others but for the most part just annoying. Here is one video I found. Your tensioner might he hydraulic so it uses oil nbsp Im not sure about the timing chain tensioner if its hydraulic I wonder if with wear this could be a cause of youre rattle does it disappear with nbsp 13 Nov 2017 So I had what I figured was the typical timing chain rattle on the v6 explorer. 4 liter Triton is one of Ford Motor Company s larger and more dependable V 8 engines. Either the timing chain tensioner or oil draining back out of the filter because I guess our cars 39 filters don 39 t have drainback valves and thus the engine is running dry for a few seconds. it started after i added oil addtive. If the engine is equipped with a hydraulic timing chain tensioner the noise may disappear or lessen as the engine oil warms up and the tensioner removes some of the slack. Timing Chain Common signs of a timing chain problem. Nov 08 2002 A timing chain has measurable wear after less than 5k miles. Engine noise or engine failure shortly after an oil change. On September 15 2018 I purchased a new 2018 Ford f150 5. check valve in system failed 73000 mi Lower connecting rod bearing failing noises on startup caused me to bring in . The dealership now has no idea where the rattle is originating from and wants a further 20 hours diagnostic time which involves taking the engine out and rebuilding Dec 22 2017 Here 39 s a hot topic with a lot of BMW owners this car came in with check engine light on and engine whine and rattle noise check engine light was low oil pressure and jammed oil pressure I noticed the timing chain whine but the engine was also rattling I removed the valve cover to inspect the timing chain you Hi rattling at the startup is considered normal if its only 1 or 2 seconds after that the oil pressure must build up so the tensioner will be fully opened and maintaining chains under tension it also depends on oil viscosity and temperature also if the rattle have started and you can hear it all the time it 39 s definitely a problem and you are under the big risk of damage of hole bank of Hello every one I have a 2006 Mercedes Benz that the timing chain rattles at start up no check engine light this noise is cause by the oil draining from the oil filter housing over night or if the car sits for about an hour the oil filter housing was replaced but the noise continues has anyone run in this before is there a check valve somewhere thanks in advance for your help. Took into the local dealer Andersons GM in Woodstock Ontario and told them my concerns. The explanation from Infiniti is the oil is not pumping into the area with the timing chain guides tensioners fast enough on a start hence the brief noise on a cold start and not any other time. Checked over timing and was found that intake cam shifted from position even though securing bolt remained accurately torqued. I usually go between 6000 and 7500 miles per oil change and they are now recommending to not exceed 5000 miles. The best advice I can give you with the present state of your truck is to make sure the oil is changed as soon as the oil gets dirty. So this time I filled the sled with oil soaked the filter in oil and filled the filter chamber with oil hoping to cut down on what i thought was a He said it 39 s the timing chain is the rattling noise on my car a few months back I had an oil change it didn 39 t make any difference to the noise he said eventually it 39 ll go and il need the chain done but he said it 39 ll be about 800 900 I said I been quoted between 200 600 he said he knows Sep 09 2015 If you own one of the new 3. 7l Boxster engine has over 315K miles the 996 Turbo had just short of 160K Jan 21 2019 The side with the timing chain. A week ago he performed an oil change on his 4. They gave me a loaner and ended up only charging me for an oil change so I didn 39 t really care. How much does a timing chain replacement cost including guide rails on an R56 cooper s. I also added a bottle of nulon e10 worn engine treatment. Aug 31 2018 So if it is hard for the oil to reach the tensioner quickly on start up you will hear a chain noise for a couple of seconds after start up so when changing both the chain and tensioner do a proper After just 10 days of normal driving immediately after its second oil change I started having problems with oil pressure and the chain. 0 1. Low oil and dirty oil yes oil gets dirty after 5 000 7 500 miles accelerates timing chain wear which leads to a very expensive repair or at times even engine replacement. But I think there is at least one timing chain tensioner that operates on oil pressure. So if that timing chain does go out or gets worse say at 65 or 70K miles then you have a case for Ford to give you and after warranty assistance. Aug 10 2010 In some cases the chain may become so loose it hits the timing cover quot chain slap quot or quot death rattle quot . In a well maintained engine a timing chain could last for up to 300 000 miles and above. I was expecting about 800 1k from a Indy but been quoted 570 from a specialist is that about right. The car has done it for years but on the last oil change I noticed metal particles in the oil. The timing cover is constructed of plastic or metal and works in conjunction with the timing cover gasket to keep oil from leaking onto the ground. 0L has 2 timing chains. The reason you hear it only Cold or still sitting long is because there is no oil pressure accumulated to take up the slack so the tensioner depends on a weak spring and its Lock position and this is the problem with the old style tensioner weak Lock and weak spring The newer type has a I just bought a 2000 vitara w 87k mi for a 2. May 06 2019 Took my 2014 535i XDrive in for scheduled maintenance oil change brake fluid flush as I have an extended warranty. Someone said it was more apparent right after nbsp 8 Aug 2015 2002 Toyota RAV4 176k After I changed the oil and filter with 5w 30 same as before I can now hear the timing chain during idle kind of like a nbsp This sounds like a timing chain rattle although I 39 m not sure. Average repair cost is 2 680 at 80 000 miles. Used Honda 10w40 and Honda filter. Common symptoms of a bad timing chain include rattling engine noises Check Engine Light is illuminated and metal shavings in the oil pan. I 39 m an extremely proud owner of a new 1200GSA 90th edition model However I get a rattle at approximately 3 500 rpm when the engine is coasting. Just had the engine put in 2 months ago. Aug 26 2020 With the engine warmed up some vehicles may exhibit a knocking rattle type noise from the front timing cover and or valve cylinder head cover below 2 000 rpm. 20 Feb 2018 Timing chain stretch is not actually the 39 stretching 39 of the chain it 39 s an The most common cause of this phenomenon is actually lack of maintenance and regular oil changes using a engine oil to cause damage to the chain tensioner which increases the After all they have been subjected to the same nbsp 25 Nov 2011 Maybe do another oil change soon then every 5k do one. Just use fully synthetic oil and change it at regular intervals. Spark timing can be affected too as the index point is retarded by a loose chain. I did notice that the rattle does get a little quieter after about 20 mins but the pattern of the intermittent chain rattle remains the same even when the rpms are raised makes the same pattern of rattling only faster and quicker. Joined Apr 13 2014 56 Posts . au The timing chain set was from Revhigh specifically and was reasonably priced compared to what one might expect to piece it I have a rattle sound on start up worst when cold but will do it again if the vehicle has sat for 1 2 hour or more. It lasts for less than 30 seconds but is consistent. The early ones were bad but I also think some people would run cheap oil or non Synthetic oil and kill the timing chain prematurely. Was loud at idle and also above 2500 rpm. This week we had a Peugeot RCZ in with a terrible rattle coming from the timing chain area after some diagnosis we confirmed it was the timing chain that was at fault common problem . at least one of your guides is gone. 4L 3 valve engine may exhibit a ticking and or knocking noise after reaching normal operating temperature. Jeep 3. I happens for 2 3 seconds at most a few seconds after startup but doesn 39 t do it every time. Took the car to a friend 39 s shop and he said the timing is ok so what would still be causing the chain rattle Yeah timing chain doesn 39 t have a change interval. Service 1. Some of the less fortunate out there may already have a rattling noise starting to occur. Apr 09 2016 If it is a quick rattle that goes away in a few seconds or less then yes it is almost certainly the chain tensioner. It relies on oil pressure to hold the chain tight so when you first start it the timing chain can flop around somewhat until it is brought up to tension by oil pressure building in the tensioner. It 39 s a car life time item aka warranty period . It 39 s a timing chain tensioner problem. I first noticed it app 2 000 miles ago when lifting my foot off the gas pedal. When timing chains loosen it leads to engine rattles issues with misfiring problems accelerating and eventually bent valves or rods and catastrophic engine failure. no rattle nothing . On original timing chain set. When these parts fail the timing chain becomes loose and pieces of the timing chain guides break off falling into the oil pan. 8 gives Timing Chain wear limit distance from sealing face to chain tensioner piston 9. Thankfully only one tiny speck. Lost pressure when engine off. Please verify thay your timing chain guides Mar 17 2017 In addition to oil change neglect and improper oil usage using the wrong or low quality oil filter can also cause accelerated timing chain wear. oil was in need of a change but not extreme. apparently people were experiencing timing chain failures attributed to BMW 39 s very lengthy oil change intervals but I suspect this is the case because BMW purposely uses plastic timing chain guides in If you have a customer complaint while under warranty of a symptom that associated with a known product issue timing chain and the dealer cannot duplicate the noise then there is a record of that. 6. Think that engine needs a few full synthetic oil changes or some MMO or both to clean up deposits. When the chain becomes loose and starts to rattle around the seal can break loose and the tensioner starts to bleed off oil pressure. Should be around 30 PSI or so at idle. This procedure does not require the complete removal of the cam chain and associated parts so repair time is shorter. front of motor guide most likely. They keep the chain tensioned so it doesn t slack and rattle around inside of the timing case. And the new Souls use a timing chain and not the rubber belts of yesteryear hence some quot chain noise quot . Already changed oil and filter same sound. 5L EcoBoost F 150s you might have begun to notice a small rattle that seems to be increasing lately. 29 May 2018 Here is a video of a complete oil change where our mechanic checks A timing belt or chain tensioner is used to rotate the camshaft s that nbsp 19 Feb 2019 Here are the five main warning signs that your vehicle 39 s timing chain is failing. It was tight when rotating clockwise. Is that normal There is a rattle more noticeable when cold which sounds 39 chain 39 like and I 39 ve been advised by a mechanic it 39 s most likely timing chain tensioner. In this video we will demonstrated why this timing chain tensioner was causing our engine rattle noise on cold starts. 10 Timing chain drive toothed belt drive Date 12 07 2016 Validity ENGINE 271. Aug 11 2019 Complaint Timing Chain Rattle 2 quarts oil consumption between 6000 KM intervals using 10w30 syn viscosity increased due to chain noise Phantom Coolant Leak The preliminary parts needs were met by www. I took my car for an oil change because I couldnt take off the oil filter. Worn timing chains can become loose and it can hit off the protective covers as it rotates. 0 TSI with 86k on the odo now has 90k and it is in fact due for an oil change degradation of oil viscosity . Mar 08 2011 Timing chain rattle is due to loose bad timing chain tensioner s . I asked the dealer about this when I went for an oii change . Again I know people are going to say there are lots of threads about the VCT actuator but it sounds nothing like the famous rattle people talk about. I even tore it all back down replaced the tensioner again and still have chain Rattle on the right side. Proper oil change intervals and oil type may help slow or prevent the situation. Hurst Shifter flowmaster 40 series edge front bumper 18x9 18x10 cobra wheels Common symptoms of a bad timing chain include rattling engine noises Check Engine Light is illuminated and metal shavings in the oil pan. I had the same problem a rattling engine noise for 2 seconds on cold days below 32 degrees Fahrenheit on my 2009 TSX. May 17 2017 Rattling from your wheels often resembles the sound a small object would make while turning over in a clothes dryer. First time post. Quote from Phil Mcavity on June 21 2009 09 50 51 PMi found mine got quieter after a fresh oil change. If you experience this type of oil loss or the death rattle stop driving the car immediately and have it towed to a dealership if possible to prevent major engine damage. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE IS NEW OIL PUMP NEW TIMING GUIDES Function group 05. The car had about 55 000 km. Fits all models 2 and 4 seat RZR 570 900 1000. Could it have anything to do with the timing chain well the 4. When the engine is started after sitting overnight the oil pressure takes 3 5 seconds to come up to normal . Jan 04 2007 I have a 2003 ford explorer 4. MichPonv Registered. 1800 This time I have to pay because I no longer have extended warranty. Jun 07 2015 The timing chain rattle as discussed in an earlier blog post is a common problem. What would be my next step to diagnose the Aug 30 2020 Or do I have to do something else after in regards to the timing timing chain 2003 E320 122k miles 3 to 5 second rattle on cold start once warm makes tapping sound when load is put on the engine or going uphill but smooth at idle and when rev 39 d Apr 24 2020 okay thank you the reason i ask is that with the oil change being done i agree with the second mechanic that this may be an oil pump we would need to test oil pressure while hot and expect it to be over 30 psi or higher when at 1500 rpms if not we would need to look into replacing that oil pump keep in mind that with these two codes a timing chain issue is also possible so if oil pressure Aug 11 2017 It 39 s winter now when my startup rattle is most noticeable and lasts for the longest on engine startup. 600km after chain change Case 2 Skoda Fabia Mk2 1. There have been complaints that some Ford vehicles equipped with a 4. Yesterday evening I had a chance to go look around and after not finding anything loose Our first oil change was at 2500 miles the 2nd at 5000 miles changed to synthetic then every 5000 miles since. I did it on my 96 S10. They had the car for a week. Research has revealed them as part no. You 39 ll notice consuming oil before your next oil change and a check engine light. It seems that it could be the tensioner bleeding down pressure for the timing chain. Do the k11 s suffer I did not have much experience with cars so I just assumed some vehicles ate lots of oil and this was one of them. Then shut if off. A timing belt typically needs to be replaced between 40 000 and 100 000 miles depending on the vehicle. Jul 12 2016 Long story short I began hearing a metallic rattle from the engine at cold start for a few seconds and around 2000 rpm. The sound is a rattle that is heard just after the engine is started. Normally caused by a collapsed or sticking hydraulic chain tensioner but sometimes there is a broken cam chain guide. Although the oil pan has to be removed to change the pump the pump is actually located inside the front timing cover. I have similar noise and warning lamp. 5L EcoBoost engine ages the timing belt and chain begin to loosen up and develop slack within their mechanisms. but I think there was some sort of connection with the quot Service quot . You will hear a slack chain rattling away long before its dangerous. I drove the truck to Yosemite in the snow. 28 May 2019 I 39 m told there 39 s a timing chain in there that has a hydraulic tensioner x miles after the ATF oil change can then clear adaptions and add the nbsp 15 Dec 2007 engine rattle after oil change Dakota Car Forums. What usually rattle happens is the the timing chain guides wear or the timing chain tensioner fails causing the timing chain to rattle. I 39 m just about to change my timing chain after my oil strainer got blocked and caused it to wear. LR040977 Timing chain Oct 18 2019 If debris is found inspect the camshaft caps for wear or discoloration due to lack of oil. No over heating no smoke. 25 liter 4 cylinder petrol engine of my faithful 109 steed Mr. Oct 17 2019 Mine is most likely to do it on the first start of the day or after 2 days of no driving . Dec 18 2014 The RSW Service Team has seen failures regularly occur much earlier than even the 100 000 mile mark. a good culprit. At start up I am sometimes getting a noise from the engine on the timing chain side sounds like a lifter noise ticking sound but I know these engines do not have lifters. Insert chain tensioner onto mounting studs and press down on tensioner to fully seat. The engine has done 170k miles and has always been serviced regularly. It seems I 39 ve found it could be two things. If wear or discoloration is found replace the cylinder head assembly and camshafts. Mar 01 2020 A timing chain is made of metal similar to a bicycle chain. Cause The noise can have various root causes Remedy Oil change and an inspection. The most common cause is the variable valve timing camshaft gear assembly leaking down oil pressure as it sits. I remember asking the mechanic at the time. Another reason why chain driven water pumps fail is a worn or defective tensioner and guides. I pre filled the filter More worrying I had the chain rattle you speak about for the 3 4 next starts following this oil change and 20 miles driven . Besides at 100K miles I plan to do major work on the van. Ford said it was normal but the knock wasn 39 t there before the oil change. Sep 26 2016 I mentioned the timing chain issue because it 39 s a very common issue with the 2012 BMW 28i models equipped with the turbocharged 4 cylinder. The car is on 119k I changed the oil because I bought the car a few months ago on 116k and the oil was changed on 115k but the I read Lucifers Thread with interest as its almost exactly what happened to me in my quot Thread quot in December about my Timing Chain slipping and being unable to start the car. Am confused. Part 14033197 amp it only cost . I have heard the occasional cold rattle on this car but this sounded a lot worse and was for nbsp 24 Aug 2020 The most common cause of timing chain noise is when the timing chain is simply wearing Related Common Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change So you will likely hear a lot of noises soon after the engine is turned on. Shortly after an oil change I noticed a few drops of oil on the floor at the front of the truck and figured it The timing chain tensioner system runs off of oil pressure. Rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise by 10 and loosen the tension of the chain. Late model vvt i Toyotas are VERY sensitive to any deposits. Our 2010 is a fairly early build November 2009 so I 39 m leary of any timing chain issues. This may produce debris worn from the timing cover or produce a hole in the cover and a serious oil leak. 18 Apr 2014 Its whisper quiet before an oil change and then makes a loud tapping after a new filter and fresh oil. Technical Service Bulletin Warranty Claim Type Use applicable claim type. A less common but more serious reason for knock is a bad timing chain tensioner. have the dealer get some chassis ears out and go around while duplicating the issue. This Service Tech must be new or reading the Information Wrong. First you might might hear the engine rattle during startup or idling. 6. called up my local dealer harwoods asked if there common probs with hydrolic tappets or timing chain tensioners . Thus the timing chain may jump causing the engine not to start. However a quot rattling quot noise that changes with engine RPM may indicate a problem with the chain or timing gears. The dealership now has no idea where the rattle is originating from and wants a further 20 hours diagnostic time which involves taking the engine out and rebuilding Sep 01 2015 description volkswagen all models 2. quot Got a bunch of quot who shot John quot from the Service Rep who wanted to blame everything from oil change timing or lack thereof to winters in Indiana. When a timing chain is loose you 39 ll likely hear a rattle during startup or idling in the engine. I decided to change the oil myself this time and used Mobil Super 5w30 semi synthetic and to my Remove the wire ties as an assistant keeps light tension on the chain. This is NOT an oil problem. The tensioners are operated from oil pressure the face gets worn the chain stretches and it results in a rattle or a slapping noise Useing a full synthetic oil with regular maintaince will help prevent premature wear. I had timing chain rattling I went to a INDY and he can 39 t do it because he need some special tools but he flushed out the engine and replaced oil and filter. my oil pick up tube got blocked with sludge and cause damages to my engine i took down the oil pan and cleaned the filter however there are lingering problems. Once it got to 146 000 I knew it would be a good idea to get the timing chain water pump guides balance chain etc replaced. May 20 2010 2. what 39 s been built into the brand and what all that the chain rattles immediately after an oil change is normal if the oil pressure is not yet there because the oil filter housing must be full first. The oil level is full and car doesn t consume any oil between changes. Has a 3. I definitely was assuming it was my heat shield or something just loose in the engine bay. The LFX also has a start up rattle and seems ok even after thousands of starts. The technical Thus the timing chain may jump causing the engine not to start. Most models like those with 3. In other I 39 m setting at 110 000 miles on my 2006 4. When he was changing the filter the old oil filter s gasket stuck on but he didn t see it and double gasketed it. 3 cdti diesel. Because the metal timing chain is always under stress from movement and heat the timing chain tensioner plays an important role in keeping the timing chain taunt and in place. When the engine is running it s quiet and there is no vibrations at all through the rev s. Installation of camshaft chain tensioners. would only ever fit genuine timing chain tensioner on gen 1 cars had so many after market ones go faulty or just not open up on first start up also always change oil and filter before starting it again after fitting as they need oil pressure to open up silly design i think ie they arrive all sucked in and for the first start up the chains is all slack until oil forces them out devils Castrol oil is over 4. Jan 05 2020 There are two sealing o rings that Haynes said I need to replace after taking off the timing chain cover. Line up the marks you made on the chain with the punch marks on the exhaust camshaft sprocket and VTC actuator. Changed the oil and strained it to see if there were any metal filings. Used some Castrol 15 40 oil. Jul 11 2018 The camshaft s is are adjusted by the ECM through the use of an oil control valve s OCV also called variable valve timing control solenoid valves. Over time the nylon chain guides wear and the tensioners can t manage the slack in the chain or belt. My service coordinator indicated he would have a few other items looked at and stated because of the age there are about 3 areas where oil could be leaking. 6 LFX V6 engine fixed the timing chain issues in models 2014 on. That is why newer carmakers like Kia call for light oil 5W20 in the engines. The tensioner is designed to do exactly what it sounds like. nissan has this problem with all their dohc chain engines so does ford vw audi usualy cold start or vehicles experiencing oil pressure issues. but even the upgraded replacement parts will start to rattle eventually. This does affect camshaft valve timing and camshaft position versus crankshaft position. Technical Background The noises are caused by one of the upper chain tensioners. I am afraid this could be timing chain stretch after researching but have found little to no 2013 articles. I could have changed the timing belt as well but I wanted to know which item was causing the rattle. Next time you go by your dealership ask them if they 39 ve had any problems in particular with your year model. Dec 15 2007 just bought a 99 sport 3. The engine rattles until the oil pressure comes up to normal. It sounds distinctly like a big end rattle and b eing a mechanic for 35 years I was pretty sure this was the problem. Benefits of Timing Chain Replacement While a timing chain will usually last far longer than a timing belt it will suffer from wear and tear and will need replaced at some point during the life cycle of the vehicle. The rattling noise can be caused by the support rail losing the ability to create enough tension for a timing chain which is due to the support rail being made of a durable plastic that can become brittle and break. Install bank 1 amp 2 camshaft chain tensioner. Personal note. Jan 18 2009 i have same problem with my p38 2. Mar 08 2018 Internally the timing chain tensioner utilises a spring that presses a plunger against the chain to hold it tight while the engine is not running. All would need to be changed. Mar 03 2019 So long as regular Oil changes have been carried out and the chain itself is not noisy leave alone. shake my car makes a rattling noise at idle which makes my car sound like a clapped out diesel firstly i need to know is there any chance the The timing chain tensioner system runs off of oil pressure. change of oils could affect the chain tensioner Changing your engine oil regularly will give you the best chance of keeping the timing chain in the best health and using premium oil will improve the help even more. Had the timing chain start up rattle for some time. Jul 15 2018 Timing Chain Jumped Symptoms. Aug 26 2009 Well I preordered the part and the timing chain tensioner arrived in the mail today so I immediately went out to tackle this very simple task 15 minutes . After changing oil for first time I have developed a slight rattle from engine at idle only and only when engine warm. and came across some videos running seafoam with oil and flushing the engine oil out after 100 150 miles but being a bit more experienced in wrenching than an average guy I didn 39 t want to believe it would make any difference however Sep 11 2018 2011 Ford Truck F 150 2WD V6 3. So ive been driving the car with it like this for a few days now. Whether that is happening because the lifters or a chain tensioner are worn out or because something like a oil filter drain back check valve is not working or present in Jun 08 2018 I have low oil pressure. Especially since my 2 other vehicles burn about 1 2 quart every 3 000 miles. It has a timing chain and the engines use 0 20 synthetic oil. 0 v8. This seems strange given my Z 06 Rev Up Track 6MT has a sum total of 46 000km 39 s on the clock and has lived a sheltered life. page 2 Mk5 General Area MK5 Golf GTI Welcome Guest . 7 May 2018 Belt Tensioner If the timing belt or chain tensioner loses its strength the belt chain has more movement than it should have. I guess I 39 m going to try Shell next change. Caused chain to rattle badly. To remedy the situation Nissan Infiniti has made revised guides and tensioners but replacement can be very costly. Has anyone done the job Apr 09 2016 If it is a quick rattle that goes away in a few seconds or less then yes it is almost certainly the chain tensioner. 4 Triton that is rattling on startup or at idle or that has 100k miles with no timing components changed If so this post is for you. You cannot change the chain alone you need to buy a full kit with sprockets and guides. Sounds like the chain is starved of oil. Death Rattle We ve seen a surprising number of Coopers come in with a knocking noise in the engine this has been dubbed the Death Rattle . Becomes increasingly noticeable especially when starting remotely as you could hear it from the outside and front more so than from interior. The components HPMotors installs incorporate this updated part. 5L V6 notice a loud rattle the first few seconds after startup. After the first start up and it makes the sound every start up after that is normal without a rattling or vibration. the fact that the chain is oiled by the engine is likely not to reduce any rattle that you are getting from a timing chain you can nbsp 3 Jul 2013 I bought a replacement timing chain tensioner from EAC Tuning in April 39 11 but didn 39 t get around to Next oil change that 39 s what I 39 ll be getting. The oil can drain away when parked causing a rattle until the pressure gets up to the heads. Popped off valve cover and Oct 06 2008 AMG was at the scammers today to have a suspected timing chain rattle looked into. Mar 07 2016 Sonata NF 2006 10 After Changing Timing Chain Tensioner Still Have 2 Seconds Rattle Yesterday i went to mechanic and changed Timing chain tensioners with chains and all guides. 0 sohc timing chain rattle everything you need to know tensioners should of been replaced at 70000 miles. timing chain rattle after oil change

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